Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E5 - "A Hen in the Wolf House" Recap

A wedding is underway. The best man is giving a speech. The caterers are actually Hydra agents that kill the military folks in attendance with some poisonous champagne. The murdered guests were a S.H.I.E.L.D. task force tasked with taking down Hydra.

Team Shield learns about this and Skye questions Coulson about the carvings (alien markings) on his desk. Coulson has asked Skye to analyse the meaning of these symbols but won't elaborate on where they're from. They get into a verbal tiff over it and it's clear that Skye won't be letting it go anytime soon.

The Doctor is performing surgery on some criminals to make some money but Raina comes in and they get into a disagreement. Raina wants The Obelisk to hand over to Daniel Whitehall and The Doctor is also offended that Raina could be more afraid of someone else. The Doctor wants his daughter, Skye, and believes The Obelisk is the only thing that will make Skye understand him. The Doctor is exhibiting some superhuman strength and serious rage issues. He's also set on the fact that "Skye" is not her name.

Simmons and her Hydra associate are called in to a meeting run by Whitehall, who wants to weaponise the effects of The Obelisk once he acquires it. He also singles out Simmons and seems to know who she is. He asks some questions to her about the capabilities of The Obelisk. Simmons is horrified that they could kill so many people but her associate thinks it's cool and exciting.

Fitz acknowledges to Faux-Simmons that she isn't real and that perhaps it's time he moved on, especially since he is making friends now.

Skye is looking over the a lien markings and Lance speaks with her, suggesting that she seek out Ward for more information. She asks about her parents again, saying that they're dead, but Ward assures her that he's telling the truth. She wants to know his source and he says it's Raina. Skye thinks Raina played him and won't hear any more on the matter. Moving on to the glyphs, Ward tells her Garrett carved those symbols after he was injected with the GH formula. He is concerned at the idea that Skye could be the one carving them but is relieved to know that it's not her carving them. The writings scared him and he thinks they come from something that wasn't meant to survive. Skye goes and confronts Coulson about it and he says that he's fine and that May has been keeping an eye on him. The GH formula must have triggered it along with him seeing Garrett's writings. He and May wanted to monitor Skye and now think that it could be possible that she already has alien DNA in her which is why she hasn't had an adverse reaction to the formula.

Raina lurks around Hydra and follows Simmons, suing her sending a message to SHIELD before disposing of it. Raina retrieves the message and threatens to expose Simmons as a spy. Hydra is on lockdown as they are searching for a mole. Bobbi Morse is the on in charge of the investigation and hones in on Simmons immediately. Simmons plants one of her messages on her associate and he is taken away.

Coulson goes to meet Raina in a nice restaurant while May, Skye, are in a back room and Lance is hiding in plain sight. Raina has a photo of Simmons leaking intel and threatens to leak it to Hydra if Coulson doesn't hand over Skye in two minutes so she can be brought to meet her father. Skye is prepared to go out and turn herself over to save Simmons but May forces her to stand down. Coulson lets the clock run out and the photo is leaked. It looks as if Simmons is done for but wait! Bobbie Morse is actually a mole too so she helps Simmons onto the roof of the building where Trip picks them up with his Quinjet.

Skye runs off to the last known location of her father's last location to investigate. Coulson, May, and Lance follow her there where she has found an old photo of him, presumably holding her as an infant. Then then find the dead bodies of his earlier patients, who made him angry. Skye calls him a monster while he watches via a hidden camera. He's furious that she now has a bad impression of him and blames Coulson for it.

Back on board, Fitz and Simmons are reunited. It's a bit awkward, but we can't wait to see them reconnect. Lance is furious to see Bobbi and it is revealed that Bobbi is the "devil ex-wife" that Lance has been continually complaining about. Coulson wants Bobbi to join the team. He decides to bring Skye into the mix and shows her the latest art on the wall he's been carving on and Skye determines that it's a map of some sort. Meanwhile, The Doctor goes to meet with Whitehall, bring The Obeslisk which he says is called The Diviner. He'll show The Doctor how to use it in exchange for help killing Coulson and the rest of Team Shield.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


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