The Originals Recap S02E01: Rebirth

Rebecca tells the baby the story of her father as a fairytale. Her father the King was powerful, and he had a daughter whom he loved but only wanted peace for her. But the King had many enemies, there were ferocious beasts who fought against him and awful witches who weakened him at the full moon and so he was forced to send the princess away, making everyone believe that she was gone. The beasts took over the fallen kingdom, but the King and his brother waited for the day that they would take their kingdom back and bring home their princess.

Elijah looks over a building. Modern elements blend nicely with the relics. The man claims that the Guerra family would be doing the city a favor. Elijah recognizing his ring’s crest, tells them that they cannot allow the Guerra family to demolish a historical building even if it is to build a casino, but to give Francesca his regards.

Klaus spends his time destroying art in frustration. He’s missing a crucial color in his pallet, his enemies’ blood, and can’t seem to paint. It’s been months since they lost the battle, and too long have they sat licking their wounds. They’ve let too many full moons pass without doing anything. Klaus’s daughter may be away in safety, but he wants her with him. He wants to show his strength. He needs to act, to spill blood. Elijah tells him that he’s located the last of the twelve rings that were forged with his blood, which is perfect timing as Haley is fairing no better. Klaus points out that she has Elijah to help, but like the father of her child she too fights her demons alone.

A wolf stalks the woods. Haley takes clothes from a line. She spies a baby doll in the grass, its dirty and burned, and brings tears to her eyes.

Marcel seems to be the only one not all broken hearted as he makes love to Camille. Camille gets ready to take her leave. They’re running on a no strings relationship as Marcel looks at his former city with remorse. Francesca is letting her werewolves run wild, and no one cares so long as the tourism money continues to pour in. Marcel never thought he’d see the day that vampires were kicked out of the Quarter. He asks her how Klaus is, but no one knows. It doesn’t make sense as to why Klaus has done nothing. It doesn’t make sense Marcel thinks. If anyone could mourn and murder at the same time it would be Klaus. She does have news of Davina though. She’s back in school after she told her whole witch coven to shove it. Camille thinks maybe it is better to move on than to sit and mourn.

In the Quarter, Davina buys some records, though not for her. The sexy Daniel Sharman catches her eye, which brings a smile to her face, but a wolf, Oliver, brings a frown to it. The wolves have been getting moonlight rings, so they don’t have to change on the full moon, which sounds like an alliance. He warns her to take off, that things are about to get ugly, before making an announcement. He’s got a few words for the owner, Joe Dalton. Oliver an incriminating photo of Joe from the past, he’s a vampire. Davina tries to stop Oliver as Joe runs. There are other wolves waiting, and they grab Joe, but Davina intervenes using magic against the wolves so Joe can get away.

Francesca is not pleased with Cassie. They had a deal, witches don’t get in the way of the wolves who are disposing of a vampire in the Quarter. Cassie informs her that Davina isn’t in the coven, the rules don’t apply to her. Francesca tells her to make them apply. She everyone to clear the room. She’s getting cabin fever waiting for Klaus to strike. She’s losing it. Francesca will be her own undoing Cassie tells Finn as he waits for her outside of the gates. Klaus and Elijah could not have planned it better, she muses. Finn calls her mother, and she wonders how impressive his brother will be when they finally come up against her.

In the Quarter, Camille realizes that she’s being followed pretty quickly and she’s not happy about it. She tells them to tell Francesca that she’s trying to just live a normal life, and she gives one of them her coffee. Camille goes to Klaus’s house. The place looks deserted. She can feel his presence, but he doesn’t let her see him. Elijah tells her that he doesn’t wish to see her, he’s not one for talk lately, and he wouldn’t be happy that she was putting herself in danger to see him. She’s being followed by Guerras, her life was in danger before, and coming changes nothing. The city is being ran like a police state, and they’re doing nothing. She points out that Marcel took out the wolves before with their help, and maybe he would be up to lending them a hand now. Elijah politely asks her to leave. She’s heard the rumors, but she knows that Marcel didn’t kill the baby, that he wouldn’t. There is a weapon waiting across the river just waiting to be fired, she urges him to use it. He likes her spirit. So does Klaus.

Across the river Marcel looks over some recruits, unsure if any will be kept. He tells them to think about their lives, to not be afraid as he looks into their eyes. The talks to them about what they wanted to be when they grew up, of their dreams, of living forever. There’s a chance they could have it all. Marcel tosses one. After they leave they’ll forget it all, but there will be something inside that will lead them back if they want it bad enough. Marcel doesn’t think he’ll get any back from that group, not even the rocker girl. He’s looking for more than toughness he tells Josh. He’s looking for warriors. Josh doesn’t know the difference, but Klaus does. A warrior fights for what he believes in, fights for his family.

Elijah begins to clean out the baby’s room. Hailey is upset that he’s moving her things, and she’s not ready for him to clean it out. She wants Francesca’s head on a platter for her plot to kill the baby. Hailey is adamant that the room is still hers, and that she’ll let him know when it’s appropriate to clean it out.

Davina heads up to see Michael, who’s showing off. He cannot hurt her, but that doesn’t lessen his desire to do so. He’s the kind of vampire who hunts other vampires. He tells her that her blood does little to sustain him, but she tells him to feed anyways. She only allows him to take a small drink. He wants nothing more than to kill Klaus as she resurrected him to do so. But she has to find a way to unlink her friends so that they don’t die too. She’s been reading their mother’s spell book to find a way, and she thinks she’s close. Once she does she will unleash him to be the monster he wishes to be.

Marcel gives Klaus the wolf intel. When he fought the Guerras there weren’t nearly so many. They did a little gorilla warfare and took them all out. Now the Guerras aren’t alone. Klaus reasons that they only need takeout the twelve wolves that hold the moon rings that take him out every full moon.  Marcel thinks it’s ludicrous to chop off the hand of every wolf to find the ones who hold the rings. He thinks that they’re stalling. The stake that can kill him has gone missing. It’s in play and the thought of that makes him nervous. Marcel wonders why he would tell him that. Marcel doesn’t have it. If Klaus dies, Marcel and every vampire both have sired would die. Klaus tells him that they’ll attack at the apex of the moon, when he’s weakest. No one will suspect that. Joe pays Marcel a visit. He delivers Marcel’s order, but tells him that he was made, only Davina saved him. He doesn’t plan on leaving though, even if they hunt him down. Klaus gave Marcel his reason for waiting, but if the Guerras had the stake, they would have struck by now, and they haven’t either. Klaus is gonna have a wolf hunt tonight and everyone is invited.

Klaus tells Elijah that the Guerras have no way to protect themselves against an Original, that they’re going to strike at them tonight. Elijah doesn’t think it’s a good risk, someone took the stake. One way or another Klaus wants Guerra blood, and he wants it now. He feels the rings pull. He reasons that they need to plant the right seeds, that they need help.

Joe returns to his shop. It’s infested by wolves. He tells them that he just wants to get his stuff and go, but they don’t like that plan, but he has information that Francesca may be interested in.

Some of Guerra’s are wearing moon rings they know, and some are worn by Francesca’s lackeys Elijah confirms. They can tell which are the real rings by the garish settings.

Joe tells Francesca that Klaus thinks she has the stake. She doesn’t, but it doesn’t matter Cassie reasons. If they think she has it, they won’t do anything. Francesca tells her to do a locating spell to find it.

Klaus knows that if Francesca thinks she can get her hands on the stake they’ll come for a weakened Klaus. Each ring that they retrieve will strengthen Klaus, but they’ll still be at a disadvantage until he’s at full strength. All the more reason for him and Hailey to work together Elijah points out. They can no longer work from separate corners. Klaus faces Hailey. This is their fight. She only asks that Francesca does not come out alive. He promises to deliver Francesca’s head to her on a silver platter. Elijah moves to secure the last piece of the puzzle.

Cassie tries to cast her spell, but the dagger is being cloaked and she cannot find it. Francesca turns on Joe, she needs more. She threatens to kill him if he doesn’t give her the whole story. He tells her that rumor has it that the White Oak stake is in the hands of the priest.

Camille is being held in her home. Two of Francesca’s goons, the ones from earlier, are harassing her about the location of the stake. Camille gives it up too easily, telling them where to find it, and giving them the key to her uncle’s parish. The wolves take the bait as Elijah watches from the window. For wolves, their sense of smell sucks, or Elijah is just that good?

The moon is high in the sky. Klaus will be at his weakest for the next few hours. Francesca plots to have some of her men go after the stake while others subdue Klaus holding him for staking. She knows that Elijah can be weakened by their bites and Haley will have to be killed. She offers a bonus for the person who rips out her heart. While everyone else is out, Francesca plans to stay in where its safe. The vampires cannot enter without an invitation, and as the top dog they’re to ensure that the battle does not come to her.

The wolves enter the building that the wolves had tried to buy earlier. They’re looking for the vampires, and Marcel is there waiting. Someone else closes them in. He knows that Francesca wanted the building, but he’d been stock piling wolf’s bane there for months, and now he unleashes it onto them, burning the hair right off their chiny chin chins along with their skin. The wolves are trapped, and Marcel claims the first ring.

The wolves invade the courtyard, but Hailey is ready for them, snapping their necks easily. She claims the second ring. Klaus crawls to his paint brushes, still weak but getting stronger.

Francesca does her paperwork, oblivious to Elijah until throws a wolf against her window, then splattering one of her men across her windows and taking the third ring. Klaus gets another power up. He’s able to grab his brushes now.

Marcel continues to make easy work of the trapped wolves. He pulls the entire arm off another, claiming the fourth ring. Klaus grabs his canvas.

Elijah greets the next wave of wolves who are about to go down.

Haley prepares to meet her next wave of wolves. She’s had a rough couple of months, and she’s going to take it out on them as she goes all hybrid. A pair of wolves make it up to Klaus’s room, and he’s prepared for them, paint brushes in hand as Haley claims the fifth ring. Klaus throws the paint brushes at the pair, killing them. Haley takes down Oscar. He thought he was strong because of the ring that he was wearing, but he was strong when he was with the pack, and Haley warns if she sees him with a ring again she will kill him. She removes the sixth ring from his finger, and Klaus finally has the material he needed to inspire him to paint, and just the perfect shade too.

Elijah rolls a head into Francesca’s foyer. She doesn’t fear him though, since he cannot enter. Elijah asks her if she’s sure that he cannot. Elijah mocks her hubris as he talks of how Al Capone fell. He looks over her nice digs, glad that the city took his advice about imminent domain. The house isn’t owned by her, but by the public. Anyone can enter without invitation, and Elijah proves his point by stepping over her threshold. Sucks to be Francesca.

Klaus uses one of the bodies as a pallet to create his masterpiece. He’s still not at full strength. One ring is still unaccounted for. Elijah tells him that Francesca got away. Her brother fought valiantly though. Francesca speeds down the highway, but she doesn’t get far. Haley is waiting, and she grabs her from her car.

Josh delivers the news to Marcel that Joe died. Joe knew what he was getting into. Joe chose to die on his feet rather than to live on his knees. Josh asks what they’re fighting for. Marcel tells him that he’s fighting for his home. Josh isn’t so sure his reason. They beat the wolves back today, but they’ll be back tomorrow. Dying for a measly block of real estate doesn’t seem worth it. Marcel’s blood runs through that real estate, its ingrained in him. Today he and Klaus fought side by side, but before long Klaus is going to want to rule the wolves. His blood runs deep there too. The music that they’re listening to was made there, it only could have been made there. They aren’t fighting for real estate but for the soul of the city. The rocker girl made her way back. She doesn’t know why, she just found her way there, which surprises Josh and brings a smile to Marcel’s lips.

Haley rips apart the baby’s room, literally ripping apart the crib with her hands as Elijah stops her. She killed Francesca, ripped her neck open. She begged her for her life as she killed her. Haley doesn’t feel any better, nothing about her feels natural. She doesn’t want to live like that. She had finally learned the nobility of being a wolf, and tonight she killed eight of her own people. There was nothing noble about that. She acted like a vampire. Everything has changed. She saw the way he looked at her before, it’s different than how he sees her now. She was a mother now she’s a monster. Things are different.

Davina walks by Joe’s store it’s closed. Daniel Sharman arrives looking dashing as ever, and sees that it’s a shame that the store is closed. He introduces himself as Caleb, and notes that with her terrible taste in music she obviously needs him. Who wouldn’t?

Klaus wants to take a sledge hammer to the stones, but they’re witch magic and need the elements to destroy the stones. Klaus blames himself for everything. Had he just accepted Haley’s pregnancy instead of playing king. He should have listened. Instead his greed and envy lead to him losing his daughter. And now its lead to the release of a weapon that could destroy them all. Elijah thinks that he can survive this as well. Elijah knows that only Klaus can comfort Haley at this time. They’ve lost their child, Klaus isn’t sure what he can say to ease her pain.

Camille wonders if things will be better in the Quarter now, basking in the after glow with Marcel. Marcel doesn’t think so. It was nice fighting with Klaus for a change though. She gives him her condolences  about Joe, but tells him that this thing between them has to end. She needs to focus on living people, and she can’t do that if she’s wrapped up with him and the supernatural. She leaves his bed and him.

Klaus tells Haley that it will get better. But Haley isn’t so sure. If its bad as a mortal, forever doesn’t seem like it’ll be better. Klaus has lived through a great many things, and he knows that her pain will fade away. Until she can hold her baby in her arms she won’t be whole. They have to regain control of the city, and Klaus knows that they can unite the wolves together. They don’t have to be their enemies. They waged war over their child, but they will respect her, Haley will rise as their queen. The witches were defeated once, they took down his mother and her witches because they were united. They will face down all of their enemies as a family.

Griff (Finn) meets with Camille, he’s the one who sponsored her. She fell for everything hook line and sinker. Finn forgot what it was like to be in a vulnerable human body. Cassie reminds him that atleast he’s not stuck in the body of a teenager. Caleb (Cole) is happy to be in his hot body, and Davina seems to like it as well. Of course the overly attractive guy is a baddie. They have work to do. With Francesca out of the way it leaves the door wide open for mother to take control of the wolves, as well as the witches, leaving the vampires on the outside looking in. There’s a family reunion that needs planning.


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