Sleepy Hollow S2E3 - "Root of All Evil" Recap

Abbie and Ichabod try to visit Irving at Tarrytown Psychiatric but learn that they have been barred from doing so by Irving's new lawyer, Henry Parrish. They track him into town and when Ichabod asks about acceptability after seeing two men holding hands inside, Abbie explains about the contemporary political and social shifts in accepting homosexuality. Ichabod then says he was asking about wearing hats indoors (one of the men was wearing a hat), and knows about homosexuality because he served under Baron Von Steubing. He also watched the finale of Glee.

They spot Henry leaving a bank, shortly after which gunshots are heard form inside. Abbie goes in trying to talk the teller down but the woman doesn't listen, forcing Sheriff Reyes to fire the kill shot. The dead teller had also been shown to be exhibiting strange physical symptoms, with darkness flushing through her face. Abbie is upset, telling Ichabod that the woman had always been a kind and gentle employee.

Ichabod and Abbie look over the footage of Henry entering the bank. He had brought coins in for cash and the woman had pocketed one of the coins. Crane shares information about a mission he had been on to get some silver coins that were to be melted down and put back into circulation. Benedict Arnold was one of the soldiers one the mission, who had turned suddenly and ruthlessly, apparently after exposure to these coins.

The coin in question was pocketed by another man from the crime scene. He is shown to be constructing a bomb and using it to detonate his father's flower shop.

Jenny gets into an argument with Abbie over her concealment of the fact that Sheriff Reyes was here when they were younger. Jenny is angry because Reyes' testimony was what got their mother locked up in the same psych ward Jenny ended up in. Abbie says that Reyes was just doing her job. Abbie and Ichabod then go off to meet Jenny's go-to-guy for supernatural artefacts, Nick Hawley. Ichabod doesn't trust him… dare we say that he's jealous? But Nick tells them the coin is like a Tyrian shekel, one of the 30 pieces of silver Judas was paid to betray Jesus.

Abbie and Ichabod determine that these shekel's are roughly the same size as a quarter, so the missing piece may be in evidence. She heads to the office, only to get called over to talk to Reyes, because Jenny had used Abbie's log-in information to access Reyes' file. Abbie tells her that without her testimony, their mother would have likely been sent to prison. Reyes admits that she thought that getting sent to psych would get her the help she needed.

Ichabod meets Abbie at the station, where they see Henry. He tells Ichabod that the coins don't make people turn bad, but magnify the anger already inside them. Reyes then confronts Ichabod for the fact that no record of him exists. He claims that his identification exists at home. Abbie tries to access the coin but finds that it is just a quarter, meaning someone switched it out.

Jenny is doing her community service when she spots a shekel and picks it up. The darkness starts to course through her and we hear her thoughts expressing her anger at Reyes for getting her mother locked up.

Ichabod and Abbie meet Nick at a bar. Icahbod goes into a hilarious rant about how the man on the bottle of the Samuel Adams beer is actually Paul Revere. Nick tells them how Jenny stopped by acting strange and wanting some weapons, one of which she stole. Abbie and Ichabod assume that she is after  Abbie. Nick brings Ichabod to a church that has stain class that can counter the effects of the coin. Abbie heads to the station to get a track on Jenny's phone, which puts her in the same forest in which Reyes is embarking on a hunting trip.

Ichabod, Abbie, and Nick are in the forest. Ichabod doesn't trust Nick but Abbie says they need an ally, since they have so few. Ichabod says they have Katrina, but Abbie doesn't respond. Abbie makes some valid points about how Katrina may not be counted on to turn against her own son, even if he is the Horseman of War.

Jenny is preparing to take out Hawley (from a distance - she has no idea this is going on) but Abbie gets in her path, delivering a great speech about what they've lost and all that she has buried, but if they give in to their anger then they'll never learn what really happened to their mother. Ichabod tackles Jenny to the ground and the coin goes flying. Abbie nearly gets pulled in by it but then Ichabod kicks it, and Nick catches it with the stain glass.

Ichabod figures out a way to get around Henry's loophole. He comes to visit a different patient and while inside, Ichabod meets Irving and relays information about who his lawyer really is. He tells Irving not to trust him and that he is safest inside the psychiatric hospital.

Reyes gives Abbie a file on her mother, which Abbie later looks over in a pub with Ichabod. Based on what she reads, she determines that her mother was tormented by the demons that pursued Abbie and Jenny and trying to protect her daughters drover her mad. Ichabod shares of the final encounter he had with Benedict Arnold when they were fighting on opposite sides but still shared a moment over their history together. Hawley arrives, and Ichabod and Abbie are annoyed with him for running off with the coin. He hasn't sold it because he figures it'll be worth more if he can get the full set. But as a token of goo will, he has brought a fake passport for Ichabod. Ichabod gives a final speech about the importance of trust and how it remains to be seen which side all the players involved will fall on.

Henry is at Frederick's Manor, and glares at the bed he was born on before setting it on fire.

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