Hemlock Grove S2E5 - "Hemlock Diego's Policy Player's Dream Book" Recap

Roman is chomping on some raw meat but has to hide it when Miranda comes into the kitchen. She's asking about the baby but his hunger is too strong so he attacks her, taking a huge bite out of her neck as blood comes gushing out. Luckily for both of them, it's just a daydream. He leaves Pryce a voicemail before returning to his conversation with Miranda. She's in a panic over why she's lactating when she's never been pregnant so he offers to send her to Dr. Spivak, the family doctor.

Peter's still locked up and warns Michael about the dreams he has that predict deaths, including one that he had last night about a kid who was underwater and a German shepherd. Michael has to let him go because the woman and her son left town so no one is around to press charges. But he warns Peter that he'll put him away if he keeps making trouble.

Olivia has another appointment with Pryce, who informs her about Roman's car. He says this is good news but is concerned about a cut on her leg from when she was shaving. He determines that she is ageing at a rapid rate and that she will only have a human lifespan. The idea of only having such a short time to live alarms her greatly.

Shelley's little friend Jason comes to visit, with his parent's cell phone in hand. She uses it to cheek her e-mail and finds all the messages from Norman. She sends him a message to say that she is okay and that trying to help her will only cause him more trouble.

Peter and Destiny meet Frieda, Lynda's lawyer. There's new charges being brought against Lynda and she's looking at ten years in prison. Peter grows enraged and throws one of her bookcases to the floor. Destiny is concerned about Peter's condition but he tells her he hasn't been changing during a bad moon and hasn't been investigating his dreams. Liar. They go visit Lynda in prison, who is sporting a black eye. Lynda says she's being transferred to another prison, and jokes that hopefully the food will be better there.

Roman is at Godfrey Medical Center and receives a note from Pryce, telling him to go the S5 medical closet. When Roman arrives, he sees a naked blonde white woman in a tank. Pryce tells him she is Prycilla, the first human to be born in an extrauterine environment. But what he actually wants to show Roman is in another room. He tells Roman it's a product from a wide spectrum of genetic experiments he's been conducting, repurposed as nutrient concentrate for upirs. Upon closer inspection, it's clear that this tank is filled with bloody body parts and fluids. Pryce pours Roman a cup and Roman immediately wants more. Pryce warns Roman that his metabolism needs to adjust but Roman knocks him aside and begins gorging himself, before getting sick.

Miranda has her appointment with Dr. Spivak, who after a random rant about Norwegians being a loathsome bunch gives her some advice on her condition. She has pseudocyesis, which causes the body to act like it's pregnant even when it's not. She says that she hadn't even been around the baby when she began to lactate but he tells her not to worry.

Destiny brews up a batch of Grandma Lumilda's psychoactive brain fog. When Lynda is en route to her new prison, the concoction that has been spread all over the front seats of the car causes the drivers to think there are spiders crawling over their faces. They stop the car and run out, leaving Peter and Destiny and her boyfriend Andreas to break her out of the armoured vehicle. Andreas has gotten Lynda a ticket to Bucharest and a Romanian passport.

Olivia is coming to terms with her mortality. She watches the clock ticking and decides to dress up and go out for a night on the town at a karaoke bar. She turns down an invitation to receive bottle service and then goes up on stage to sing a song.

Norman shows Leticia, the private investigator he hired, the e-mail he received from Shelley's e-mail. He also wants her to investigate Marie's disappearance. Leticia wants to question Olivia, the last person to see Marie, but Norman says she has been bothered enough. Norman wants her to focus on the fact that she disappeared after promising to sue the White Tower.

Miranda takes the medication she received from Dr. Spivek but begins lactating again. After calming her frustration, she visits the baby and holds her. Roman comes home and is angry to learn that Miranda mentioned the baby's existence to Dr. Spivek after he told her not to. He tells Miranda that the baby's grandmother is dangerous, hence his keeping her secret. He admits that the baby is his and that the mother died during childbirth. He tells Miranda he's grateful to her and after a bit, kisses her, and then the two have sex.

Lynda is at the airport and wonders if she'll never see Peter again. He promises to join her soon but she tells him to stay in Hemlock Grove, as she has a feeling that the people need him there and she is never wrong about these things.

Shelley is forced to hide when the neighbourhood watch comes charging into the basement. She then uses the phone to e-mail Norman, asking for help.

The woman Peter had tried to warn is on the phone, telling the person that Jack is upstairs having a bath. But the water is beginning to flood from upstairs. Outside her window, a German Shepherd billboard is visible. She sees the water on the floor and runs upstairs, finding Jack dead in the bathtub. A whitemasked man comes up behind her.

Peter gets a visit from Michael, who says that the sheriff from the town over reported that the woman drowned her son in the tub before jumping out of the window 10 stories up. Michael seems to believe Peter now and wants to work with him to stop these murders.

Post-sex, Roman listens to Miranda's pulse and considers eating her due to his hunger. After she walks off to feed the baby, Roman becomes emotional and goes to visit Pryce. He is hysterical, pleading Pryce for help to make it stop and do anything he wants so he won't have to be hungry anymore. Pryce warns him that what he wants to try has never been attempted before and might not work. Roman doesn't want to hurt anyone and doesn't want to be like his mother. Pryce assures him everything will be okay.

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