Intruders S1E8 (Season 1 Finale) - "There Is No End" Recap

Queens, New York, 1931. Bix downs another drink before getting on stage to perform. He immediately downs some more liquor after coming off the stage. She wants him to quit and he promises to do. He'll get a new band and get back into shape. But two leeks later, he's close to death while Rose cradles him. Rose grabs the mouthpiece of his trumpet and forces him to stare at it as he dies. She promises that they'll be together again, she'll make sure of it. So she's just made his trigger.

Returning to Seattle in the present day, Jack is right by Gary Fischer's dead body after he jumped off the big, bad building that all the mysteries have been connected to: 999 East 3rd Street. He calls 911 before heading into the building. Todd Crane is bleeding out of his leg wound and gives Jack his keys, telling him to open the mailboxes. Upon doing so, a secret door opens which Jack follows to the basement. Jack opens another secret door labelled "Q.R." while Madison secretly watches. Two men pass by professing their plans to kill Shepherd after Cranfield's interment.

Detective Blanchard brings Madison's parents to see a nine-year-old girl who isn't talking. But it's not Madison, but Meadow, who becomes distraught when she hears them say Madison's name. Madison is walking down a corridor in the basement and remembers when Marcus was last there. He was sealed inside a wall, brick by brick. Rose chided him for his behaviour and how it has repeatedly caused risked exposure for the group. Shepherd secretly visited him and removed one of the bricks to show him a sand dollar before putting the brick back, thus creating Marcus' trigger.

Jack finds himself in a room full of books, some of which include the "9" journals. Some belonged to famous people, like Nikola Tesla and Ronald Reagan. The next room over is a room full of triggers. Jack angrily begins to break and smash up some of the triggers until he hears the sound of Madison hammering away at the bricks that still hide Marcus' body. Jack finds Madison and takes her hammer, causing her to threaten him with a knife. Madison tells Jack they have something in common: their lives have been ruined by Rose. Jack asks if she's the missing girl, which elicits an angry reply that it's just Marcus Fox now. Jack recognises Marcus Fox's name so out of curiosity, he hammers a hole through the wall and recognises the mummified corpse of Marcus. He tries to make Madison stay put, causing her to slash his arm with a knife and take off while Jack goes to spy on Cranfield's interment.

Rose and some other shepherds are wrapping the body into a fetal position. They then place it into a crypt. Jack sets fire to a journal before putting it back on the shelf, sending everything up in flames. The group runs out and Jack confronts Rose, telling her she's going home with him. Madison tries to attack her but Shepherd shows up with a gun, leading Amy out while Jack pursues them through a smoky corridor.

The cops and medics are on scene, having retrieved Todd Crane and put him on a stretcher. Detective Blanchard and the O'Donnells are also there. Madison finds her way out of the building, coughing from smoke inhalation. Madison's mother calls out to her, causing Madison to say, "Mom?" and begins walking over. But Shepherd isn't far behind and Rose tells him to end this. Shepherd fires but Jack tackles her to the ground. Shepherd and Rose get away in a large car and medics swarm her to try to get her to start breathing again.

Madison meets Marcus at the edge of a mountain lake. Marcus says that a body can only get rid of one of its souls at the moment of death, and that his will is stronger. Madison says she feels sorry for him. He's lived a few hundred lives but hasn't learned there's nothing stronger than a kid who wants her parents. She tells him, "What goes around stays right here," and then her eyes fly open on the street.

Shepherd patches Rose up at the hotel and says he only brought Marcus back for the money, so he could run away with Amy. But Rose isn't Amy. Rose wants Bix, who she finds is no longer in the hotel room.

Jack wakes in the hospital with Blanchard sitting in a chair reading what Fischer had taped to his chest. He asks if Jack is in some kind of cult and Jack claims that Fischer was insane. Blanchard says that Madison said Marcus Fox took him over. Blanchard wants to know what Jack saw and Jack tells him Marcus' body was down in that basement before it went up in flames. Blanchard is determined to find out if Fox is involved in this group, which he knows Rose is a part of, and won't quit until he knows that Marcus Fox is gone. Jack checks on Madison to make sure she's okay and she tells him "he's gone." Jack wants to be sure, but he can't be all that invasive with Madison's parents right there so he exits with Blanchard. He passes by a child who calls him over and greets him with the same warning (promise of revenge) and hand gesture as one of the men he killed.

Jack returns home for the first time in what feels like forever and begins trying to piece his life back together. He calls Fischer's family to tell them that no matter what they hear about Gary, none of it was true and he was a good man trying to make things right. He loved his family very much. Jack says that maybe they'll meet again before hanging up the phone.

Jack begins to clean up his house before finding that Shepherd is waiting in the living room for him. He invites Jack to take a seat. Shepherd and Jack discuss how Jack has been spared because of his skills. He has the potential to be one of them. Shepherd slides him a little black box, which Jack opens and finds a set of business cards inside. He pulls one out and it has the number 9 on one side, and "Jack Shepherd," on the other.


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