How To Get Away With Murder S1E5 - "We're Not Friends" Recap

Laurel answers a question in class and stands up for herself when Annalise accuses her of showing up. Annalise appears to be impressed by Laurel's gumption. After class, Wes asks Annalise about the phone an in a flashback we see Annalise questioning Sam about it. Sam says Lila pursued him and they had sex maybe six or seven times. It's also revealed that Annalise had been Sam's mistress when he was married to his first wife. Annalise becomes enraged and yells at Sam to get out. He passes by Bonnie on his way out, as she had been listening in from downstairs.

Annalise is representing Brian, who is on trial for shooting his abusive cop of a father. Annalise coaches her team on jury selection and warns them they will be fighting against the police, who will do what they can to make themselves not look bad. Laurel is happy that they finally have a client she doesn't hate. The prosecution gets Brian's blog thrown out which is bad because it means Annalise can't use accusations of abuse in her defence.

Frank asks Laurel out for lunch but Laurel is more concerned about Brian. Annalise's team is assigned to monitor the members of the jury. Annalise needs to find a backdoor to get the blog brought back in so she has them all start reading up on it to find any opportunity. Laurel gets it back in when the prosecution brings forth a teacher as a witness who talks about a talent show in which Brian sang about wanting to kill his father.

Rebecca stops by Wes' place to take some of his pizza and they discuss the phone. Rebecca also tells Wes that she likes to make people feel uncomfortable because it makes her feel better. Annalise calls Nate to meet up with him. He's angry at her for getting fired, believing she was the one that told his boss that he was investigating Sam. He reveals that he lied to her about Sam's alibi before leaving.

Kan suggests to Laurel that she tell the jury about jury nullification, which could get Brian off but then says that she shouldn't, since she could go to jail for it. Annalise lays a verbal smack down on Bonnie for telling Nate's boss about his investigation and airing her dirty laundry. Annalise makes it clear she knows what's going on with Bonnie and Sam.

Laurel goes to Frank about jury nullification and she says she just wants to feel like they're doing good for once. Frank says he understands. Connor gets a witness discredited by catching him talking about the case through a dating app. Laurel decides to plant information about jury nullification where one of the jurors will find it to help Brian but Frank catches her. He has no choice but to tell Annalise but doesn't say specifically who it is. Annalise tells Frank to report it to the DA; this results in a mistrial, thus getting Brian off with only probation, community service, and counselling.

Annalise confronts Sam about where he was on the night of Lila's murder. He was in Philadelphia but says he didn't do it. Annalise has invited Rebecca over so as to see whether or not she knows Sam was the one in the photo. She goes into the office where Sam evaluates her, while Annalise listens in through a hidden device. It doesn't appear that Rebecca knows about Sam. On her way out, she goes upstairs to use the bathroom.

Frank and Laurel get into a disagreement over Laurel's actions but the tension proves too much so they end up making out. Laurel leaves, saying she has a boyfriend, and goes to meet Kan. She all but attacks him and they have sex on top of a desk. Wes finds Rebecca's apartment empty. Her things are gone and she is nowhere to be found. He calls her and she asks if he knew that they were in on it together. She tells him he can't trust Annalise and to go look at the wallpaper. Wes goes into Annalise's place where he finds Sam sleeping on the couch and the wallpaper in Annalise's bedroom matches the background of the penis photo. Annalise asks him what he's doing there and Wes tells her he knows about Sam.

Flashforward (6 weeks): Frank calls Laurel when she's with the rest of the Murder Crew in the woods. Michaela wants to know what's going on and Laurel admits that she cheated on Kan and slept with Frank. They seem to have had a falling out but the details aren't made clear. Frank calls again and the group tells her to answer, as it will strengthen their alibi. Frank wants to explain but Laurel is angry at him for lying about something. He says he'll do anything to make it right.

When Michaela is panicking about trying to find her engagement ring, Laurel agrees to take the trophy back to Asher's. Instead, she brings the trophy to Frank's place to call in that favour he promised her.

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