Haven S5E5 - "The Old Switcheroo (Part 1)" Recap

Nathan's still using the same strategy of pancakes and niceties to try to bring Audrey out but it's not working since Mara is now aware of Audrey's presence.

Vince heads to Manteo, North Carolina, based off a lead from Dave's adoption file. It's the home of the Croatoan Historical Society & Cafe. Dave's file also has an address he plans to check out, but his investigation has only just begun when all of a sudden, Vince and Dave find themselves in each other's bodies a la Freaky Friday.

Nathan decides to change his strategy of getting Audrey to come out. He decides to bring Mara on a case with him. Working a case and helping people is another thing Audrey loves to do.

Dwight and Gloria are the next ones to find themselves in each other's bodies. Nathan tells Dwight about his plan to bring Mara on the case. He's not happy about it but Nathan assures him he'll keep an eye on her, even going so far as to put a human dog shock belt on her.

Vince and Dave get on the phone with each other and commence their usual bickering. Dave is angry at Vince for following a lead and not including him. He decides to continue it on his own while Vince prepares to make his way down to North Carolina to join him.

Audrey briefly pops out while she and Nathan are investigating the switching trouble at the Freddy. She warns him she's having trouble staying and begs him to not tell Mara she was there. When Mara resurfaces, she says she's tired and leaves to take a nap.

Dave heads to the address in his folder. The house belongs to the Duhans, and Allison Duhan tends to him after he knocks his head on a tree. Allison is the same woman who works at the historical society cafe. She claims to have never heard of Haven, Maine, but we'd wager she's lying.

Gloria determines that if one switched person dies, so does the other. Vicki delivers a package to Gloria. It's from Cincinnati and Gloria insists on keeping it hidden from Dwight but overall, their switch remains comedic. Gloria enjoys her run in Dwight's hard, muscular body, and indulges in milkshakes and doughnuts.

Vince arrives in North Carolina and tells Dave they have to operate as one another so they can carry out the investigation.

Duke is having struggles with his troubles and will need to have another one released soon. Nathan hopes that Audrey will be able to do it when she makes another appearance but she's only able to relay the information that people switch with someone they're keeping a secret from. She also tells him not to take Mara on the case the next day. Mara's getting suspicious and the harder Nathan tries, the more difficult it becomes for her to surface. She tells them that Duke needs to do it instead. So Nathan will work the case himself and Duke will stay to tend to Mara/Audrey. Duke employs the strategy of talking to Mara about Audrey, and Colorado (where they kissed). Audrey comes out, giving them another chance to talk.

Vince finds the phone number for the Freddy Psychiatric Hospital in Haven lying on Allison's desk. Vince and Dave call Gloria and Dwight to tell them about their switch along with what they found regarding the phone number. They find a patient named Jeffrey Duhan is at the Freddy.

Duke and Audrey carry on talking about Colorado. Audrey asks him why he pulled away first, even though the kiss (from how we saw it) ended mutually.

Nathan accidentally lets Jeffrey Duhan out and he finds himself switched with Duke. Jeffrey is the one responsible for the switching trouble. So Nathan learns about the Colorado kiss and he is not happy. Duke struggles to adjust to Nathan's feelingless body, and then calls Nathan. Nathan picks up and doesn't want to leave Audrey's side but he relents and steps out to take the call because of Duke's theory. Duke says that it isn't Audrey, but Mara pretending to be Audrey. He says Mara caught on to what they were up to. The kiss did happen but he didn't tell Nathan because it didn't mean anything. Duke and Audrey never talked about it, but it felt as if it didn't go anywhere because Audrey had feelings for Nathan. Now that "Audrey" is claiming there was something more, Duke firmly believes this is really Mara. Nathan says they have to find Jeffrey Duahn to reverse the trouble. Duke thinks Audrey has been pretending for a while now to get their guards down. Duke's trouble is worsening, which Nathan can now feel. He needs to lose a trouble soon before he pops. Vince in Dave's body begins to feel strange and the real Dave tells him he's been experiencing strange sensations when near a thinnie. They want him back and "Dave" nearly stumbles in North Carolina before Dave intervenes.

Haven airs on Fridays on Syfy at 7/6c.


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