Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S2E6 - "A Fractured House" Recap

Hydra sends some agents in to the UN to take out a number of dignitaries with Obelisk, all which claiming to be SHIELD and further sully the organisation's name. The Obelisk throws disks that makes people turn to ash. Skye and Simmons monitor Ward, who wakes up every morning at 5:30 on the dot to train despite not having a clock or any light to indicate what time it is.

Coulson sends May, Morse, and Hunter to Japan to go after the man who made the weapons, Toshiro Mori. Lance isn't all that comfortable to be back in the field with his ex-wife but Coulson tells him to stay focused on the mission. Surprisingly, General Talbot doesn't believe that SHIELD was responsible but senator Christian Ward (WARD???) tells him to put SHIELD in the ground. Talbot would rather take a level-headed approach but Christian Ward isn't hearing any of it.

Simmons comes to the lab and starts talking with Fitz. She asks for some help repairing a damaged hard drive she stole from Hydra. She wants to things to be as they were but he's not the same man and he hasn't healed from the wounds she left either. Fitz tells her outright that he's different now and she left when he needed help and someone to support him through his recovery. He was worried about her and doesn't understand why she left. She doesn't have a good answer for him, though.

Skye goes to ask Ward about his older brother and he warns her that Christian's dangerous and only cares about inflicting pain. Ward doesn't want to share information on his brother but Coulson ends the conversations, saying they have what they need.

The team in Japan is ready to have Bobbis go in and use her Hydra cover to try to get to Toshiro but May warns her to get out if she senses anything is off. Bobbi gets intel on the weapons and the Obelisk but Lance goes running out when they intercept a message that Bobbi is to be taken out. Cute the shoot-out and some epic butt-kicking, after which the team gets off free and Lance and Bobbi engage in some quality bickering.

Coulson pays a visit to Christian in his office. It's quite the move and Coulson messes with Christian's speech and his phone. Coulson tells him about Whitehall and the truth about the attack. Christian says the American public just need a public enemy so Coulson drops a bomb - that Ward is Hydra and he has him stowed in the basement. Christian appears concerned for Ward's well-being and is worried that he might have been tortured. Coulson says he knows about the well but Christian says that Ward is not who he seems and that all he tells are lies. While Christian is warning Coulson about Ward, Ward is doing the same thing to Skye, saying that Christian will do whatever it takes to manipulate people to his will. While Skye is ready to hear everything Ward has to say about her father, Coulson makes arrangements to have Ward handed over to Christian.

Ward says that Skye's mother is dead, having been killed by Hydra agents that had hunted down that family. Skye's father tore a village apart after learning he'd lost his family in a single day. Ward has connections, people he can talk to, to help them find her father. Skye thanks Ward for sharing everything he knows and says that he is being transferred. He will be placed into his brother's custody, and presumably be publicly denounced as a terrorist, and Christian will overturn his anti-SHIELD policies.

The field team has followed their lead to Belgium but the rest of the team puts together the fact that the target in Belgium is a ruse by Hydra so that a team of assassins can go after the field team and take them out.

Ward is trying to plead his case to Coulson but Coulson tells Ward he is not nor will he ever be a part of the team again. He is no longer of use. Ward asks whose idea it was to put him on trial and notes the political benefits this will have for Christian.

Multiple SHIELD members are murdered, but of course May, Hunter, and Morse are still alive by the end of it. They arrive at the safe house where Lance provides a distraction so May and Bobbi can come crashing through the windows and all kick off an epic fight against the team of Hydra mercs. It's but a small victory given all the fellow agents that died but the fight carries on.

Simmons goes to thank Mac for helping Fitz and being his friend but Mac says that Fitz doesn't need any help. He tells Simmons off, and that she left after he told her how he felt. He also points out that she just makes him worse and she says she knows. "Why do you think I left?"

Ward cooperates as Coulson hands him over to a military escort. Meanwhile, Christian is giving a speech about his brother being a member of Hydra. Talbot is meeting with May to apprehend the remaining Hydra members and he respectfully acknowledges the loss of her fallen comrades. Ward tells Coulson to tell Skye this doesn't change anything and that he keeps his promises. Christian is promising that Ward will be punished for his crimes and it's then that Ward breaks out of his restraints and takes out the guards escorting him.

A man walks into a tattoo shop, saying tonight they finish it. He says the pain helps him remember and we see that his torso is covered in the alien markings that Coulson has been carving.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 9PM.


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