Hemlock Grove S2E10 (Season 2 Finale) - "Demons and the Dogstar" Recap

Roman and Peter work to dispose of the bodies while Destiny and Miranda work on cleaning the house. Miranda is now freaked out by what she witnessed: Nadia stared at the guy and then he bled to death. She lashes out at Peter and Roman for lying to her, and calls them monsters. The group puts Miranda to bed and Destiny has a nice moment with Roman where she thanks him for saving Peter and saying she was wrong about him. Miranda doesn't get much rest though. She then begins to lactate blood.

Norman heads to Olivia's, preparing to kill her. She's still riding high on her state of mind and ready to make a fresh start with him, albeit a short-lived one. Norman asks about the meds Olivia is taking; she has stage IV lymphoma.

Pryce isn't mad about Roman killing Dr. Z, as she was becoming a liability anyway. Roman asks Pryce to dispose of the bodies. Pryce asks who they were but Roman doesn't know. Pryce eventually agrees, but Roman will have to stop meddling in his work. He tells Olivia he knows about her upir-ism and the fact that she killed Marie. He's ready to let her die a slow and painful death, courtesy of cancer, deeming this a more suitable punishment than the death he was about to bestow upon her. Olivia pleads for forgiveness but Norman's not having it. The big bad Olivia is back!

New Shelley sits with Original Shelley as she makes her final arrangements with Pryce, regarding her place of rest and seeing that Jason is tended to. Pryce administers the medicine that will end her life and he and New Shelley leave her to die in peace.

Miranda visits Dr. Spivak to get her bloody boobs checked out. Meanwhile, Destiny has visions of a snake and the Godfrey Institute, along with a man wearing a hat much like Spivak's.

Norman arrives at the Godfrey Institute and learns about Shelley's download into a new body. Norman is furious, believing Pryce and Olivia to be selfishly acting in their own interest's instead of Shelley's. Throughout the conversation, they realise that Norman rejecting Olivia may have put Shelley at risk. They rush to old Shelley's bedside and work to revive her. Norman is successful but Shelley is distraught to find she is still in her old body. Meanwhile, Pryce rushes off and discovers Olivia has feasted on New Shelley, before announcing her intentions to find her granddaughter. Shelley goes to her new but now dead body and cradles her.

At Spivak's office, we learn that he was the mastermind behind many of the events of this season after targeting her after encountering her at a blood bank. He was the one who crashed into her, sending her into Roman's life. He also was the one that caused her lactation and seems to want to harvest eggs from Nadia. Olivia arrives, ready to collect Nadia, so the two get into a physical altercation in which we see some reptilian skin through a cut on his face. Miranda tries to leave with Nadia but gets into an altercation with Anna the maid. But once Anna gets Nadia in her arms, Nadia does her freaky trick and Anna bleeds to death. Miranda calls Roman to tell him what has happened and he tells her to come to White Tower where they can be safe.

The castrating drug dealer shows up at Peter's place to demand his money. He has Peter strip down to do the same to him as the drug dealers. Destiny arrives and the drug dealer is eager to try his equipment out on female body parts. Peter is prepared to turn to save Destiny, knowing that this will kill him, but Andreas shows up and shoots the drug dealer dead. Peter and Destiny don't understand why he has a gun, let alone a silencer on it, but it's a conversation for another time.

Miranda arrives at White Tower and Roman assures her things are going to be okay and she's not to blame for anything that has happened. He gets a call and heads to the gate to retrieve Destiny and Peter from the gate guard who won't let them through without authorisation, leaving Miranda and Nadia alone. Miranda blames herself for Nadia's condition, and her guilt is worsened when they go to look at a monkey, and Nadia explodes its head.

Shelley is hysterical so Pryce orders her to be taken into a secure ward to be monitored at all times. Norman takes off to confront Olivia, with a syringe in hand. Roman, Peter, and Destiny return and find Miranda and Nadia missing so Roman orders security to search the building for them. Norman and Olivia have their face-off but it's brief, as Olivia tears Norman's heart from his body. She then texts Chasseur from Norman's phone, with a photo of Norman's body and a message: "YOU'RE NEXT"

Miranda has gone up to the roof with Nadia, believing suicide to be the best option for the two of them. Roman, Peter, and Destiny arrive, and try to talk her off the ledge. But she jumps off, and just when you thought they were done for, a reptilian, dragon-like Dr. Spivak comes flying through the air and flies into the night with Miranda and Nadia in his clutches. Roman, Peter, Destiny, Olivia, and Pryce all watch from their respective spots.

Hemlock Grove will return to Netflix for its third and final season.


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