Haven S5E7 - "Nowhere Man" Recap

Nathan doesn't want to hand over Mara, for risk that she could be connected to Audrey like she was with William. For now, Audrey will remain chained up in the basement. Duke is prepared to chop off one of Mara's toes to test the connection theory but he can't go through with it. Audrey and Nathan have returned to the Grey Gull to reconnect. Nathan gets a call about a case but he's worried about Audrey because he can't feel her anymore and she might not be immune to the troubles anymore. Audrey thinks the she might just be normal now and entirely her own person.

Three people disappeared leaving only a shadow behind. Nathan is worried about people's negative reactions to Audrey's return so he goes to investigate the farmer's market alone, as all the victims had been there. The only thing he finds is a creepy guard member. Nathan calls Audrey when at the station to update her but then he disappears, leaving only a shadow on the floor. Nathan is still there but he isn't tangible. He can see everything but no one can see or hear him.

Duke and Nathan show up at the station and Nathan watches helplessly as they try to figure out why Nathan disappeared. Audrey's sad to not have Mara's memories, worrying that she won't be able to do her job right. Duke goes to tell the guard people to get off Mara's back and they agree to back off for now. Nathan runs into a man who is like him but the man says there's no end to it and that they are ghosts. Through the man's advice, he goes to the cemetery to go through a sort of ghost orientation.

Nathan meets Moran, the oldest ghost in Haven. He says that they're in purgatory and that the reason there's not more is that some have moved on. Despite what Morgan says, Nathan is intent on finding a way to communicate with the living. Nathan remembers the conversation he had with his dead father so he thinks if Duke can just release the trouble that allows for talking to the dead, Nathan will be able to talk to Audrey.

Duke is arguing with Mara, trying to get her to help, but she's less than helpful. But as it turns out, Mara can see Nathan. Mara has retained her immunity to several troubles but doesn't want to help Nathan. Audrey confronts the guard member that had gotten into it with Nathan but ends up kidnapped by the guard instead after that man disappears. They want her to change their troubles the way Mara did but Audrey doesn't have the ability to do that.

Nathan tells Mara about Audrey's kidnapping and keeps pestering her. From Nathan's pestering to Duke saying he'll turn Mara over to the guard instead. Mara lets it slip that Nathan's there and relents to his wishes by passing on Audrey's location.

A man who dissolves everything he touches is up first to get his fixed, and is about to touch Audrey before Duke comes in with a door. Duke offers to kill them but Audrey says not to, as she is determined to prove to them that she really is Audrey.

Mara admits to Duke that she and Nathan aren't connected because she knows they still need her for her immunity. She'll help them but only if she gets the journal. Audrey talks to Nathan, though she can't see or hear him. She's worried she won't be able to save him the way he did her. He promises that he'll come back. Nathan goes to meet Moran and the other ghosts in the cemetery but finds one of them dead with a bloody message painted on a tombstone that ghosts can die, too.

Haven airs on Fridays on Syfy at 7PM.


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