How To Get Away With Murder S1E4 - "Let's Get to Snooping" Recap

Connor shows up at Oliver's place demanding sex but Oliver has to head to work, so he asks if they can do something that actual couples do. Connor teases him for making a declaration of feelings so Oliver offers up sex if he'll just ignore what he just said. It's all very cute.

Annalise is asking to see the video of the confession but the prosecution are denying her access. Rebecca's bail is set at 1 million dollars. When Annalise and Bonnie speak with Rebecca in private, she says that Wes was right about Griffin trying to pin it on her. Annalise confronts Wes, demanding to know what else he said. He continues to keep the phone secret from her.

Laurel is studying using a Tillman outline given to her by Kan and Michaela asks to use it to study but Laurel turns her down. Frank and Bonnie decide to bet on who they believe is a "Shooting Star." Frank bets it will be Michaela, but they won't tell her what "Shooting Star" means.

The group goes to meet with their next client, Marren Trudeau, a successful self-made stock broker accused of insider trading. Upon getting to her office, Marren sets the search warrant on fire. The people wanting to search her place or work play a sex tape of her with Elias Edson, the CEO of the company she is said to have done the insider trading with. Marren is not even remotely embarrassed. Marren tells Annalise to look outside of her company, not believing any of the employees could have been responsible but Annalise knows better than to do that.

The interns are tasked with questioning the employees, pretending to just gather intel. Everyone seems to have great things to say about Marren, as she is excellent at what she does, but treats them well too. Connor hits it off with Marren's personal assistant, Pax. The interns reveal that they're there to search for a traitor, causing Marren to tell Annalise again that the person(s) responsible isn't anyone within her company.

Annalise tries to proposition her husband Sam when he's on his way out but he says he has to head out for a company dinner. Nate is searching through Sam's car to access his GPS and Sam catches him standing next to his car. Nate claims to have been out for a run when he saw the light on in Sam's car. Bonnie had pulled up and saw Sam going through Nate's car and it's unclear why she's there, though we'd bet it's her having an affair with Sam.

Michaela tries to get the outline from Michaela's bag and Asher calls her out. Michaela throws a tantrum over the stress of the exams and Wes' apparent favoured treatment from Annalise. Frank says that this confirms his bet that Michaela is the Shooting Star and tells Bonnie she owes him a hundred bucks. It's then that Kan arrives to see Laura, and Frank sulks jealously.

Connor goes to meet Pax, having told Annalise he's going to pursue another lead. He tries to find out if Marren did it and Pax denies that she would ever be stupid enough to make that lead. Connor and Pax end up having sex, giving Connor the opportunity to plant a recording device and catch Pax making a call after Connor leaves, admitting his involvement in the insider trading.

Kan is there to help Laurel and Wes figure out a way to come up with the funds for Rebecca's bail. Frank comes in to send Kan away and scold Wes for talking about Rebecca, something Annalise had forbidden him from doing. It's so obvious that Frank is jealous but for some reason, he and Laurel have yet to get together despite their mutual interest. It's just a matter of time, though.

Oliver is helping Connor with some more hacking. Connor tells Oliver he would never let him get arrested. Though it seems lighthearted, we sense that there's some deeper feelings brewing. Bonnie goes to the police station and muscles the tape of Rebecca's confession out of the police chief by saying Detective Lahey illegally searched through Sam Keating's car the prior night.

Marren is appalled to learn that Pax betrayed her, as he has been with her for eight years now, since she first got started. She humiliates him in front of everyone and promises he will be prosecuted to the fullest extent, even low-blowing him by saying that his family will now have an actual reason to be ashamed of him. Connor looks upset momentarily, no doubt relating to that. An emotional Pax opens a window, jumps out, and falls to his death.

Down on the ground, Frank tells the interns that now they know what a Shooting Star looks like. Marren expresses remorse to Annalise for what she has done, having known that Pax wasn't tough like she is. Annalise tells her that whomever Pax was talking to on the phone is the one responsible. Through further investigation, Annalise's team narrows it down to two other employees, Talia Lewis and Jimmy Werdshaw. With a bit of manoeuvring, trickery, and lying, Annalise is able to get both of them to confess to the crime, as they believe they are simply doing so to get the other arrested. In the end, they're both arrested and Marren gets the last word in.

Annalise and her team watch Rebecca's video confession and determine that she was coerced into confessing. The video is brought to court and the judge sides with Annalise and Rebecca's bail is reduced. He puts an enquiry in for the questioning of Rebecca and tells the prosecution that he isn't happy.

Oliver discovers Connor slept with Pax due to the audio recording of Pax's conversation. A hurt Oliver throws Connor out of his apartment, despite Connor's insisting it didn't mean anything and that he does have feelings for Oliver.

Rebecca returns home and Wes asks her once again what's on Lila's phone. After they talk, he goes to Annalise to turn the phone over, saying he only didn't tell her so that he could gain Rebecca's trust so that it would help the case. He asks if the phone's content will help the case and Annalise asks whether anyone else knows about the phone and says that it's important that he will be the one that Rebecca trusts. Annalise says "we'll see" about whether the contents of the phone will help the case.

Annalise goes home, strips off her jewellery, removes her wig, and begins putting some lotion on after stripping off her false eyelashes and wiping off her makeup. Her husband Sam comes in and Annalise then drops a bomb by holding up Lila's phone and asking, "Why is your penis on a dead girl's phone?"

Flashforward (7 weeks):
The group is at Keating's office trying to get going with disposing of the body when Asher shows up and begins pounding at the door, demanding to be let in so he can get the trophy which he claims belongs to him. In the car, Connor notes how much they will have to deal with, from all the physical evidence to the surveillance cameras on the road that are likely catching them. As Connor hacks Sam's body to pieces to make him easier to transport, he berates Michaela for dilly-dallying and tells her to get to scooping. Connor later goes to see Oliver, behaving erratically and becoming emotional, telling Oliver he screwed up badly.

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