Selfie S1E3 - "A Little Yelp From My Friends" Recap

Eliza's still addicted as ever to her phone. She's slowly making an effort to improve her social skills based on the advice given to her by Henry. They head in for a meeting at which their boss Mr. Saperstein tells them about the importance of interpersonal connectivity amongst their work colleagues. When they are tasked with rating each other, a higher-up named Joan gives Eliza a 0, which she doesn't even notice at first because she is too busy on her phone to pay attention.

Eliza has already made a bad impression on Joan from having repeatedly eaten her labelled food. Henry stressed to Eliza the importance of connecting with Joan, as she is Saperstein's second-in-command. Eliza tries to learn about Joan by stalking her online presence, but comes up empty because Joan doesn't do social media. Eliza asks Charmonique for help, who points her in the direction of the mass amount of reviews Joan has left on Yelp.

Henry gets more than he bargained for by inadvertently contributing to his co-worker Larry falling out with his wife. She has ended things with Larry and now Larry is starting to cling on his apparent friendship with Henry.

Eliza crashes Joan's aerobic class and begins listing off things Joan likes, thus warming Joan's opinion of her. She later apologises to Joan for eating her food, and offers to buy her dinner. Eliza gets pizza that Joan and her husband like but ends up in trouble when she reveals knowledge of Scott's allergy to oregano, something Joan never shared. Joan questions Eliza on a piece of trivia she had early claimed to know about and figures out that Eliza has been Yelp-stalking her. Eliza apologises, saying she was just trying to get to know her, and leaves.

With a nudge from Silverstein, Henry finds himself compelled to let Larry stay with him. Henry suggests Larry do a grand romantic gesture and Larry gets it in his head that he should put a flashmob together to impress his wife and win her back. The following morning, Charmonique recognises that Henry is wearing a tear-away suit and deduces immediately that he will be taking part in a flash mob. He warns Henry that Larry has a compulsive tendency to organise flash mobs, which Nancy hates, and that this is yet another example of how Larry does not listen to Nancy and what she wants.

Eliza expresses her sadness at her failure to befriend Joan and Henry admits he's not much better off, as he is not actually friends with Larry and only agreed to take part in the flashmob because he thought it would get rid of him. Unfortunately, Larry overhears this and is hurt. Henry apologises but tells Larry that a flashmob will not get him his wife back and that he would be better off utilising a smaller gesture. Larry later goes to see his wife, bringing along a bouquet of flowers.

Henry has a special trash can put into his office, for which Eliza can eat standing over (a habit she claims to have a preference for). She admits to Henry that it is an excuse she made up because when she was younger, no one wanted to sit with her at lunch. Now she's just kind of used to it. Henry then joins her in eating standing over the trash can. Eliza internally notes that perhaps this is what friendships are made of.

Selfie airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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