Paperback: 130 pages
Publisher: Darkrose Studios; 1ST edition (2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0989898288
ISBN-13: 978-0989898287

Taking place in a dystopian future, Morgan Rosenblum and Darkrose Studios brings an action packed story featuring a team of super operatives battling threats. Originally conceived as a screen play it was adapted into a graphic novel with the help of a successful Kickstarter project.

The world sits on the brink of chaos, and while many nations focus on securing their borders, others make a show of strength with preemptive measures. Germany takes the more aggressive stance, by striking first, and seizing weaponry from a weaker nation. Lead by the erratic General Kirklau, Germany swings the balance of power. Governments and world organizations can do little more than watch, each fearing to make the move that pushes the world into world war. Treadwater is the only organization taking a proactive stance to keep the world afloat, while others helplessly do just that – tread water.

Treadwater, referenced by the acronym TRDWTR (Technological Research and Development Working Toward a Resolution), is the product of a brilliant medical researcher named Allen Downs. Downs has hand-picked each member of the TRDWTR team by bartering something uniquely important to them in exchange for working as one of his super operatives. While General Kirklau and Germany are perceived to be the biggest threat by the rest of the world, another, much bigger THREAT grows stronger – the Children of Chaos. TRDWTR knows that it’s only a matter of time before the world sees true destruction and devastation at their hands.

The action keeps up from start to finish, which only makes the end more painful, as this is only the first book of the series and it’ll be a little bit of a wait before the next one is delivered. Morgan Rosenblum really delivered on his promise of a mature take on the superhero genre, set in a plausible geopolitical future. The back stories for all of the characters are so well conceived and detailed. Ray Dillon’s artwork leaps off the pages, so it’s no surprise that plans for the series to jump into other mediums is already in place. The contrasts and colors are beautifully crafted. TRDWTR is utterly addictive, with its damaged characters and breakneck paced storytelling.

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Below is the 7 minute motion comic, which was created from the paintings in the first 24 pages of the graphic novel.

Want more? Check out the 40 second montage that introduces the actors that play the TRDWTR operatives.


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