Supernatural S10E02 Recap: Reichenbach

June 21st, 2003 a boy is woken up by some noises. He goes downstairs to investigate and finds his father in a pool of blood. Dean sees the kid, knife still in hand. The boy grew up to be the man who now holds Sam. He’s willing to let Sam go if he gives up his brother’s location. Sam won’t even though Dean gave Cole the green light to kill him. Dean isn’t Dean right now. Every night since he was 13 Cole has dreamt of Dean and all that blood. Now, Sam has no reason to protect Dean, Dean’s given up on him. Sam is sorry about his father, but if Dean killed him, then there was a reason. There are monsters out there. Cole has seen plenty of monsters, but of the human variety. Sam knows that humans are only the beginning. He has Cole look in the bag, but Cole doesn’t believe him. Things have to be done the hard way/

Dean spends his night in North Dakota watch a girl work the pole. She warns him against touching, and he lays a $20 on the stage, taunting her to pick it up in the empty club. She doesn’t want to play, but the song isn’t over and Dean’s not letting her leave. The bouncer tries to intervene, but gets a headbutt to the face for his trouble. Sam gets worked over by Cole. Dean isn’t done with the bouncer and continues to whale on him. No one moves in to stop him. Dean finishes his drink and collects his money before leaving.

Sam refuses to break, but Cole isn’t done. He threatens to break Sam’s kneecap, when he gets a call from home. He takes it, unknowing that he dropped his keys that have a small knife on them. Cole finishes talking to his son, but Sam isn’t waiting around for him.

Dean leaves the bar, and run into some kids calling him grandpa. Lucky for them Crowley is there to intercept his bestie. Crowley has come to chat about Dean’s anger management issues.

Castiel washes up at the docks. He tries to heal himself, but he doesn’t have enough grace to do it. Hannah steps in and heals his wounds. He’s thankful, but tells Hannah that she doesn’t have to stay, she’s free to go. She doesn’t want to leave him, and Castiel finds her sentiment very human. Sam calls Castiel breaking the news that Dean has gone to the darkside. The mark is likely the cause, and though he knows that Cas isn’t feeling so hot he needs his help. Castiel heads toward Sam, but Hannah isn’t sure that it’s a good idea. She thinks that the Winchesters are a bad influence on him. The brothers may be a little rough around the edges, but they’re his friends. Cas is exhausted, and he falls asleep behind the wheel, nearly killing both he and Hannah in a head on collision. He swerves just in time to miss the truck, and crashes on the side of the road.

Dean and Crowley head to a bar for their chat. Dean orders drinks, and Crowley asks how he’s feeling. It’s not about little Dean, but about the mark. Dean needs to kill someone and feed the mark, its not about wants, but need. Dean is an addict, death is his drug. Crowley is there to help, he wants him to kill for him. Eventually he’s going to snap from all the bloodlust, so he can either kill an innocent, or someone deserving. Crowley shows him Mindy a cheating trollop. One way or another she’s going to die, so it may as well be Dean. Dean agrees, but there’s one more thing he needs to tell him.

The lady tow truck driver takes Cas and Hannah to her house. It’ll be awhile until she can get the tires and the car back on the road. She invites them to help themselves to the kitchen. Hannah checks out the three bean surprise, and Cas curls up on the couch for a little siesta.

Dean scopes out Mindy’s house. She’s inside, but someone else arrives before he can get the job done. It’s the husband, he wanted to watch. Dean slips into the house and has a little heart to heart with the husband. He obviously didn’t tune into How To Get Away With Murder, and doesn’t have a great alibi. He’s losing it. Dean points out that Mindy played dirty because he started it. He feigns innocence, and then goes into the whole men aren’t built for monogamy. Dean punches him. The guy whines, calling Dean a punk ass demon, and tells him to get to work. Dean gives the voyeur something to watch as he drives the first blade into him.

Sam goes to speak with the strip club bouncer. He’d called the police, but Dean was long gone before they arrived. Sam asks him to call him if he sees Dean again. Sam drives off, and Cole follows.

Cas slept through the night on the couch. The tow truck driver’s little girl awakens him. She asks him if he had a good dream, but he doesn’t dream. She tells him about her snot rocket dream, and shares her cereal with him. As the tow truck driver and Hannah watch the exchange, she remarks that Hannah is a lucky girl, but Hannah admits that he’s not hers.

Crowley sits through a very boring meeting, longing for death. Sam is close by. Dean has come from his little feeding session. Dean tells him that he killed the client, not the wife. Crowley isn’t happy that Dean screwed the pooch. The deal was one dead wife for one soul, no dead wife, no soul. Dean turns his back on Crowley, and when he grabs him, Dean knocks Crowley to the ground. His minion find humor in it, as Crowley picks himself off the ground. Crowley draws his line in the sand, explaining to Dean the real problem. He’s straddling both sides, human and demon, but he needs to pick one. Dean taunts him, unwilling to choose. He’s not a pet, and they’re not besties. He warns Crowley to get out of the way. Their relationship may be kiboshed, and this time Crowley is sure its not him, but Dean.

Hannah suggests that she drive with Cas still weak.

Sam is off to chase down another lead. Crowley is ready to deal, and hand over Dean. Sam didn’t exactly miss Crowley. Dean is bad for business, so he’s giving him back, the mark has made him unpredictable. He can have his brother back forever, after he gets his finder’s fee.

Castiel wakes to find the car parked, and Hannah gone. Hannah took the express elevator back upstairs. Hannah has gone to see Metatron. He knew that she would always come back, he thinks because there’s something between them. She came to see about Castiel’s grace, to see if there was any left after he closed the Heavenly Gates. Metatron is looking to make a deal. He wants his freedom, and he’s willing to sweeten the pot. Metatron is willing to give Castiel’s grace back for his freedom. He’ll leave the Earth, the galaxy. A Castiel back at full strength, can give her the dominance she desires. Metatron tries to close the deal, but Castiel stops them. He knows that Metatron is a liar. He never gives what he claims to. It’s Castiel’s life, his choice, and he doesn’t want Metatron involved. Hannah claims to understands. Metatron may be a great liar, but there was some truth to his words. Some of Castiel’s grace is left, it may be enough, but Castiel has made his peace. He doesn’t want it. It brings him peace and joy to think that Metatron will remain and rot in his prison. Sooner or later he will be released, and Castiel will be dead.

Dean picks at the piano keys, slicing open his hand with his blade, reflecting on Crowley’s words. Sam has finally found his brother. Dean sends the bartender out so he can speak to his brother in private. He asks who winged him, but the answer doesn’t really matter. He told Sam to let him go. Sam tells him that Crowley sold him out, and Dean isn’t surprised. He reminds him that they know how to cure demons, but Dean doesn’t want to fix it. Dean is trying to control the blood lust, trying not to rip out Sam’s throat, but he’s most certainly not walking out the door with Sam. Sam isn’t backing down. Dean is still his brother, and he’s taking him home, no matter what sins he’s committed. Dean laughs over his touching statement, and puppy dog eyes, but Sam moves to plan B. Before he can cuff Dean Cole interrupts his plan with a well placed gas grenade. As Sam gasps for air and gets out he runs into Cole, who knocks him out. Cole finally comes face to face with Dean Winchester. Dean doesn’t recognize him, or car much. Cole gives Dean his sob story, but he lacks any compassion. Cole has played out this scenario a million times in his head, he’s ready. Dean is good, but Cole thinks he’s better. He should have kept his gun. He tries to go hand to hand with Dean and a knife, but Dean is really that good. He disarms Cole, taking and emptying his gun. Cole isn’t done yet, and he tries his kung fu on against Cole. Cole finds himself on the ground again. Cole’s My Name is Ingo Montoya vengeance falls short. Cole wasn’t prepared for a monster that isn’t fully human. Dean shows him his demon, holds the first blade against throat, but refuses to kill him. Sam douses him with holy water, and cuffs him. It’s over, Sam is bringing him home.

Crowley thanks Sam for doing business with him. He takes the first blade, claiming that he’s going to destroy it. He doesn’t want Dean getting his hands on the precious anymore than Sam does. Before Sam can threaten Crowley again, Crowley tsks him not to be a tease.

Cole goes in search of books on demons.

Crowley reminisces about his bromance with Dean, before he has to move on.

Baby is filthy, just showing how low Dean has fallen. Sam has no idea. Sam saw the mercy that Dean showed Cole. It wasn’t mercy he showed Cole. He did the worse thing he could have by letting him live. Cole finally had a shot at Dean, something he waited his entire life for, and he got whipped. He doesn’t plan on showing Sam any mercy either.


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