Hemlock Grove S2E9 - "Tintypes" Recap

Peter's alive, but captures. He's got a spiked collar around his neck to prevent him from changing. He's being tortured for information and we get some more perspective on these lunatic baby-killers who believe themselves to be doing God's work. They know Peter knows where "the beast" (Nadia) is but he's not so keen on sharing.

Roman considers cancelling his last treatment to go save Peter but Pryce convinces him he needs to stay put and finish it. If he back out, not only will his symptoms return, but they'll come back even stronger. Roman agrees to "get this fucking thing over with."

Miranda begins to realise there's something off about baby Nadia, as if her freakish eyes weren't sign enough. Nadia spells out her name with alphabet blocks, something no infant should normally know how to do.

Olivia visits Pryce and demands to know what is going on with this New Shelley and becomes furious that he is experimenting on her children. But Pryce isn't bothered by her tantrum, pointing out her years of mistreatment to Shelley and her all-around selfishness. Olivia asks why Pryce doesn't just put together another experiment to save her. Pryce determines that Olivia has been talking to Dr. Z and warns her that she doesn't know who Dr. Z is and that they would all do well to be cautious of whatever her agenda may be. He advises her to stay the course of her treatment.

Olivia runs into Dr. Z in the hallway, who advises Olivia that death is her best solution where Roman is concerned. Roman is her enemy and must be taken out.

Destiny meets with a Romani vargulf and pays for his assistance, but more on that later...

Norman says goodbye to Leticia, giving her a large severance package. But she sees right through this and confronts him as he's about to sneak into Olivia's house with a loaded gun. She warns Norman that she will testify against him if he goes through with this. She gets Norman to hand over his weapon and lets him leave. Leticia then visits Chasseur to tell him about Norman's plans to kill Olivia. But then she is arrested for breaking into Olivia's home to swipe some prints. So Chasseur visits Norman and tells him about Clementine, adding that he wants in on killing Olivia.

In-between rounds of torture, Peter begins to force a turn against the moon in order to escape his restraints. He takes out his main torturer and struggles with the pain of the torture and being one step closer to an irreversible vargulf state. He steals a van and leaves the base, calling Destiny and telling her to meet him at Roman's.

Olivia promises Shelley that she'll be a better mother after overhearing Shelley for apologising for being a difficult child. She becomes absorbed in this new state of mind, that she seems content to die if she will be surrounded by her children and love one (Norman).

Meanwhile, Dr. Z prepares to give Roman "something to help with the pain" (we don't buy that for a hot minute) but Roman checks his phone and sees the text from Peter about Nadia being in danger, causing him to tear the line out before he can be poisoned. He makes for the large vat of blood and body parts and hooks up his IV. Roman's about to get seriously juiced. Dr. Z tries to sneak up on Roman with a syringe but when Pryce and Olivia reach the vat, Roman is gone and Dr. Z is in with the rest of the body parts.

Peter, Miranda, and Destiny are at Roman's when the Vargulf Seer arrives. He tells Destiny that he will cast the vargulf out of Peter, but it's uncertain whether Peter will survive the procedure. However, Peter is sure to die if he doesn't have it at all. Peter is angry about this intervention and gets physical with Destiny, which shocks him enough to accept the help. The Vargulf Seer tells Peter he doesn't have much time, and if he turns once more then he will be lost to his wolf state forever.

Roman's butler chides these unwelcome house guests and is shot by an arrow. The masked men break in and also kill the Vargulf Seer. Miranda and Destiny make it into the safe room while Peter fights the masked men. He's about to be beheaded when Roman shows up and unleashes an ax-wielding, juiced up ass-kicking. Destiny leaves Miranda and Nadia to see if Peter is all right and to help in the fight (why didn't she just do that to begin with?) Peter's lying on the ground wounded with an arrow in the guy. When he sees Destiny's about to get killed, he transforms into a vargulf and gets her killer off. After killing more men, Roman has to hack his way into the room since the alarm system is broken.

The rouge Order leader is about to kill Nadia, since Miranda was useless in fighting him off. But then she unleashes her brand of weirdness and the man begins to bleed from his mouth and eyes till he is dead. And so Roman holds his daughter for the first time. Now the group is alive and saved but Peter corners them. Roman tries to appeal to him but it's not working. So Roman grabs vargulf-Peter by the jaw and tears it open before reaching inside and pulling human Peter out. It's nasty and precisely what we'd expect from the show. A bloody Peter lies twitching on the ground and baby Nadia is safe for now.

Chasseur has Norman practice stabbing in the heart on a dead body. Roman's house is a bloody mess. Peter finally wakes, terrified, but happy to see that baby Nadia and everyone else are okay. Olivia sings the original Shelley a lullaby.

Hemlock Grove is available on Netflix.


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