The Big Bang Theory S8E6 - "The Expedition Approximation" Recap

Raj and Sheldon think about entering to get a chance to study dark matter in deep, dark salt mines but decide to test themselves first to see if they can handle the conditions they'd face in the mine. They decide to crawl into a hot utility space in the university basement with Amy waiting above ground with a walkie talkie. While down there, Sheldon struggles to overcome his fear of enclosed spaces, trying to cope by singing. Sheldon and Raj have difficulties with the heat and Sheldon admits he is worries about researching a new topic and that it will fail him the way String theory did. Raj relates this fear to how he felt when he left India for America. The nice moment is ruined when rats show up and Sheldon takes off, abandoning Raj. Amy notes that they lasted eleven minutes, longer than she thought they would.

Penny is given a company car so she sells the car Leonard had given to her when she was struggling financially. She tries to give him back the money she received for it but he won't accept it. Leonard proposes they put the money into a joint back account and it will be the first money they share together as a married couple. The financial discussions cause stress in their relationship, as Penny believes that Leonard is feeling insecure now that she is becoming less reliable on him. They visit Howard and Bernadette to get advice, which causes they to get into an argument too because Bernadette makes "so much more" than Howard. Bernadette also feels that Howard is irresponsible with money. Watching and hearing Bernadette and Howard fight inspires Penny and Leonard on what not to do in their marriage. Leonard and Penny decide to resolve their disagreement by having sex on the money. Bernadette and Howard employ the same method before moving on to discuss Howard's next birthday. He wants to do laser tag.

The Big Bang Theory will return to its normal Thursday timeslot next week, October 30 at 8PM.


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