Haven S5E6 - "The Old Switcheroo (Part 2)" Recap

Jeffrey Dunan is still on the run and Duke and Nathan remain trapped in each other's bodies. Mara doesn't know they've switched so they decide to come at her from different angles to try to get the real Audrey to come out instead of Mara pretending to be her. The clock is ticking with Duke's worsening condition. He needs to release a trouble soon or his body will explode.

Vince and Dave determine that Jeffrey's brother Skip must have the Trouble to so they should have another chat with Skip's wife Allison, who was working at the cafe when Vince and Dave first switched.

"Duke" starts to bleed from the eyes and "Nathan" warns him not to let the blood hit the ground or else a trouble will be released. "Nathan" remembers a reincarnation trouble that his great-grandfather killed, which causes different past lives to come out. If they can get that trouble to be released, they could get Audrey back. "Duke" says this won't work since Mara is immune to the troubles but "Nathan" says that  this might not be the case because she didn't understand what Duke was saying when he had the gibberish trouble. Duke's condition is something entirely new, even for Mara.

Vince and Dave ask Allison about her brother-in-law. She says that Jeffrey is actually Skip, her husband, and they switched years ago. Skip had been lying and cheating to her and she was too young and afraid to leave. Jeffrey confronted him, as he was in love with Allison. The confrontation triggered their switch. Her life was wonderful and she was with the man she was always meant to be with. Allison brought "Jeffrey" to the Haven institution, convincing him he had lost his mind, because Haven had always been a safe place for those who were troubled. She would call once in a while to check in and make sure he was okay and no one else had been switched. Vince and Dave determine that if they can get Jeffery and Skip together, it will resolve their emotional issues and stop the body-swapping trouble.

"Duke" and Mara are at the mental hospital. "Nathan" locks them into a room and Mara begins to panic when "Duke" cuts his hand. She demands to be let out but then she begins to laugh at "Duke," saying he's not strong enough to do it. "Duke" tells "Nathan" he has to do it and Mara learns that they have switched. The orderlies come in and Mara uses the situation to her advantage to get Duke and Nathan locked up so she can get away as Audrey Parker. "Nathan" is able to get an officer to let them out by reminding her of a sex game she and Duke used to play many years ago.

Dwight and Gloria catch Jeffrey at the train station but then Mara arrives. She shoots "Dwight" and makes off with Jeffrey. She plans to stall with Jeffrey long enough for Duke to explode so he can't use a trouble on her. If Duke explodes, both he and Nathan will die because of the body-switching trouble. She can't let them switch back because then Duke will be able to release the trouble, something Nathan wasn't able to do in his body.

Vince and Dave pay a visit to Skip (Jeffrey) who is apologetic over the problems his trouble has caused. He takes both of their hands to try to switch them back but fails to do so. They tell him to come back to Haven but Skip says he can't face Jeffrey after all these years. As they follow him, the thinnie nearly pulls Vince in because it's pulling at Dave's body. Skip helps to pull "Dave" back and this makes him agree to come back to Haven since their being switched nearly got "Dave" killed. As they are making the drive back, Vince-in-Dave gets a flashback of being in the woods, chasing someone, catching them, putting a hand on their hand, black smoke coming out of their face as they scream, and the word "Croatoan" that this person had carved into a tree. Vince-as-Dave loses control, and crashes the car into a tree. They make it back into Haven but Dave's body is put into the hospital.

Mara tries to antagonise Jeffrey into seeking revenge against his brother and wife but he says he doesn't want to hurt anyone anymore. Then "Nathan" comes barging in, weapon in hand. He stuns Mara and shackles her up yet again.

Jeffrey and Skip are reunited and hug each other, putting the past behind them and they collapse, as everyone begins to switch back, including themselves. Mara is still confident that Duke and Nathan will be unsuccessful in their plan for Duke to release the trouble and use it against her.

Dave wakes, having only suffered minor injuries from the car accident. Dave wonders why Vince had the vision this time and Vince suggests that it must be connected to his body, just as people's troubles stayed with the respective body when folks were switched. Allison comes in to apologise to them for all that happened. She shares with them a different version of the story about the Roanoke colony. It appears that the thinnie may be connected to the colony's disappearance, along with legends about green, fear-inducing mist. There's still no records about a baby being put into adoption but when Vince shows her Dave's adoption file, she recognises Agent Howard. What's strange is, the photo looks to be several decades old, but she remembers him looking exactly the same ten years ago when he wanted to buy their house.

Dwight asks Gloria about the secret between them, which he correctly deduces to be about Cincinnati. She tells him that his sister's Trouble activated, and she is now dead. Vince asks Dave what the secret was that caused them to be switched and Dave tells him he believes the incident where they lost an hour may be connected to another incident of lost time that happened 30 years ago. Vince remembers that this was the day the Colorado Kid died. Dave says that he pulled into the void on that day and woke up on the beach. He says that when he woke up, the Colorado Kid was lying dead next to him without a mark on him. So Dave has been wondering if he is the one who killed the Colorado Kid and Vince promises that they will figure out what happened.

Nathan, Duke, and Mara are all at the Gull together. Nathan promises Mara that if Duke dies, he will kill Mara too, as there will be no chance he can get Audrey back. Duke slices his hand, and his blood falls to the floor. There's a blast of energy and everyone is knocked to the floor. Nathan checks on Mara, but it's still just Mara, who gleefully claims that nothing has happened. Duke then notices there's someone around the corner of the bar top. Nathan goes to check and finds a naked Audrey lying on the floor. She gets up and everyone looks at her, shocked. Nathan kneels and pulls Audrey into his arms, as she thanks him for getting her back.

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