Supernatural S10E01 Recap: Black

Supernatural is back, and it’s gonna be all about Deanmon, because well, why not? It’s been the Sam show, now it’s Dean’s time. The road so far has been a long one stretching over nine seasons and 1000 episodes, not to mention some pretty awesome music. It’s all been one heck of a ride!

Dean truly is a demon now, and Sam’s boy scout code is gone as he tortures a demon looking for Crowley. He stabs her, twisting the blade as she doesn’t answer. He reduces her to weeping, telling her to make the call. He wants his brother, and he wants him now.

Four weeks later, a one armed Sammy still looks for clues. Books of demonic possession litter his desk. Sam is looking a little rough as he pours over weather reports, and finding nothing. Dean left a note before he left telling Sammy to let him go. Sam finds an article on a slain man. He wakes Castiel, who is suffering from a cough. The John Doe murdered in Wisconsin was missing for three years after murdering his wife. As Castiel hacks up a lung, Sam tells him that he’s mistaken. Castiel wants to help, but Sam tells him that he can’t. Somehow, Sam was injured by a demon because of Cas, though he doesn’t really blame him. Neither of them are okay, they both miss Dean, but they’ll be better once they find him, even though there’s a chance he won’t be Dean anymore.

Dean sings a ridiculous rendition of I’m too Sexy. The crowd boos. Am I the only one that wants Crowley to jump on stage and join him for a hot duet? Maybe? Well it’s enough to woo the girl walking in, and he gives her one heck of a roll in the sheets. She’s more than a little late for work, but the sex was worth it. Dean tells her not to get attached, that he’s just rolling through. There’s a million ways he could have said that, but he chose the worst possible one in AnneMarie’s opinion. Crowley breaks up the happy little couple, a little perturbed that they’re in his bed. It’s all classic Dick, Bitch between them. Crowley does it as well as Sam.

Dean and Crowley play some high stakes foosball, while Dean tells Crowley that the girl means nothing. They get scored on, and Dean sees his bedmate get pulled out of the bar. He goes beats up the guy, warning him to stay away from AnneMarie. She’s not thankful for his actions. Crowley even looks a little surprised. A dark man is watching.

Castiel gets a visit from an angel, Hannah, and theirs a bit of awkwardness as his robe is open. Castiel dresses, but still looks like hell. The angels have been governing themselves. Metatron is still locked away, and now Heaven needs his help. Most of the angels have returned to heaven, some have not, some refuse. Two refuse and have even killed angels trying to retrieve them. She asks Castiel to find them, to bring them in for punishment.

Sam visits the town police station where his lead died at. The officer explains that he may have made a wasted trip. Surveillance footage shows that it wasn’t a murder, but rather self-defense.

Dean goes out back of the bar. He calls out the guy who’s been watching him, and Dean is itching for a challenge.

Sam takes a look at the footage and spies a familiar face. Dean was in the gas station reading a magazine, but they don’t know who he is.

He’s just like the guy who jumped him at the gas station. The Queen is dead, but they just can’t accept the fact that Dean killed her. The guy has an angel blade in hand. Dean pulls out the first blade.

The officer shows Sam that Dean was snuck up on, John had a knife in his hand, and angel blade. They fought.

The guy attacks Dean, and Dean easily kills him with the first blade.

On the video Dean makes quick work of his attacker as well, killing him. He goes back for his porno mag, classic Dean. Some habits don’t cease. Sam asks for a closer look, and watches the film again. He spies Dean’s eyes going demonic, confirming his worst fears.

A guy pumps some weights, he goes through a whole exercise regime while his family sits down for breakfast. A fax comes through and his son brings it to him. The wife is horrified that it’s a picture of Dean. The former marine gets prepared to go hunting.

Driving his yellow car, Castiel has to pull over. Hannah is nauseous from Cas’s bad driving. She asks him how he’s feeling, and he lies. His grace is failing, he’s dying. Castiel tells her that the mission is more important than him. Hannah has always been a good soldier. She wants Castiel to take better care of himself, but he won’t risk another angel.

Sam interviews the gas station clerk, who is all too animated describing the attack. Sam asks if Dean said anything. Only “where’s the porn?” He didn’t take in the situation too much, scared that he was next. He does give Sam the dead guys phone to take back to the station. Sam peruses the messages. There was one that gave the location where Dean would be with a closing of long live Abaddon. Sam gives Crowley a call. Crowley answers thinking it’s the dead guy. Sam knows his brother is dead, and threatens him about letting a demon parade around in his meat suit. Crowley tells him he hasn’t dreamed big enough. Thanks to the mark, Dean is alive. His soul is being mangled, but it’s by Dean’s own hand. Sam asks about the Abaddon supporters that he’s been sending after Dean. Again, big picture, everything is not as it seems. Sam isn’t sure how Crowley has pulled this all off, but he will stop him and get his brother back. Crowley points out that Sam is just bitter that Dean is with Crowley now. He’s not a pet, but his best friend, and they’re having a ball. Sam will save Dean and kill Crowley he promises. And he’s traced the call to get started.

Castiel and Hannah arrive. Its pretty and kind of serene. Daniel casts is line. He’s fishing for trout mostly. He talks about fishing, metaphorically about killing. He knows that they’re there about the dead brother. If he had just left him alone he would have been fine. His job was to bring him back, Hannah points out. He belongs in Heaven. That was his place before he fell, dropped unwillingly, and now he has choices. He can discover who he is, not just who they taught him to be. Hannah pulls out her blade, she knows that he is taunting them. Castiel points out that they have time, and they still don’t know where the other one is.

Crowley tells Dean that he is the one who sent the demons after him. Not to kill him, but to keep him sharp. The mark needs to be fed. Crowley lied Dean points out. Of course Crowley lied. He needed to keep him sharp for their future, for Dean’s professional future. Crowley hates the current dump that they’re currently in, and Crowley hates the stagnation. It’s time for them to go back to work, to rule a perfect Hell. They won’t be ending the party but moving it to a better venue. Dean isn’t sold, and then Crowley mentions that he spoke with Moose. Sam has been tracking them, and that he’s probably on his way now. Dean thinks he sold him out. Crowley didn’t sell him out, but set him up for greatness.

Sam races towards the bar. His car experiences the oddest electrical issues. He gets out for a closer look as a good Samaritan pulls up behind him. It’s the guy from the bar. He offers to give Sam a hand, taking about new cars and their wacky computers. He opens the hood, and shows the issue. The car had a kill switch placed on, and he’s the one with the trigger. He knocks out Sammy, and the big man goes down.

Dean orders beers with sidecar action. He sings some bad karoke totally hammered. The beers and shots keep coming until he’s cut off. Eventually Cliff tries to step in to take the mic, but Dean won’t have it. The next morning AnneMarie tries to hydrate him, but refuses. He asks if she wants to go someplace else with him. They barely know eachother, and he’s drunk. He defended her honor, taking on Matt, but he took it too far. She realized that it had nothing to do with her honor. She meets a lot of guys, and she even thought he was a good guy playing bad, now she isn’t sure. Dean gives her quite the verbal smackdown, driving her away.

Hannah, Castiel and Daniel sit around the fire. They’re refusing to go back. Daniel asks Mina to stow her blade starts the fight. Mina doesn’t back down, even as Daniel begs her to stop. Castiel is forced to kill Daniel to save Hannah. Mina slashes at Cas, but gets away. It is done Castiel tells Hannah.

A bagged Sam is strapped to a chair before he’s unbagged. He doesn’t know his captor. The man digs through Sam’s stuff, telling him about the first time he broke his own arm, how he had a brother as well. He knows who Sam is, and the guy and Dean have some history. Sam suggests that he doesn’t pursue Dean, that he go back to the army recruiting place. The guy thinks he’s a bigger monster though.

Castiel and Hannah drive. Things got out of control and more angels died. Hannah points out that he was going to kill her. They just wanted to be left alone. They would have been alone without rules, which would have led to chaos Hannah believed. Castiel has seen a great many things, things that aren’t chaotic, human things.

The man calls Dean on Sam’s phone. Dean has left his hole, but he left a tab open for Sam, but it isn’t Sam on the phone. He asks to confirm that Sam is still alive, but Sam is less than helpful. The guy punches Sam for his proof of life. Dean doesn’t plan to come and rescue Sam, but he promises a slow and merciless death. He told Sam to let him go, so his capture is not his problem, but killing his captor will be his pleasure.

There’s no way Dean is leaving Sam to rot, demon or not. Right?


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