Red Band Society S1E4 - "There's No Place Like Homecoming" Recap

It's Homecoming, everyone! And Kara refuses to miss out the festivities, bad heart or not. She gets permission to go under the condition that Nurse Brittany be her chaperone and she wear a heart monitor too. Nurse Brittany invites Emma along, believing it to be in her best interest since Emma might be growing too comfortable with life in the hospital.

Leo's dreaming of returning to his glory as a soccer player and Nurse Jackson calls in a favour to get a former patient who went on to become a famous athlete after losing his leg to come in and train with Leo. He is excited at this new possibility for his life so he suits up and tags along to the dance too.

Kara ends up hating her time at the dance, as everyone is treating her like a fragile flower. She would rather be feared than loved. The pity is making her feel weak and Leo also is struggling after meeting an ex-soccer-opponent who no longer sees him as a viable threat now that his leg is gone. Emma, on the other hand, has developed a few fans who admire her figure and perceive her anorexia as simply being committed to it. Kara is ready to leave when she is announced as homecoming queen. She is required to sit in a wheelchair as she is brought up on stage and she cringes as a video is about to play so Leo, understanding her feelings, goes up on stage and tells people he thinks she's a total bitch. The crowd boos but Kara is delighted so she plants one right on Leo, while Emma watches jealously. Remember, Kara is more so the typical type Leo goes for.

Dash has been feeling jealous of Leo and Jordi's friendship but they're able to bond this week. Jordi shares that his mother is the type to leave when things get tough and that she only enjoys playing the role of mother. Jordi's started up his chemotherapy and the ever-skeptical Nurse Jackson is being touch on Eva. Eva tries to prove she is a good mother to Jordi by reading up on the condition. She also lets Jordi and Dash go out to the cinema but it's right after a round of chemo so Jordi gets sick at the theatre. He's rushed back and both Nurse Jackson and Eva tend to him. Nurse Jackson's opinion starts to change regarding Eva but Eva decides it's all too much responsibility for her so she emancipates Jordi and he watches from his window as she sneaks off without saying goodbye.

Kara decides to give up the queen bee life, as it just isn't doing much for her anymore. Leo makes the decision that he doesn't want to be a handicapped athlete and Nurse Jackson accepts his decision since he has thought it through. Emma is doing less well. She gets into an argument with Leo, who ignorantly tells her that she doesn't need to be in the hospital. Since hers is a psychological condition, he doesn't understand it so easily. And after all the positive feedback she got for being skinny at the dance, Emma backtracks on what little progress she's made, returning to eating nothing.

Red Band Society airs on Wednesdays on FOX at 9PM.


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