Our Girl S1E5 (Series 1 Finale) - "Episode 5" Review

"Is he gonna be alright?"

Following the dramatic turn of events last week, we find Molly Dawes returning home from war and immediately heading off to the hospital where Captain James and Smurf are being treated. Lacey Turner is unwavering in her emotionality, as she effectively communicates so much even when saying nothing at all. But it's Iwan Rheon who steals the scene with his intensity and magnetism. Smurf's story is perhaps the most heart-breaking of all, as he expresses his wish to go back and call Molly after their first hook-up, to see if they could have had something together. As if the story of love lost and regret wasn't enough to elicit tears and hollering at television screens, Smurf becomes the final casualty of war in this series of Our Girl. The funeral is beautifully shot, with interwoven shots of Molly's crying face, Smurf's devastated mother, and Captain James reading a poem in memoriam of his fallen brother-in-arms. The most poignant moment of all is when Smurf's mother is leaving the funeral and states, "I gave the army my boys and they gave me back a flag," as it effectively communicates the magnitude of her and her family's sacrifice and how nothing can ever truly make up for the loss she has been left to face.

"Some things you just can't fight."

Though Molly struggles with her return to civilian life, "Everything seemed possible on tour and coming home's like waking up," the positive effect of her finding purpose in life has spread to others in her life. Her parents have rekindled their relationship, and her father is shown to have turned a new leaf, as he is drinking less and really making the effort to be the best man he can be for his wife and family. From Molly to Smurf to Molly's father, series creator and writer Tony Grounds has delivered great character development throughout the run of Our Girl. Lacey Turner and Ben Aldridge play Molly and Captain James' first date with a bright energy and chemistry. It's a relationship that we can't help but root for, as Captain James has followed through with the divorce of his wife and is understanding of Molly's need to find her own way. He puts her first, as she makes the decision to go on another tour in Afghanistan. Best of all, Our Girl concludes with the ending we had hoped for: the reunion of Molly and Bashira. Molly's commitment to Bashira's future, as exemplified by her decision to have her entire deployment sum of £14,000 go towards Bashira's education and safety, is the stand-out moment of Molly's story. Her selflessness and strong commitment to helping others is what makes her such a compelling hero.


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