Red Band Society S1E3 - "Liar, Liar Pants on Fire" Recap

Leo's getting jealous of Jordi's growing closer to Emma so he asks Jordi to back off, as he's hoping to rekindle what they once had. Emma wants to bake rice crisps for Jordi and Leo offers to help. Eventually, the conversation turns to their relationship. Leo claims he was scared he wouldn't live but Emma snaps back that he was actually scared that he would live. She says that in the real world, she would never be his type, as she isn't blonde or popular. They agree to be friends but of course there's no way this is anywhere close to being resolved.

Dr. McAndrew runs a scan on Jordi's leg and determines that he actually has Ewing's sarcoma. He can't begin Jordi's chemotherapy without a parent signature but Jordi has no parent in the country and his grandmother believes in witch doctors. But to Dr. McAndrew's surprise, his one-night stand arrives at the hospital and she's Jordi's not-dead mother! Jordi had lied about his mother being dead because he a was angry with her for things in their past. He wants to be emancipated so she challenged him to a game of poker. She wins, she gets to play mother, he wins, she'll sign the papers and leave. In the game, Jordi's about to win with a full house, but he flashes back to a childhood memory of playing Go Fish with his mother and folds to let her win.

Meanwhile, Kara's got a drug test coming up and Nurse Jackson is determined to make sure she passes it. Kara is in a bit of denial about the fact that she is an addict. Kara's drug addiction is the reason she's at the bottom of the transplant list so it's of the utmost importance that she turn things around. Nurse Jackson tries to keep Kara busy. First she allows her to have a friend visit but Kara uses that as an opportunity to summon a booty call. Next Nurse Jackson brings her to the playroom where the children are and at first things are going well, until Kara starts asking a girl about her medication and starts coordinating exchanges. Nurse Jackson later admits to fellow nurse Kenji that she hates Kara so much that she is ashamed of herself. But Kara later proves herself by testing clean on her drug test.

Red Band Society airs on Wednesdays on FOX at 9PM.


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