How To Get Away With Murder S1E2 - "It's All Her Fault" Recap

Annalise takes on the case of Max St. Vincent, a millionaire accused of brutally murdering his (second) wife, Majorie St. Vincent. Annalise sends Wes to obtain the supplemental arrest report. When he is looking over it in his apartment, Rebecca comes knocking at his door asking to use his shower. He agrees and briefly sneaks a peek at Rebecca before she closes the bathroom door.

Lila Stangard's death is officially ruled a homicide. Wes recognises Griffin when his face is flashed on the news (as being Lila's boyfriend), as the same person he had seen arguing with Rebecca. When he gets the supplemental report to Annalise, she is able to discredit the police officer that was on the stand claiming to be the one who found the murder weapon when it was another officer that is under investigation for drinking on the job.

Connor continues to use Oliver and his hacking skills to help with the trial, promising to go out for dinner with him as a reward. Annalise has a falling out with her boyfriend Nate, after she made him and his department look bad. He threatens to tell her husband Sam about everything they did together if she calls him again. When Annalise gets home, she snoops through Sam's phone for Lila Stangard's name and finds several teacher-student e-mails, but she signs her e-mails just using "L."

Wes mentions Lila to Rebecca and advises her to not talk to anyone without a lawyer, in case she is ever questioned. Rebecca denies any involvement.

Laurel talks to Bonnie and all but confirms her suspicions that Frank was the one who chose her to be an intern. Bonnie advises her to stop talking about personal drama and instead focus on getting Annalise to actually learn her name.

Max's daughter Ellie is brought in as a character witness but things go awry when she learns on the stand that her mother was murdered in a highly similar manner as her now-murdered step-mother. Annalise is mad at Max for keeping a secret from her and Oliver is mad at Connor for skipping out on dinner. Annalise outright asks Sam if he was sleeping with Lila. He denies it but he has a bad track record when it comes to being faithful.

Laurel determines that Max cannot be the murderer because as a hunter, he knows how to kill efficiently and the murder of his wife was too sloppy to match his abilities. At Annalise's orders, he even admits to murdering his first wife on the stand. Since it happened in Switzerland, he won't be tried for it. Through further investigation, they determine that Max's daughter was the true murderer. Max is found 'Not Guilty' by the jury. Max is made aware of the fact that his daughter was the murderer and says he'll find a way to punish her. He tells Annalise he won't kill her, but… it's unclear whether or not we believe him.

Frank tells Bonnie that he won't do anything with Laurel but that she's the one who needs to be more careful, a thinly veiled reference to the fact that she appears to be sleeping with Sam Keating.

Connor goes to Oliver's place with take-out to apologise and Oliver eventually accepts the apology, saying, "Tonight, I do you."

Annalise checks Sam's phone again and finds that all of the e-mails to/from Lila Stangard have been deleted and the trash has been emptied. She goes to meet with Nate and begs him to investigate Sam, believing it to be a strong possibility that Sam was involved in Lila's murder. He dismisses her theory and tells her to go home but she implores him to check out his alibi, which is that he was at Yale on the night of her murder. He eventually agrees upon seeing how distraught Annalise is, warning her to be careful. Annalise then returns home and has sex with her husband.

Wes is heading back to his apartment and watches as Rebecca is arrested and taken away by police. He shouts out at her as a reminder to not say anything. Wes then goes to check his bathroom, and finds a phone that Rebecca had hidden, which he cannot get into because it requires a code.

Flashforward (2.5 months):
Wes has gone back for the murder weapon, the immunity idol, with blood still on it. It's revealed that when he flipped the coin, he lied about the outcome to ensure that the group would dispose of the body instead of leaving it where it was. While Wes is in the convenient store to buy the lighter fluid, he places a call to someone, using a prepaid phone, saying that they're taking care of it and that this person will be protected. Later, Wes heads to a motel room where Rebecca is inside waiting for him, having been the person he called earlier. They are now romantically involved and he promises that he's not going anywhere and that she is safe.

How To Get Away With Murder airs on Thursdays on ABC at 10PM.


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