Red Band Society S1E2 - "Sole Searching" Recap

Leo is waiting for Jordi to wake up from his surgery, feeling that Jordi needs someone to be there when he wakes up. There's a frat house having a party across the street, making Leo miss the days of his being a popular boy on the soccer team. When Dr. McAndrew cuts into Jordi's leg, he finds the problem is worse than he first thought and that cutting off Jordi's leg won't fix the problem so he has to leave things as they are before forming a new treatment plan.

Leo becomes incredibly jealous at learning of Jordi's keeping his leg so he dons his prosthetic leg, which he doesn't have much practice walking in, and sneaks out with Dash to go to the party. He becomes the popular jerk, being rude to Dash and sending him off, and flirting up a storm with a college girl. She leads him to a bedroom, ready to have sex, but he's too embarrassed to follow through when she tries to remove his jeans. He calls her a "slut," and she rightfully leaves him there.

Kara's getting some tests done involving her having her heart monitored while on a treadmill. Emma has to have her weekly weigh-in. She hopes to gain 10 pounds so she can receive permission to attend a summer physics program at Yale. But she wears a Yale sweatshirt to the weigh-in after guzzling water and stuffing coins into her bra. Nurse Brittany commends her on her one pound gain but Kara prods at Emma in private, knowing that Emma tricked Nurse Brittany. But now she has other things to worry about; her mothers have come to visit her.

Dash sneaks back into the hospital but is quickly pestered by nurses who are in a panic searching for Leo. Nurse Brittany and Dash head back to the party and retrieve Leo, who visits Jordi after sobering up.

Kara's mothers are a lesbian power couple but rather negligent as to Kara's emotional needs. They're forming a marketing plan and intent on getting on Ellen, because of course they're friends with Ellen and Portia, but Kara wants nothing to do with it. After her usual dose of rudeness, Kara opens up to Emma by sharing her belief that her mother is only interested in her when she can benefit from it. Emma tries to help out so she goes to have a chat with Kara's mother and stepmother. She tells them they should support Kara more but Kara becomes angry when her mothers seems to like Emma even more than her. After another heart-to-heart, Kara musters up the courage to be honest with her mothers and tells them that she has never watched Ellen's show and would feel like a hypocrite in going on there for help.

Red Band Society airs on Wednesdays on FOX at 9PM.


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