The Big Bang Theory S8E4 - "The Hook-up Reverberation" Recap

Raj brings over his girlfriend Emily to meet the group. Penny later tells Bernadette and Amy that she feels Emily didn't like her, despite agreeing to let Penny practice out her sales pitch on her. When she meets with Emily to give her pitch, she asks Emily what's wrong. Emily admits that she is upset that Penny had previously hooked up with Raj. Emily later apologises to Penny, saying she became jealous upon seeing how pretty Penny is. They appear to make up but after Emily leaves, both women say they hate one another.

Stuart's comic book store is closed because he didn't get much money from the insurance company. The guys don't like the alternative store they're going to, while Howard is especially resentful since his mother is splurging on Stuart, even buying cable for him. Leonard suggests they invest in Stuart's comic book store so it can re-open and they'll be part-owners. When the men suggest it to their ladies, Penny isn't all that into the idea, but Amy and Bernadette eventually come around to the idea. Howard and Bernadette go to Mrs. Wolowitz's house to tell Stuart the good news but he then tells them Mrs. Wolowitz has already given the money to her little "bubala," which makes Howard upset and jealous yet again.

The guys are disappointed to have a place to themselves to sit and read comics in peace in comfortable seats with snacks, not realising that they are doing just that in the apartment.

The Big Bang Theory airs on Mondays on CBS at 8PM until it moves to its normal Thursday timeslot beginning October 30.


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