Hemlock Grove S2E6 - "Such Dire Stuff" Recap

Pryce is performing the upir-ectomy on Roman and talks him through the procedure. His organs and tissues will be reverted into stem cell status, one by one, and then re-differentiated into healthy organs, purged of the bonded retroviral fragments that dictate upir-ism. Roman must remain awake for the painful procedure that has needles injected into his body and eyes. This is the first treatment and he will require five more.

Chasseur visits Peter, who pretends to not know anything about his mother's escape. Chasseur tells Peter that he must come to him with any information regarding his sister. If he withholds anything, Chasseur will ruin him. Peter is just a means to an end.

Dr. Burdukovskaya visits Olivia. She's making the enzyme inhibitor for Pryce. Galina tells Olivia that she knows about Olivia and Roman's upir-ism. Olivia offers Galina some money to keep quiet but Galina is simply offering to scratch Olivia's back and Olivia to return the favour.

Olivia goes to confront Pryce about what he's doing to Roman. Olivia asks why Pryce would do something like this to her but he's not doing this for her, but for Roman. Roman has made the choice to die in normal human years, everything Olivia has been fighting again.

Olivia goes to visit Roman. She first asks to see the baby but the butler is under strict orders not to allow it. Olivia tries to apologise and Roman says if she ever returns, he'll rip out her lungs instead of her tongue. On her way out, the maid tells Olivia about Miranda, calling her street trash and hating her involvement with Roman and the family. She doesn't approve of Miranda acting like the baby's mother.

While Olivia is out, Leticia the private investigator hired by Norman sneaks into her house and bags a cup Olivia was drinking from. What mysteries will she uncover from Olivia's DNA?

Pryce confronts Galina. He knows she spoke to Olivia. It turns out "Galina" is actually Alyona Smertelnaya Sterva, a war criminal. Pryce shreds Galina's fake passport so she is trapped.

A young boy walking down the road meets a man with a German shepherd. The man is later shown to have let the dog go and cuts his own legs so he bleeds out in his jeep. The young boy, who it wasn't clear about whether he was still alive continues to walk down the snowy road, none the wiser.

Shelley and the little boy Jason continue to enjoy each other's friendship. Jason reads a book to her and they fall asleep, not knowing that Norman is looking for Shelley, having arrived in his van. She's sad when she wakes up and finds that Norman isn't there. She sends Jason home and goes outside where she sees Norman's van. She hears Jason being beaten by his father with a belt and breaks through the door, screaming her first word, "NO!"

The man gets his shotgun and tries to shoot Shelley, only to accidentally shoot an older woman, presumably Jason's grandmother. Shelley shoves Jason's father, and his head is impaled on a piece of furniture. Jason's mother gets Shelley in the back with a meat cleaver and Shelley shoves her, accidentally killing her when she falls into a table. Shelley pulls the cleaver out of her back and apologises to Jason, who is curled up scared in a corner. Shelley leaves and Jason is found by an older neighbour, playing a game on his parents' phone.

Shelley runs outside and Norman gets her into his van before calling Pryce while on the road. Pryce is amazed to learn that Shelley is alive and promises to take care of her in the White Tower. He will shut down the surveillance system and get her into a high security suite so she remains hidden.

Miranda goes to Peter's where a party is going on, hosted by Andreas and Destiny. She tells Peter how her parents kicked her out when she was 16 and the various things she'd do to get by, including selling her blood. The next morning, Destiny confronts Miranda. She knows Miranda slept with Roman and thinks she's lying about the car accident. She threatens to hurt Miranda if she doesn't pack up and leave Hemlock Grove.

At the hospital, Pryce tells Shelley that Norman is getting the rest of the family to come see her. Shelley tells him that she is happy now. Now that she can speak, what will she say next? And to whom?

Peter asks Destiny where Miranda is and Destiny says that Miranda is working her, and that she is sleeping with Roman. Peter wants the keys so he can head to Roman's and see Miranda. Miranda has just gotten home and tells Roman that she was with Peter, and that she slept with him. Roman doesn't have much of a reaction and Miranda goes to feed the baby. She then takes the baby to the park, gently pushing her on the swing, noting how she still doesn't have a name. It's then that a truck drives by with the words, "Hemlock Gospel Mission, Feeling Hopeless? We can help." Olivia watches the two from afar.

Peter comes to Roman's house, demanding to see Miranda, and the two get into a fist-fight before realising they don't know why they're fighting. Miranda walks in the with the baby. Peter didn't know about the baby and Roman tells Peter it's Letha's. Peter asks what the baby's name is, Roman hasn't named it yet, and Miranda says the baby's name is "Nadia," meaning Hope. Peter cradles the baby and tells her that he loved her mother.

Miranda brings the baby upstairs to change her and put her down for a nap. Roman tells Peter that he would have told Peter about the baby but he had already left town. They appear to have made up.

A few men come and find the dead man in his jeep. An older man gets into the passenger's seat and calls the dead man weak. He takes a necklace off the man before exiting the jeep and saying, "ego the absolvo," meaning "I absolve you" in Latin. He throws a grenade underneath the jeep, destroying the evidence.

Miranda tells Roman and Peter her favourite poem before laying it on real thick, complimenting the two tormented young men. She then begins to head upstairs and calls back to them, "Well… are you coming or not?" Peter and Roman share a confused look before following after her.

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