Walking Dead S05E03: Four Walls and a Roof

The walkers want in, while the Termites continue their feast of Bob. Gareth chatters on and on. He knows the walkers will eventually break through the glass that separates them from the walkers. He tells Bob that they may not have died. Terminus wasn't just a trap, but a choice. If they survived they would have been given a choice to live and join them. But now, they plan to eat everyone in the group. Gareth can't wait for another go at Carol for killing his mother. Gareth lost his family, and now he'll do what he needs to do. He think pretty people taste better and he can't wait to taste Sasha. Bob erupts in low giggles, that turn maniacal. They ate tainted meat he shouts gleefully. During that food run he was bitten by the walker that came from under the water. They all ate zombie meat! That spoils everyone's appetite and they let Bob's leg go to waste, spitting it out on the ground. Gareth tries to calm his people, they cooked the meat it should be fine.

Sasha is out looking for signs of Bob, but only finds walkers. Tyrese and Rick catch up to her. Daryl and Carol are missing too. In the church, it eerily quiet. Sasha demands to know what Father Gabriel is going, thinking that he's connected to the disappearances. He claims to not have anything to do with it, but she doesn't believe him. Rick asks why he brought them to his church. Gabriel was alone, he was lonesome. Rick wants to know what he's done, why they wrote you'll burn for this on the church. Gabriel locked the doors, he'd always locked the doors. Atlanta fell, and the people started coming. It was early, and the doors were still locked. The people screamed, tried to get in, and the walkers came. The people were over taken, screaming for help, and Gabriel didn't do anything until it was all over. He buried the bodies. He cries in a puddle at the floor. Someone is outside. The Terminus fold have brought back Bob. The group gathers him up, as Rick shoots the walkers who are drawing close. There's an A painted on the outside wall.

Bob awakens in the church. He tells him that it was Gareth and five others who took him. They ate his leg right in front of him all proud like they had everything figured out. Rick asks if they had Daryl and Carol, but they didn't. Sasha wants to fix Bob up, save him, but there's no saving him. He shows her and the others that he's infected. Gabriel offers the sofa in his office for comfort. Rick asks if Gabriel knows the location Bob described, and he does. Its a nearby elementary school. Abraham thinks that now is the time to hit the road, but Rick isn't going anywhere without Daryl and Carol. Abraham is ready to cut ties and leave, but Rick isn't going to let him take the bus. There's a threat and Abraham needs to get Eugene out. Daryl and Carol left on their own accord, and Abraham is trying to save everyone. Glenn breaks up the fight. He points out that they won't be any safer leaving in the middle of the night, they need each other for the planned attack, to make it to DC. Tara offers to go with them if they stay for just one more night. Abraham wants Glenn and Maggie too, but Rick refuses that offer. Abraham tells Rosita to grab her gear, for Eugene to get his butt in gear, but he doesn't want to. Rick tells him again that he isn't taking the bus, and Abraham tells him to try to stop him. Before the pair can come to blows again, Glenn intervenes again. If Abraham stays and helps them, then Glenn and Maggie will go with him. It's not Rick's choice. Abraham doesn't like the plan, but he accepts it.

The one good thing about being kicked in the face when they knocked him out Bob says, it made him forget his other pains. Sasha doesn't like that way of thinking. She asks why he didn't tell her he was bitten. Bob knew that if he told her it would be all about the end, and he really liked the middle. Sasha cuddles close to Bob. Poor Bob, his character is finally not a constant annoyance, and he's going to bite it.

Rick and the others plan to go in while they have the upper hand. They know what the Termites are capable of, and they need to go in. Rick asks if Tyrese is ready for this. Sasha is, she wants to go out and be apart of the strike. Tyrese knows she wants to strike those who hurt Bob, but he reminds her that Bob only has a little bit of time left, and once that's gone, it can't come back. He remembers what it felt like when he lost his girl. Sasha reminds him of the blind rage he was in. She can't forgive the Terminus folks for the pain they caused Bob, for the threat they pose. Tyrese isn't suggesting she does that, only let them fight for her. Sasha gives Tyrese her knife, telling him to use it should Bob pass.

The group heads out into the night. The walkers still surround the Termite's hiding spot. The night is quiet as the Termite group silently make their approach on the church. With the strongest members gone, now is the perfect moment to pick off the others. The Termites head through the front door. The church is dark and quiet. Carl and Gabriel raise their weapons, holding them in their sights. Gareth tells them that they know who is inside. They've been watching the group, and they know everyone who should be there. Rick and the rest walked out with the guns, leaving them in a pickle. The church isn't a big place, and they'll be found eventually. One Termite jiggles a door, thinking that everyone is hiding between one of two doors, and they've got more than enough firepower to take down everyone. Gareth tries to appeal to Father Gabriel, telling him that if he just opens the door, he can leave with the baby. Judith begins crying behind them, no where near the doors that Gareth is closing in on. He changes his mind about the baby, he's starting to like the girl as he alerts her to her location. Gareth gives the group one last chance before they come after them. He orders one of his men to take out the door hinges, and he falls dead of a head wound. Gareth gets shot in the hand before he see Rick come out of the shadows. The group had doubled back, that was their crazy plan. Gareth notes that Rick could have shot them all, killed them when they came in but he didn't. They use to help people, he saved Rick. Things changed, savages came in. Gareth doesn't think Rick knows what its like to starve, and reasons that he doesn't have to kill them. If Rick's group lets them go then he'll never see him again. Rick just didn't shoot them because he didn't want to waste the bullets.. Rick, Abraham, Sasha and the others beat the remaining Termites to death. Michonne retrieves one of her katanas from the fallen. Father Gabriel sees the mess in his church as Rick reminds Sasha that it could have been them. Father Gabriel looks at Maggie and Glenn lost, telling them that its the Lord's house. Not anymore, not for a long time. It's just four walls and a roof.

Maggie says her goodbyes to Bob, the entire group has come in to see him one last time. Bob stops Rick for a last moment. Bob wanted to say thank you. Before the prison he wasn't sure there were good people left, that there were any people left. It was him that took him in, that took people in. The world is ugly, but it shouldn't change who you are, it shouldn't destroy your character. Bob tells him to just look at Judith and tell him the world isn't about change. They can still do good. Bob falls asleep, and wakes to Sasha there. She asks him why he's smiling. He thinks he was dreaming, and she was smiling back at him in the dream. A smile escapes her. This is it. The tears streak Sasha's face as Bob slips away. Sasha gets ready to send Bob off, but Tyrese stops her. He sends her out so that he can take this burden, off her shoulders, and let her preserve her last memory of Bob. Tyrese slips the blade into his temple, ending Bob.

Sasha ties together the cross on Bob's grave. Abraham gives Rick a map of the roads they will travel to get to DC. They'll stick to it as long as they're able to. He wants the group to be there for when the world bounces back. Glenn and Maggie board the bus, no goodbye on their lips. They'll meet again. There's little more than a head nod as the bus heads out leaving the group separated. Rick looks at the map marking the route. There's a note from Abraham apologizing for being an asshole, and saying that the new world is going to need a Rick Grimes. Rick goes to help Tyrese dig graves. He knows how rough it was for Tyrese. Tyrese thinks it killed him, but Rick knows differently.

Michonne sits outside, watching the dark when Father Gabriel joins her. He couldn't sleep. The violence of the previous night brought back his nightmares in full force. Michonne knows they won't stop, it'll take time. She hears something in the darkness, katana raised she goes to investigate. It's Daryl, and he is a sight for sore eyes. He's all beaten up. She asks where's Carol, and he calls to the person behind him to come out, and now we have to wait until next week to see who's there.


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