Selfie S1E4 - "Nugget of Wisdom" Recap

Eliza has big plans to go out partying over the weekend but Henry proposes that she do something helpful over the weekend instead. She agrees to do so on the condition that he spend his weekend not working. Chramonique is headed to her class reunion to reunite with an old boyfriend and Eliza offers to come over to her place and help her get ready. Henry becomes alarmed to learn that a children's vitamin, his first big rebrand, is set to be cancelled.

Eliza heads to Charmonique ready to finish quickly so she can get out and party, as she is worried that her frenemy Fit Brit is set to overtake her in terms of follower count on instagram. But problems arise when Charmonique's babysitter for her son Kevin gets sick and has to cancel. It looks as if Charmonique will miss out until she gets Eliza to babysit Kevin instead.

Before leaving, Charmonique advises Eliza on the various ways to tend to Kevin, including feeding him nuggets. Kevin gets Eliza to open up about her Internet fame woes and Kevin proposes they create an illusion of Eliza partying so she can keep up.

Charmonique arrives at her reunion and things take a bad turn when Mitchell, her ex-love, is revealed to have become a minister. He begins lecturing her on the immorality of her being a mother out of wedlock. Henry becomes angry at seeing social media photos of Eliza seemingly out at a party with Kevin and is amazed upon going to Charmonique's place to find the illusion they have created. He joins in on the dancing when Kevin puts some K-Pop on.

Eliza and Henry struggle to get Kevin to go to bed as he begins to cry and sound like Eddie Murphy. They try to recreate Charmonique's routine but the Eddie Murphy crying continues. Charmonique calls to check in and overhears "Eddie Murphy." She tells Eliza to give Kevin his bedtime nuggets and Eliza thanks her, telling her she's the best mom ever. Charmonique then tells Mitchell that she has self love and is a good mother before going out on the dance floor.

This gives Henry the idea to rebrand the vitamins as chicken nuggets but then Eliza asks about all the ODs children have had in overeating the gummy vitamins of other companies. Henry and Eliza pitch it to the company that they'll focus on exposing the weakness in the strengths of other companies' vitamins. Their boss loves it and the vitamin will live to see another day. Henry's boss tells him that he and Eliza make quite the power couple. Henry tries to brush it off but then looks off at Eliza seemingly interested.

Later, Eliza asks if she can get an award for doing what she was supposed to and asks if she can have 60,000 dollars to replace Charmonique's ruined wigs after Eliza left the door open.

Selfie airs on Tuesdays on ABC at 8PM.


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