Intruders S1E7 - "The Crossing Place" Recap

Jack goes to a church and belligerently questions the priest about life after death but of course he has no answers. He returns to the hotel to try to see Amy/Rose but he is made to leave by hotel security. He goes to confront Todd Crane at his place and Jack lays one hell of a smack down before cops show up and arrest him. But Jack was able to get the information he was after. Amy will be at the building tonight, the one shared with Marcus Fox.

Rose is still in the hotel room with Bix, who is drinking heavily to cope with his confused state. She calls Shepherd for help and then tells him off for waiting nine years to trigger her because he was in love with Amy. Could Amy have had an affair with Shepherd? She thinks he may have sabotaged Bix's returns because he didn't want Rose with anyone else. She knows he brought back Marcus and he doesn't deny it. He says he had triggered Marcus at a young age so he could be killed before doing serious damage. But he couldn't pull the trigger on a nine-year-old girl. She orders him to find Marcus and take him out. Shepherd visits Crane and almost kills him until Crane promises to work for him instead. His first order is to drop the assault charged against Jack because the Reverti don't want the attention.

Jack wakes up at the jail and a man in the cell says that his son is next to him. This son died before birth and it waiting for Jack and Amy, but Jack is pulled out for questioning before Jack can learn more. The detective doesn't believe his theory on Qui Reverti but peaks his interest by providing information on Shepherd. This is the man who shot Bill Anderson as well as the other body found at the pier, and the police want to apprehend him. Jack shares how he went to Crane to find out about his wife, who own a building with Crane and Marcus Fox. Marcus Fox was the first case the detective worked and he wants to be able to close it if he can. The detective shows Jack a video of an old interrogation of Marcus describing old historical murders in detail. He says he's a historian and these are crimes he has committed, going back to the "Ave Verum Corpus" killings. The cop shows Jack the photos from the recent murder and share how Madison's parents were the ones to find the body. Then the call comes in that the charges against Jack have been dropped. But then Jack sees a composite sketch of Shepherd form Madison's parents. Jacks says that this is the man who killed Bill Anderson. He's a wanted man for repeatedly passing himself off as an FBI agent.

Rose tries to reconnect with Bix but he's feeling sick, hearing music all the time. He wants to be with Rose but isn't happy in this state. Just because you can live again doesn't mean you should.

Shepherd visits his brother Jim. Jim is in a non-responsive state but Shepherd talks to him while cutting his fingernails. He says he's taken money form a bad man, wanting to get out and take care of Jim but now he could be killed for it. It's closing in on him. He's always had a habit of trying to be the good guy but ending up the bad guy instead.

Madison arrives at the building with Crane's daughter Meadow, whom she kidnapped from school. She has a knife and is demanding to see Rose, who isn't there yet. Crane opens up a mailbox with a key Madison was given when triggered. Meadow escapes and Madison cuts Crane on the leg. On the roof of the building, Gary Fischer is preparing to jump. Jack arrives, having found a letter in Fischer's hotel room that had the phrase "In the beginning, there was death," on it. Jack tries to talk him off the ledge but Fischer says the only way to beat this thing is from the other side. He jumps to his death and the evidence about Qui Reverti is taped around his waist in a plastic bag.

Intruders airs on Saturdays on BBC America at 10PM.


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