Hemlock Grove S2E7 - "Lost Generation" Recap

After a night of sexual shenanigans with both Roman and Peter, Miranda has a vision dream, much like the duo have had throughout the show's run. She sees a family slaughtered by men in white masks while Roman and Peter run towards her trying to stop it.

Peter and Roman are awkward around each other due to the previous night's events but Miranda is cheery as can be. She then tells them about the dream she had, after which Roman and Peter hurry off to discuss it. Roman wonders if they should tell her but Peter says it isn't a good idea, worry that she could get hurt.

Peter tells Chasseur about the dreams and the research he has done into them. But Chasseur can't go chasing dreams when there's actual crimes that he has to tend to. Peter tells him Roman dreamt it too and this gets Chasseur a bit more interested. Peter wants to go with Chasseur as he investigates but Chasseur says a civilian can't come with him. Peter warns him that these people aren't fucking around.

Norman calls Roman in to the White Tower and runs into Olivia on the way up. There they are reunited with Shelley and we're treated to another touching Godfrey sibling moment. Shelley tells Roman she missed him and he is amazed and overjoyed at her ability to speak. Olivia also gets emotional to see her daughter. Shelley fills them in and they promise to help Jason, at her request. Roman chides Olivia for her maternal behaviour, believing it to be disingenuous. Roman and Olivia get into an argument so Pryce sends them out. After Olivia leaves, Roman sneaks back in against Pryce's orders in order to tell Shelley that Olivia is as bad as ever and he won't let her work her way back in. He says he'll do whatever it takes to keep her out of their lives.

Leticia the private investigator visits Norman to update him on her findings. She has matched Olivia's fingerprints to a murder from 1965. She even ran them five different times and had another person confirm the findings. The only living witness is still alive and in Buffalo.

Chasseur visits Roman to enquire about the dreams. Roman is evasive about having any pre-cognitive dreams on home invasions and Chasseur appears to be trying to figure out if Roman may have had any involvement with his sister's death. There's a house in Ohio matching the description of this dream house. The family living there is shown with some ominous music playing, which likely means they're not long for this world.

Pryce shows Shelley his creation, Prycilla, and explains his plans to have Shelley's consciousness be transferred into Prycilla's body. Shelley is overjoyed at the thought of being able to have a normal human form.

Destiny pays Miranda a visit, having learned of her dalliance with Roman and Peter and not liking it one bit. Miranda tries to push Destiny out but upon initiating physical contact, Destiny has visions. She demands to see the palms of Miranda's hands and has visions of blood, snakes, and children. She tries to warn Miranda that she needs to get out, as she is in danger, but Miranda thinks it's just Destiny trying to get her away from Peter.

Shelley visits Prycilla on her own and Prycilla opens her eyes, blinking occasionally. She mirrors Shelley's movements before moving entirely on her own, alarming Shelley.

Olivia visits Roman as he's about to have another de-upir treatment, angry that he had her evicted from her cottage. She doesn't want Roman to go through with this treatment, he only has one left, nor does she approve of his intentions to do the same to his daughter when she is old enough. So she drops the bomb on him that Norman is his real father. This makes him realise that Letha wasn't his cousin, but his sister.

The men in masks begin their preparations to kill their next target. But the house Chasseur visited was an abandoned one. He calls Peter, believing he sent him on a wild goose chase just to get him out of town.

Norman and Leticia get to Buffalo, where the witness they're looking for is in a resident home. She's largely unresponsive, and even lives in a diaper and a wheelchair. Norman and Leticia ask about the murder of her parents and show her a line-up of six faces, one of which is Olivia. She becomes emotional and the nurse tells them to leave. But the woman gets their attention and reaches into her diaper, writing "3" on the wall with her faces. Number 3 of the faces was Olivia. Leticia wants to go to the police and tells Norman he should be prepared for the possibility that Marie is dead. Norman would rather she wait but there's not much he can do to stop her.

Shelley heads to the roof, contemplating suicide as she believes everyone would be better off if she hadn't come back. Shelley can't take this new body, as she says the girl is a person with a soul. Pryce tells her she means a lot to everyone and asks to show her something. He hooks Shelley up to a brain monitor and demonstrates how it lights up when she feels different emotions. He then shows Shelley that Prycilla doesn't have the same brain activity. She does the same physical reactions as Shelley but she is a blank slate. But after Shelley leaves, it's shown that Pryce had unplugged Prycilla's computer monitor in order to deceive Shelley. She does have brain activity and mental awareness.

Peter has Miranda go through the details of her dream again and Roman returns from another of his treatments. Peter speaks with Roman alone and they determine that the little boy in Miranda's dream plays on the Hemlock Grove's Little League team. The family is in Hemlock Grove.

Olivia meets with Galina, the evil Russian war criminal Doctor, and the two coordinate a plan for Galina to manipulate the formula to disrupt his final treatment. This would kill Roman. But Olivia would regain control of the corporation and gain custody of her granddaughter. In return, Galina wants to be in charge of the lab, with Pryce working beneath her.

Roman and Peter head out to save the day and Miranda grows increasingly suspicious of them, rightfully believing they are keeping secrets and up to something.

Leticia and Norman head to Chasseur and tell them what they have learned. He accepts what they are telling him and explains how his sister explored phenomena that defy explanation. He then begins to tell them about upirs.

Peter and Roman arrive at the home of the family in danger. It's just as they saw it in their dreams. They arrive just in time to save the day and get the boy outside, as bees are swarming his room (he is allergic). The parents load their son up into their car to get away. Peter goes chasing after a masked man and forces a change while Roman comes chasing after him with a shovel. They fight off and kill the two masked men. Miranda arrives in time to see Peter change back to his human form.

Norman visits Olivia and initiates a round of rough, angry sex, using it as an opportunity to steal some hair from her hairbrush to be analysed.

Miranda is shown to be loading up baby Nadia into the car. After what she just witnessed, there's no way this can be good…

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