Selfie S1E2 - "Un-Tag My Heart" Recap

Henry overhears ladies gossiping about Eliza over her revealing attire and their belief that she is sexually promiscuous. He pulls Eliza in to his office to advise her to think about how she is perceived in the office as it will give people the wrong impression of her. Eliza says that being hot is what lets her sell products so successfully and she is sleeping with Freddy. Henry asks Eliza if she and Freddy ever make advanced plans, ever been on an actual date, or even been outside together. Eliza begins to realise the truth of Henry's words: she is a bootycall and if this behaviour persists, that is all she'll ever be. Eliza tries to ask Freddy about going outside some time but he doesn't seem interested in changing the nature of their relationship.

Henry is visited by some co-workers who ask him if he wants to come by Sharon's party. Henry didn't know about the party because she sent out an invite on Facebook. He then decides to join and see who from high school got ugly, at the advisement of his drunken co-worker. His mother is the first person to add him as a friend. Henry begins to get sucked into the vortex of Facebook, staying up all night on the site.

Eliza comes in and asks for Henry's advice. He tells her to stop responding to his "Sup?" texts and that if Freddy wants to know what's up, he should come by her desk and ask her in person. He also tells her to find another interest besides men, a hobby perhaps. Eliza runs into her neighbour Bryn and asks to join her book club and Bryn agrees, telling her to stop by tomorrow night at 8PM.

Henry's as addicted as ever to Facebook, finding that his assistant Charlie lied about his parents being in town to go to Palm Springs and party. Eliza FaceTimes him while shopping for a book club outfit. Henry tells her she should be reading the book; she says she's gotten through the first eight pages. She knows he's on Facebook and tells him he can get the app so he doesn't have to do it on his desktop. She also advises him to not go stalking his exes, which of course only makes him do it. He then accidentally tags his ex Olivia's new baby as himself.

Eliza gets to book club and things are going well until the group learns she hasn't finished the book. Henry shows up and the group is thrown into a frenzy thinking this is going to be a "Jerry Maguire moment." He asks Eliza to untag him, which she does, but is then alarmed to learn that his ex will have definitely seen the tag because she will have received an alert. Eliza is overheard by the book club, calling them sexless grannies.

Henry goes to visit his ex Olivia, who is understanding of the tagging mishap. Olivia says she's doing well since she got over him as soon as she realised he loved work more than her. He then asks when everyone he knew got married and had kids. She jokes that it may have happened while he was at the office.

Eliza gets kicked out of the book club and goes to get some froyo. She runs into Charmonique at the shop. When Charmonique says that it's cheat day (referring to food), and Eliza takes that to mean that she can cheat by having sex with Freddy now so that she won't have sex with him for the rest of the week. But on her way out, she gets hit by a smart car and then falls down a manhole when trying to text Freddy.

Henry learns that Eliza is hurt via social media and goes to visit her at the hospital. Freddy stops by and brings her her charger, assuming that this is why she didn't respond to his text. She has a injured tailbone and pelvis. Freddy then offers to drive her home to her place and Eliza is delighted that he wants to go outside with her. Henry leaves, telling Eliza to rest up, and she replies that he has tagged himself as the bedpan in her room. Henry later deleted his Facebook, telling Eliza that he is old-fashioned and if he wants to check up on her, he will do it properly.

Selfie airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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