Walking Dead S05E08 Recap: Coda

It's already mid season time, and our group is now split into four, as one part is headed to the hospital to get back Beth and Carol. Expecting a big shock tonight, Norman Reedus cried, so someone obviously is going to die and my money is on Beth. With Carol semi-back in the fold, Beth's days as Daryl's wingman are numbered. This isn't our first rodeo where the Walking Dead is concerned, and Rick is ready to flip the Rickanator switch at any moment.

Bob's getaway is nearly complete, but in addition to the walkers coming to feast on him, someone is running. Bob tries to cut himself free and it's Rick running by spilling walker guts everywhere. Rick jumps into the closest squad car and tells Bob to stop on his loud speaker, but Bob doesn't stop so Rick hits him. Bob thinks his neck is broken. Rick tells him that it didn't have to be this way, he only had to stop. Bob asks to go back to the hospital, but that's not going to happen. You can't go back. Bob continues to plea, and Rick finally silences him with a bullet, which is pretty nice, considering I'd probably have left him for the walkers.

Gabriel stumbles past a walker filled building, looking over the remains in the yard. He grabs the backpack and finds a bible belonging to Mary B. And Bob's leg from Cannibal camp. He angrily tosses the leg as the walkers break free and Gabriel is forced to head back into the woods. Gabriel goes back to the church, but the walkers are too close for him to get back in by his secret escape hatch. He cries for help, to be let back in. Carl and Michonne start working to undo everything they did to seal themselves inside to keep them all safe. Michonne busts down the door, and Gabriel slips in just in time. Carl fires a few shots to keep the walkers back as Michoone takes up her katanna. Gabriel leads them to the rectory while he holds the door closed and tells them to get out to safety. Dummy, if he was so concerned for their safety he should have just ran away. Michonne, Carl and Judith make it out. Gabriel takes up the rear, surprised that the trio didn't make a run for it when they got out. Michonne has no plans of running. They take out a few walkers at the entrance trapped in the organ pipes, and they seal the ones in the rectory in while resealing the front doors.

The group sits and waits for Rick's return. He comes back, Bob-less. Rick tells Daryl that Bob wouldn't stop. This changes things, it has to. Bob said that Dawn wouldn't negotiate for them, but Dawn also didn't have any love for them. The girl begins talking again. Bob was a good man she claims, but she understands why everything happened. She wants them to try the trade, knowing that its either that or they go in guns blazing. She claims that they don't want that. She knows the good eggs from the bad, and asks to help them. Rick turns his attention to the other man. He asks how much. Dawn will see the trade as a rip off when she learns that Rick killed one of her guys, so its a good thing they're willing to change sides.

In the hospital, Dawn calls to Lamsen, McCarry and Sheppard as she exercises on a stationary bike. No one is answering about the gunfire. Beth asks if something is wrong. Her officers don't always radio back, and she doesn't like it. Beth continues to straighten up her office, and she asks about the picture. It's of Dawn and Hansen. She knows that people talk, but she tells Beth that he was her mentor and friend. People risk their lives every time they go out, and Hansen lost sight of that and he lost the officers. You can't ever lose sight of that, otherwise when you need backup it won't be there, and everyone pays. She reiterates that Hansen lost his way.

Outside things are relatively quiet. Carl asks where Gabriel went. He went to the school he tells them. The doors begin to buckle. They won't hold the walkers in for much longer, and luckily they won't need to. Abraham comes hailing in with his firetruck. Michonne is happy to see the group but a little shocked. Washington isn't happening. She tells Maggie that Beth is alive, and the others went to get her back from the Atlanta hospital. Maggie is overwhelmed with the news, and the group plans to meet up with Rick's group and retrieve their Beth.

In the hospital Beth spies one of the officers getting pushy with an older ward about his lack of mending. He spies Beth and wonders about her sewing skills, but Dawn swoops in to her rescue, claiming that she needs her. Beth sits above the empty elevator shaft looking into it. Dawn tells her that Percy is going to be okay, but nothing is going to be okay. Beth wanted to be alone, and Dawn left her elevator key in the open. Dawn keeps saying that she's doing what it takes just until its all over, but Beth reminds her that it isn't over. This place is what it is, until the end. Dawn points out that she saved Beth twice. Everyone thinks that Joan killed the cop, but Dawn thinks that Beth is the one who killed him. Dawn also helped Carol, and she didn't have to, but wanted to. There's a way that things have to be done around there though. One of the officers overhears it all. He asks what she's going to do, Dawn tells him that its her ward, her call. Fine, but he plans to tell the people the type of person that they're working for. I believe those are fighting words. Dawn reminds him that he doesn't get to threaten her as they both inch closer. People think that Dawn is cracking, and O'Donnell wants to make a change. He turns his back on Dawn and she draws her gun on him. She's nothing like Hansen. She killed him, she was the only one willing. O'Donnell remembers. All he has to do is shout, and all she has to do is claim that he came after her. O'Donnell tries to play the history card. They were rookies together, she knew his wife, she celebrated with cigars at the birth of his children. That's all in the past. Now he's the man beating the elderly over sewing, celebrating with laughs and drinks over the rape of a girl. He tells her that its about holding onto what you have. O'Donnell takes a swing at Dawn, and the two tussle until O'Donnell has Dawn pinned in a choke hold. Beth finally steps up in assistance, but gets knocked back on her tush. Her interference buys Dawn a moment, and she's able to knock O'Donnell back towards the elevator shaft. Beth pushes him down it. Goodbye O'Donnell, you're not likely to be missed.

Beth sleeps by Carol's bedside. Dawn comes it to see her, she tells Beth it's okay to cry. Beth claims that she doesn't cry. Dawn cries too, but she doesn't let the others see it she tells her as she takes a heavy drink from her flask. Beth understands why Dawn covered for her. She wasn't protecting her, but herself. The officers that died were all problems for her, but she didn't have to do the dirty work. That's what happens around here. Dawn realizes that Dr. Edwards used Beth too. Noah is better off on the outside, headed home. Dawn doesn't think that anyone gets to really go home, that he'll be back eventually. People don't get far because they can't and they don't want to. Beth believes that he's going home. Dawn was like Beth when she was younger, no one could tell her anything. She knows that Beth knows Carol, she's not stupid. She knows why Beth is pushing so hard for her, but Dawn is still grateful for what she did. She will remember. Carol starts to stir.

Tyrese sees that Sasha is beating herself up over what happened with Bob #2. She just has no luck with Bobs. She was stupid. Tyrese tells her the name of the man that she killed at the church, and she's surprised. Tyrese and Carol had run into him before, and he told her that he had killed him, but he didn't. He could have done it, and maybe he should have, but he didn't. He reminds her that when they were kids she use to follow him around all the time. Since this happened to both of them, maybe they're still the same. Sasha doesn't think she can be though, no anymore. She looks through her rifle scope. Daryl keeps watch with her, seeing that a cop car is heading towards Rick. Rick introduces himself to the two arriving officers, and he wants to make a proposal. The pair have him lay his weapons down, never once seeing that they're in the rifle sights. He tells them that he has two of their people, and they have two of his. He tells them that he has Sheppard and McCarry, and he wants Beth and Carol the woman they hit with a car recently. They ask if Noah is with them, and Rick tells them that he is. They ask about Lamsen. Rick lies saying that he was attacked by the dead before they could get to him. A walker approaches from behind. They asks where are his people as one of them shoots the walker behind them. Rick tells them that they're close, to radio their people, he'll wait.

Rick and Tyrese bring McCarry and Sheppard into the hospital to make the trade. Beth dresses in her regular clothes, and hides a pair of scissors in her cast. Beth wheels Carol in via wheelchair as they get ready. As Rick arrives, Dawn orders her officers to holster their weapons. Rick order his group to do the same. Its a standoff. Rick tells Dawn that he hasn't harmed her officers. She asks about Lamsen, and he gives her the same story, which the officers back him up on. Dawn agrees to the trade. She turns them over one at a time. Beth and Carol are back safe in the fold. Rick and Dawn are both glad that things worked but she tells him that she just needs Noah back, and then they can leave. Rick isn't happy about that at all. Noah wasn't part of the deal, but Dawn claims that he was he ward, and Beth took his place, since she's losing Beth, she wants Noah back. She says that her officers put their lives on the line looking for him. Noah goes to return to his hell, but Daryl says no. Noah wants to go home, and they plan to help him get there, but Noah sees things going south, and tells them that its okay. He gives Rick back the gun, and prepares to go back. Beth tells him to wait, throwing herself into his arms. He tells her that its okay, and Dawn tells him that she knew he'd be back. Beth finally gets it. She stabs Dawn, and Dawn shoots Beth in the head to everyone's shock, including her own. Daryl retaliates with a quick bullet to Dawn's head. Sheppard calls everyone off. It's over, it was just about Dawn and now it's over. Daryl cries, and now everyone is crying. Rick's group is more than shell shocked. They were so close to getting Beth back. Sheppard tells them that they can stay, they're surviving in the hospital. Rick refuses, he offers anyone who wants to leave the chance to go with them. Abraham, Michonne and the others arrive in Atlanta. They kill the few walkers leading up to the hospital, and they're overjoyed to see Rick and the others until the horror sets in. Daryl is carrying Beth's limp body out of the hospital. Maggie falls to her knees in grief, she thought she was getting her sister back, and then she was taken away all over again.

After the preview for the second half of the season, is another shot of Morgan. He's found Rick's mark. He's found the school and the cannibal camp. The walkers are mostly gone from the area, just one lone one remains instead of the building teaming over with them. Morgan makes his way to the church, now open and abandoned. He goes to the alter, placing a few items there (a bullet, a rabbit's foot and a goo-goo cluster), and lighting a candle as he laughs to himself. The walkers there too are all dead. Lastly he finds the map that Abraham left for Rick, and his message “Sorry I was an asshole. Come to Washington. The new world’s gonna need Rick Grimes.” Morgan's face lights up at his friend's name. If he wasn't looking for Rick before, he definitely is now. The only real question is just how far in the future is Morgan, because a reunion is definitely coming.  

While we suspected that Beth was going to die, it was still quite the blow. And the meme remains true. When Daryl Dixon cries we all cry. It's going to be a long wait until Walking Dead comes back.


Once Upon A Time S04E09 Recap: Fall

The spell of Shattered Sight has been cast, and Ingrid the Snow Queen waits for the devastating results. Gold congratulates her, she's won so far and he wants to make a deal. The spell is to hit at sundown, it'll bring the darkness soon. She gleefully tells him that it will make everyone rip each other apart. She'll have everything she wants, except that he'll be there too, and it'll be his mission to rip her heart out. He wants his grandson and wife free to leave with him. She accepts.

Emma and the others see that the spell of Shattered Sight is upon them. Emma sees only one option, to leave. They head to the ice wall, and David approaches it with his ice ax. When he hits the wall, another icy peak rises. It causes a fissure though, and Anna's necklace is exposed. Elsa finds it. Everyone splits up looking for ways to separate people from their loved ones for their own safety, and to get them out. Regina wants to take Henry with her to Robin's camp, thinking that her magic would make him safer, but Elsa thinks he'd be safer with her and Emma. She believes that the ribbons on their wrists make them immune to the spell. If the Snow Queen wants to make them their sisters then they won't be harmed. Regina wants Henry with her as long as its safe, and Henry is ok with that.

Belle has found nothing in Gold's shop. The spell is pretty much unstoppable, but there may be a way to vaccine people with someone who has been through the spell. Elsa remembers Anna. Ingrid said that Anna put her in the urn, which she didn't think possible, unless she was under the Shattered Sight Spell. Belle said she could do a locator spell on Anna if they had something of hers, and now she does. Belle looks at Anna's necklace. There's actual mirror dust embedded in the metal. If they can find Anna she can save everyone. Belle plans to have the fairies start putting together the counter-spell. Emma reminds Elsa that she was time traveling when she found Elsa's urn, so there's no telling how old Anna is now. Elsa doesn't care how old she is, she's her sister and she plans to find her. Anna may be able to save them.

Anna and Kristoff defrosted to find Ingrid and the urn bound Elsa. She finds a piece of straw and knows that Gold has to have her. He must have followed Anna, since he would never let something he valued really leave his possession. She needs to find him to get Elsa back, and tell her that she didn't mean anything she said, that she was under a spell. Kristoff thinks that she's assuming a lot, but Anna is sure that she's right, and knows that Elsa is the only one who should be ruling Arendelle. Hans arrives with his brothers, he has other ideas. Hans claims that she attacked the Queen, and traded her to another land, which sounds a lot like treason. Hans crowns himself the new King of Arendelle after what he claims to be Elsa's freezing, sure that no one would protest. Kristoff feigns surrender, but moves for his ax. Anna puts up a fight, and ends up with a sword in her hand which brings everyone to a halt, allowing Anna and Kristoff to get away.

Hook looks over the harbor as a wall of ice rises. No fleeing by boat either. Gold remarks how good the Snow Queen is. She's got them all beat so far. Gold invites him to sit, his heart still in Hook's bag. Hook brings out the Sorcerer's hat. It won't be Emma this time. Instead, Gold wants the fairies that are at Granny's at the moment. Gathering them all, will give him enough power to cleave himself from the dagger and keep his powers intact. Hook is unable to say no with his heart in Gold's possession. Unfortunately, Belle plans to be spending time with the fairies, so Hook has to wait until Gold can get his wife away. Hook puts it together that the fairies are working on the cure. He's condemning the entire town and possibly even his grandson to a horrible fate. Well, maybe not Henry. Gold tells him that he's taking Belle and Henry and leaving everyone else. Everyone else though, he's willing to sacrifice. Hook may not like it, but they're in this together.

Regina watches Robin with his son Ronan. She warns him that the spell is happening, and he needs to scatter his men. Robin yells to Will, that its an emergency and they have to break camp. Regina searches his face, and he asks what else is happening. She wants to remember his face as it is now, with love in his eyes. Everyone else in the town looks at her with hatred, and the thought of Robin looking at her the same way may just kill her. Robin assures her that he loves her.

Emma and Elsa begin their quest to find Anna. Emma pours the spell upon Anna's necklace and it begins to glow. Signs point to the library. Elsa has been in the library before and never saw her sister, but Emma points out that the library is special, and has a whole network of tunnels beneath it, large enough to have held a dragon.
Anna and Kristoff ran their way right out of Arendell. Anna still has retrieving Elsa on her mind, but Kristoff isn't sure he's ready to face down an evil wizard. Anna never said Gold was evil though. Anna tells Kristoff that she has a plan. When she was looking through her mother's diary she tells her that she was looking for something called a wishing star. Anna has no clue what it is, but she assumes that you can wish on it, and just maybe they can use it to wish Elsa back. They tracked it to a pirate, Blackbeard, but her parents didn't find it. Dealing with a pirate sounds better than a wizard. At least with the pirate they may be able to bargain their way to the star.

The snowflake continues to glow brighter and brighter. It comes to a dead end. Elsa is sure that Anna is just on the other side of the rocks. Elsa wants to blast her way through, but Emma takes the cautious route. As much as she enjoyed their last cave-in she's sure they can find another way.

Anna and Kristoff arrive on the harbor, and she says that Blackbeard has something that they're willing to pay anything for. Blackbeard overhears, and he likes the sound of that. She tells him that she's looking for the wishing star, and for the right price he'll give it to her. Kristoff wants to know the right price. Blackbeard merely wants his weight in gold. Anna believed that if they kept the faith things would work out. What they hadn't counted on was Hans catching up to them.

Leroy is sure that they can clear the tunnel. Elsa wants to go now. Regina is upset over Snow slacking over her mayor job. Snow points out that if the Mayor only has to worry about one villain and its herself, that tends to free up her time. Leroy says that its going to take a couple of hours, but they don't have that much time. David arrives, Belle thinks they may be able to do the counter-spell even without Anna. If they pull out the mirror dust it could work, but it will take longer to produce, and it will destroy the necklace. So either they can save all of them, or Anna. Elsa thinks they have time for both, Regina though sees that it could take days to explore the tunnels and find Anna.

Gold and Hook head over to Granny's. He sends Hook around back to wait, knowing that he'll know when the time is right. Belle isn't so happy to see her husband has arrived. They're very close to getting the spell done. Gold offers to wait until Belle is finished. Mother Superior doesn't think its such a good idea that the Dark one be around all the Light magic, but he makes it clear he's not leaving.

Regina wants to get the necklace to the fairies immediately. One life isn't worth risking the entire town over. All of their loved ones will be destroyed otherwise. Emma thinks they can save everyone. Regina points out that she's thinking like a hero again. The Charmings are on Regina's side. They have to do what's best to save the most people, they have to turn over the necklace. They leave Emma to break the news to Elsa, who reluctantly turns over her pouch which holds the necklace. As Emma goes back to the Charmings, Elsa heads down the elevator with the necklace still in hand. There was no way she was giving up on her sister.

Emma, Regina and the Charmings rush over to Granny's and deliver the pouch. In the necklace's place are a handful of mine pebbles. Regina should have known better than to have trusted a blonde. Emma thinks she can run to the mine and retrieve it from her, but Belle tells her it would be too late. Without Anna there, they're screwed. Regina snarkily readies for another speech on hope and blind faith, but Snow points out that its Elsa's blind faith that is screwing them at the moment. Regina finds that admittance terrifying. Emma isn't ready to give up yet. She plans to head into the mine and help Elsa find her sister.

Emma makes it to the mine as Elsa is about to blast through the wall. She's sorry, but she had to try. Elsa blasts the rocks, and expose the beach. The map couldn't be any more wrong. Anna is nowhere to be found though. The necklace is still glowing though. Emma tells her that magic isn't always reliable, and thirty years is a long time. Elsa doesn't believe it's all been a mistake.

Anna doesn't understand how Hans keeps finding them. They didn't leave very inconspicuously, and some well paid informants and a fast ship helped. It was all a trap. Anna thought they hayd a deal with Blackbeard, which makes him laugh. He points out how much she looks like her mother. He thought it was funny that they thought he wouldn't recognize royalty. But he liked them, liked them enough to sell them the wishing star at cost. That doesn't make sense to Anna, she thought they would have used it to take away Elsa's powers. Blackbeard points out that they may not have known that the Wishing Star can only be used by someone of pure heart. If there is another star, Anna still wants to buy it, and says that she can pay as much as Hans can. Well, maybe not. Hans has control of the money too. He throws Blackbeard a pouch of money. Where they're going they don't need money, Hans tells her. Death isn't a place, Kristoff is sure, but Hans intends for them to find out. They're over what's called Poseidon's Boneyard, which happens to be where Anna's mother's ship went down. He wants her bones to mingle with her mothers. Blackbeard has other plans though, and brings out a trunk. No mingling of bones, and no mermaid interference. Anna is sure that Elsa will escape the urn, take back the kingdom, and boot his butt back to the Southern Isles. Hans thinks he has everything undercontrol, right down to the Jolly Roger. If Elsa hadn't escaped in the thirty years that they were frozen, Hans isn't sure she ever will. Anna had no clue they were frozen so long, and Kristoff doesn't understand why Ingrid would unfreeze them now. Anna fears Ingrid is about to do something worse. Hans shuts the lid on the overly talkative Anna, and the chest with her and Kristoff is shoved overboard.

Elsa still has faith that they will find Anna when her necklace suddenly stops glowing. She fears that Anna is really gone.

The chess falls to the bottom of the sea. Water is slowly seeping in, but Kristoff feels a nail and may be able to free themselves.

Elsa mourns Anna. The necklace was found among their mother's things, it was her last gift to Anna, for her wedding day. Emma sees the spell cloud on the horizon. She fears that them being immune to the spell isn't going to save them from everyone turning on them. Elsa thinks that she deserves the worst, to be attacked. All she has left of her sister is her necklace.

Anna has lost all hope as the water rises in the chest. Kristoff frees his hands and unties Anna. She thinks its the end, and she wants to marry him before they die, but Kristoff is sure that this isn't their end. He refuses to marry her unless they get out. He tells her to keep her chin up.

Elsa apologizes for not finding Anna where ever she is. She refuses to give up hope. She wishes that wherever Anna is right now she was with her. The necklace flashes. Looks like Elsa found the other wishing star.

Kristoff and Anna continue to hold onto what little hope they can, and eachother, as the water rises around them. The chest begins to spin.

From the beach Elsa spots something in the water rising and glowing. She isn't sure what it is. And the magic suddenly throws Elsa and Emma back. The chest lands on the beach, popping open. Elsa is overjoyed to have found Anna. Anna realizes that her necklace was the wishing star. There may be time to save the town yet, but first Elsa needs to pull her beloved sister into her arms. Their mother's final letter rises to the shore.

Belle has gotten word that Anna is on her way. The fairies may just be able to craft the counter-spell in time and save everyone, but it'll be dangerous. Gold uses that excuse to get Belle out of Granny's. Hook lies in wait.

Emma rushes Anna over to Granny's while Anna and Kristoff are filled in on the details. The spell can't affect Anna again, since she was already hit with it, and Emma and Elsa are immune because of their ribbons. Anna remarks how funny the world looks, and Elsa couldn't agree more.

Mother Superior carefully measures out the ingredients for the counter-spell when Hook arrives, sucking up all of the fairies. She tries to get away, and the poor guy is really sorry, but he has no choice, sucking her inside of the hat as well. Emma and the others arrive to find everyone in Granny's gone and the place destroyed. Emma realizes that they can't protect everyone now.

Gold takes Belle to the shop, and seals her in for her protection. Hook points out that Belle actually loves him, and that he's risking her love for power. Gold still thinks that he can have both, and intends to. Since Hook did his dirty work, he wants to be free, but Gold isn't done with him yet. He tells Hook to enjoy his last day.

Emma heads back to her parents, looking for Plan B. David is happy to see Kristoff and “Joan” again. Anna likes David's new look, and they get a little introduction to everyone else. More explanations will be had once the spell is complete. Emma wants to move onto the plan, which apparently is to just lock themselves in separate cells. As far as plans go, this one sucks. Emma doesn't want to lock them in. She's worried about the length of the curse, of something happening to her and them starving. Snow has faith in them, they both do. They trust that she will save them all. Snow knows that they are special and that both she and Elsa will use their specialness. Snow hands over her baby as Hook arrives. He needs to see Emma one more time. Emma tells him that she's a terrible good bye kiss person, but just once, she needs to do it. Emma pulls Hook into a quick goodbye kiss before he heads off. The spell is just on the horizon. It's one more adventure.

Regina take Henry to her office. She's sorry. She should have been more focused on Operation Mongoose, but she was too wrapped up following her heart to Robin. He understands, and there will be time for that later. Regina plans to seal him in as Gold sealed in Belle to protect him. Regina is headed to her vault and Robin off to chain himself to a tree. Ronan and Marion are safe somewhere he doesn't even know where. He wants to come with her, but its too dangerous. He doesn't fear her, but he really should. Regina makes it to the vault alone, and seals herself in.

David tells Snow not to fear. Nothing can come between two halves of one heart he tells her. Nothing can come between what they have. Everyone awaits the spell to hit as the mirror shards begin to rain down on everyone. Emma braces to protect the baby, as the mirrors invade. The mirror falls into the eyes of Snow and David, and they unhook hands looking at each other like strangers.


Atlantis S2E3 - "Telemon" Recap

Ariadne is formally crowned as Queen and must select a champion for her Coronation Games. She is pressured to ask Jason to do so and she eventually relents. He begins to train and Hercules confides in Pythagoras about Pasiphae being Jason's mother. While the trio are training in the woods, they come across a man named Telemon, who is headed to the city to compete in the Coronation Games. They help him fight off some attackers and accompany him back to the city. Pythagoras remains suspicious of him.

As the tournament begins, Telemon is revealed to be a prince. Ariadne invites him to stay in the palace and Telemon admits that his father would not approve of his entering the contest. He and Ariadne appear to have at least a it of chemistry, though it pales in comparison to that of Jason's. Another competitor in the tournament, a badass lady named Areto, approaches Telemon. She believes she has recognised Telemon from the salt mines but he denies any connection. Pythagoras overhears the conversation so he approaches her privately and she says that even if he denies it, she knows he was there. Unbeknownst to both of them, Telemon has overheard the conversation.

Telemon approaches Jason and thanks him for saving him again, also sharing his intentions to win Ariadne's heart. He also tells Jason he thinks Ariadne shares the interest. Pythagoras tells Hercules about Areto's claims about knowing Telemon from a prison. They note how Areto had a brand on her wrist and Telemon wears an archer's brace on the same wrist but it's the wrong wrist for an archer (and he's not even an archer that they know of).

Ariadne seeks the council of Dion to ask about whether she should accept Telemon's marriage proposal. They decide that it's in Atlantis' best interest to form alliances through this marriage. Areto turns up dead and Pythagoras immediately assumes that Telemon killed her. He thinks that perhaps he killed her with a thin blade and believes that perhaps Telemon isn't a prince at all. Pythagoras confronts Telemon about his brace and the brand hiding beneath it. Telemon admits to being in the prison and says that he ran away at 18 and fell in with some pirates. His father branded him because he was not to be granted special treatment.

Telemon asks Ariadne again as to whether she has another suitor. She admits there is someone but that she cannot marry him. Telemon suggests that perhaps she can feel something for him instead someday. Jason is injured in one of his fights in the tournament. Ariadne goes to visit him after the bout and she tells him that her feelings for him haven't changed but she is the queen. Telemon witnesses the exchange. When Telemon beats Leonidas in a fight, Hercules and Pythagoras become suspicious so they Hercules confronts Leonidas who admits that Telemon bribed him to lose. He and Pythagoras realise that Telemon needed to win so that he can fight Jason and kill him in battle - thus eliminating Ariadne's only other suitor. Jason remains unswayed and still insists on fighting.

It's the finals and even with Telemon's attempt to cheat, Jason wins the fight. Telemon coldly says that though Jason was lucky, he won't always be that way. Unfortunately, Ariadne still decides to accept Telemon's marriage proposal.

Atlantis S2E4 "The Marriage of Two Minds" will air on Saturday, December 6 at 20:15 on BBC One.


Constantine S01E07 Synopsis: Blessed Are The Damned (12/5)


A SMALL TOWN PREACHER MYSTERIOUSLY GAINS THE ABILITY TO PERFORM MIRACLES – While in art class, Zed (AngĂ©lica Celaya) has a bizarre vision of snakes that lead her and John (Matt Ryan) to a small town where a preacher has mysteriously gained the ability to heal his congregation. 

Harold Perrineau also stars. 

Christopher Johnson, David A. Gregory, Juliana Harkavy, Megan West and Patrick Carroll guest star.


Haven S5E12 - "Chemistry" Recap

Duke's not in the mood to cuddle. He tells Mara he has a theory about where to find the aether and leaves to go hunt for it, leaving Mara to do as she pleases in the cabin. Meanwhile, Vince is still certain that Charlotte is hiding something and is alarmed to learn that she has been working with aether and vows to find a way to prove Charlotte is not how she seems. Nathan's more so concerned for Audrey and her deteriorating health. Her body temperature is low enough that she should be hypothermic. While Audrey is in for a check-up and Charlotte has stepped out to get some B12 shots, Vince comes in to try to steal some proof against Charlotte and finds her folder on all of Audrey's precious incarnations, a revelation that shocks Audrey. Vince had also already taken a DNA sample of Charlotte and sent it to Gloria for analysis. Audrey agrees to team up with Vince to try to uncover the truth and admits to Nathan the truth about her condition.

Duke gets a call from Mara and hears her being attacked so he hurries back to the cabin where he finds her gone and the place torn up. Duke finds some DNA on the scene from Kirk, the oxygen-sucking-out man. Nathan is also on the hunt for Kirk because he believes he was the one who stole the aether from the safe. The two run into one another at Kirk's house when on their own investigations and things are tense, to say the least. Nathan tries to talk Duke down from being so trusting of Mara but Duke refuses to listen, even when Nathan suggests that Mara is working with Kirk, and the two get into a physical confrontation that ends with him hitting Nathan over the head with a wrench.

Audrey and Vince break into Charlotte's car and find that though it is registered to the CDC for a Dr. Charlotte Cross, the DNA sample that Gloria is analysing does not match the DNA of the Charlotte Cross on file. They try to figure out who she is by searching the DMV database, believing this will be the database hardest to fool.

Duke manages to track down Kirk and demands to know where the aether is. In the confrontation, some of Kirk's blood gets on Duke and makes Duke hulk out and kill Kirk. Now Duke has yet another trouble in his already full system. Duke confronts one of Kirk's friends to try to find the aether so Duke's abilities activate, much to his confusion, and upon touching Kirk's friend, Kirk's trouble is transferred to him and the other two people in the trailer are killed as the oxygen is sucked out. Duke is horrified that he was able to transfer Kirk's trouble without any blood being exchanged.

Audrey and Vince discover an exact copy of Sarah's ring in Charlotte's glove compartment and this is enough proof needed to go find Charlotte and confront her, since Audrey and Nathan already have their own copies of it. Nathan and Duke meet at the Gull and then a delivery man arrives with a package for Duke. He opens it and finds the aether canister with Mara's toe in it. Duke realises that this is from Mara herself and was her way of telling him that she has the aether now. Nathan goes off to meet with Audrey while Mara calls Duke to gloat. She got Kirk to steal the aether and now Duke has tied up the loose end by killing him. Mara gets Duke to get emotional and cry but now his tears are aether. Looks like Duke is going to have to keep his emotions in check.

Audrey and Nathan arrive to confront Charlotte and Dwight is there with her, trying to suggest that they have a relationship (oh and they slept together earlier). She claims that the file is something she has to help with Audrey's sickness but then they pull out the ring and Charlotte has to admit the truth. Dwight tells Charlotte about Mara and asks Nathan to bring her the ring, promising to explain everything once he does so. He hands her the ring and is shocked to find that he can feel her. "Charlotte" then drops quite the bomb: she is Audrey/Mara's mother.

Haven airs on Fridays on Syfy at 7PM.


Grimm S04E06 Recap: Highway of Tears

They have the power to turn Nick back into a Grimm, and although reluctant to do it, when they see a burning Wolfsanga in Monroe and Rosalee's yard, Juliette knows what needs to be done. Nick asks if she's sure, its what he wants. Hank puts out the burning sigil. Nick, Juliette and Hank go inside to see what the Wolfsanga is. It's a hate symbol for Blood purity. Nick wants Monroe and Rosalee to stay with him, but Monroe refuses to let them chase him out of his home. The group is all wesen, and right now, there's no way for them to find the hiding members, but Nick and Juliette plan to change all of that. She's going to take the potion to help him reverse Adalin's curse.

A young couple drive on the dark roads. A truck flash's brights blind them, and they let it pass. The make thinks that they should have waited until morning, for a better scenic drive, but the girl doesn't care about the scenery, she has him. The car suddenly blows a tire, and they go careening into the woods. They crash into a tree, and the girl is stuck, pinned in the wreckage. The jerky truck with the brights come back for them. A pair get out, and the guy tells his girl to get out, run, but she can't. The lizard-like wesen come to collect the couple, they knock out the male, and take him from the cab, but leave the girl. They'll need to find another couple.

In Austria, Victor gets an update, and Adalind is brought in. She's starved, but leery of eating again. Victor assures her that things are different now. Adalind sits down and digs in. Victor questions her on leaving with the resistance. She didn't set any of it up, nor did she go with the resistance. She went with Kelly to Portland, also not where she had wanted to go. She didn't know who she was, or where they were going until she took her to Nick's house. Victor wonders if she is the one who Weston Stuart faced, she's not,it was Trubel, but they don't know that. Victor asks how Sean convinced her to give him the baby. He brought her into the station to talk about her mother's murder. She found out that Nick's mom, Kelly did it. Then he took the baby and gave it to Victor, but Victor lost the baby. The Resistance was waiting at the airport for them. But if they had no idea that she was headed to Portland, how did they track her there? Adalind remembers words that Kelly told her right before she lost her baby. Sometimes we have to sacrifice what we love most to ensure their safety. They know who has the baby now.

Elizabeth prepares the potion that will transform Juliette into Adalind. When they're done Nick will be a Grimm again, they hope. There are potential side effects, and it may not work, but they have to try it. Elizabeth advises her to take three deep breaths no more, no less of the smoke coming from the hat. Juliette does, but doesn't think anything is happening. Then the change starts and she's Adalind. Elizabeth tells them that there isn't much time, and she gets out of there. Monroe and Rosalee are quick to follow, as is Trubel Nick and Juliette head upstairs. She turns out the lights to make things easier, but tells Nick its his one chance to have an affair with her permission. Nick takes the opportunity, at least this time its Juliette.

Monroe, Rosalee and Trubel are weirded out by the idea of Nick and Adalind, and the whole Grimm thing. Monroe points out that its been weird for Nick too, like the professor having to ask the student. Monroe and Rosalee try to get their minds off thinking about Nick and Juliette/Adalind, figuring that they will call them when the deed is done.

Nick and Adalind finish up in the sheets. She asks him how it was, and he refuses to answer knowing that that's a no win situation. No matter how he answers its going to be wrong. Juliette heads off to the bathroom, giving herself a good look in the mirror. She really hate Adalind. Nick gets up to go get all of them a drink. Juliette begins to cramp, falling to the groung. Please don't tell me she just got impregnated with a super baby. Nick rushes in to check on her, seeing her on the ground. He wants to call 911, but she tells him not to. The pain is gone. He helps her into the bedroom, and the pain returns as she transforms back into herself. Nick tells her that she's her again, and she's thankful/

The next morning. Renard checks on his mother. The older she gets the more everything takes out of her. She underestimated Adalind's powers. She can feel the power in the cloth, the hat may have belonged to one of the original witches. She asks where Adalind could have gotten it from. She got it from her mother, but where she got it from Elizabeth suggests that he find out. He may want that person for an ally, but she's leaving the hat with him. She's leaving, though unsure where. She asks him to be careful, what she did for him can only be done once. She wants her granddaughter, but Renard cannot give her that. She tells him to be prepared when Kelly contacts Nick.

Nick is over the moon, and Juliette wonders if he has his powers back. He's unsure. She suggests he goes out and puts it to the test. Trubel knocks at the door, and Nick asks if she forgot her key. She didn't want to disturb him and Juliette if they weren't done. Nick tells her that its all done, and Juliette is back. Trubel calls in Monroe and Rosalee. Monroe tries out Nick's Grimm powers, and wargs in front of him, but Nick sees nothing. Rosalee tries to assure him that its too early, Elizabeth said it would take some time. Hank calls for an update, and a case. Nick welcomes the distraction. Rosalee asks after Juliette, she's fine and Trubel is thankful.

Wu tells Hank and Nick about the newest case. They found the girl in the woods, and she's got a horrible story about what took her husband. She tells them that they said they have to take another since they couldn't get her. The sheriffs were on scene first and they haven't found much. All they know is that they hit something before they crashed. Hank takes a closer look and finds a board full of nails under wedged under the car. They definitely hit something. Nick recognizes it from a case, several years old that took place about 15 miles away. Same MO 2 missing people, spike strip. Wu remembers that case, no one was found. Hank calls for dogs to be brought in.

Trubel comes out of the shower, and spots a car watching her. She brings out her bike, and the watcher calls in that she's on the move. Trubel walks up to the window, and asks the man if she's following her. He claims that he's just waiting for a friend. She tells him to tell his boss, Chavez, that he can't follow her. She slices his tires, and heads off on her bike. He wargs into a snow leopard in frustration.

Hank brings the evidence from the older case, and the evidence looks the same as their current one. Missing couple, bodies never found. There was a survivor, the sister. She was asleep in the back seat, knocked to the floor in the accident. Nick remembers it well, she said that monsters took her sister and brother in law. He didn't have his Grimm powers then, and had no clue she was telling the truth. Someone is brought in in cuff, he puts up a fight, and Nick sees him almost change, kind of, but no one else does. Hank asks if he's okay, and Nick isn't sure he saw anything. Wu said that there was evidence that there was a car waiting. Nick comes across something that was at the old crime scene, a metal lizard. It's nightmarish to be sure, but Nick thinks that there could be one at the current scene.

Trubel had double backed, after giving her tail the slip. She watches him bicker with two others about losing her. There's a knock on the door, and Trubel draws out her knife in preparation. Its Josh. She yanks him into the house. He tells her that he didn't do anything, she knows. He asks what's going on, and she admits a lot. He came because he had no where else to go.

Hank searches the woods with a metal detector. His uncle use to have one, use to comb the beaches with it. He finds something, another beer can, and goes back to looking. He finds something else, not a beer can, a lizard totem of some kind. The sheriff finds them, she tells them that she researched the area, and after Nick's case six years ago there was another three years ago. A couple disappeared, everyone assumed that they disappeared into the woods, but they left all their camping gear behind. She brings them to that scene. Hank uses his metal detector there, and the sheriff digs up nothing. Nick heard something, and she digs around a little more, and finds a third lizard. The cases are definitely connected. The Sheriff goes to look into artists/wielders in the area.

Nick and Hank do some research of their own in the trailer. They find that the wesen responisble is the Phansigar. Nick reads the passage written by Rudyard Kiplin, a former Grimm about he Vanisgard's killing method, and need to kill every 3 years for their beliefs. And its always a male and female.

They take their findings to Renard. The Phansigar isn't done, they only got their male, they will still need a female to complete their ritual. Wu delivers his finds as well. All of the paint was automotive, and Wu thinks he has the location it came from. A junkyard that was purchases about seven years ago, which fits in with their time line.

The Phansigar takes the male from the car accident out of the trunk of the car, and dump him into a hole in the junk yard.

Josh watches the car get towed away, as Trubel comes in with sandwiches. He grabs his and instantly starts devouring it. He hasn't eaten since the day before. His life has been a wreck since his father died. He returned, and his dad's house was being torn apart. Trubel wonders if its because he was a grimm, of course it is. Josh needs to talk to Nick, he's the only one that can help. Trubel worries, he doesn't know, and Josh panics, his mind instantly thinking the worst. Nick was the one who told him to get out. He left everything behind. Trubel breaks the news to Josh, that things are different now.

Monroe paces in the spice shop as Rosalee helps people. Nick asks for Monroe's help. He can't leave Rosalee with the Wolfsanga still fresh in his mind, and he's never heard of the Phansigar. Rosalee has, but hopes that they don't plan to bring one into her shop. Juliette arrives, with her gun. Trubel follows, also late. Rosalee gives him the go ahead, she'll be safe in their capable hands.

The sheriff arrives at the junk yard following up on a lead. She wants asks the owner to put together a list of buyers. Nick calls and tells her about the junk yard, and she's already there checking on that lead. She tells him that they're cutting up a lot of scrap metal and she's working on obtaining a list. One of the sons wargs behinds her, and tongue whackers her. He thinks thinks that she's perfect. The father points out that she's an officer, but even the brother agrees. If they work fast and get rid of the car they can get their ceremony done before anyone is the wiser.

Night falls, and the trio prepare for their human sacrifices. They bring the sheriff to the hole. Nick, Monroe and Hank sneak into the junk yard. He's having pain, but he doesn't want to leave, he wants to push through the pain. His hearing enhances, he tells Monroe and Hank they have to hurry. The ceremony is almost complete, and Nick has more head pain. As they stop to check on Nick, the Phansigar get away. Hank leaves Nick with Monroe while he goes to check out the hole. He needs Monroe's help. The Sheriff is still alive, but he needs help getting her out. Monroe is shoved into the hole with the male. The boys find Nick, and drag him to their father. They tell him that he's sick or something, and the father says that he will deal with him personally. He wargs, and Nick sees it. Nick has his Grimm back, and he's energized. He cuts off papa Phansigar's tongue, and takes on the boys. He beats them both up. Monroe tells him that he was right, they were Phansigars, Nick already knows, he's back. Both the guy and sheriff are alive.

Nick fills Renard in on the rest. Six graves, six victims. He asks if Monroe did the ID, but Hank tells him that they didn't need him to. Renard welcomes him back.

Monroe and Nick return to the Spice Shop, and Nick gives them the good news. He's been re-grimmed. Trubel is rocked a little. She's kind of relieved to not be the only Grimm anymore. She tells him that they have another problem. Nick and Trubel rush home. Josh has a machete in his hand, but no clue how to use it. 


Arrow S03E09 Synopsis: The Climb (12/10)

The Climb (Ep# 309)


Nyssa (guest star Katrina Law) returns to Starling City and tells Oliver (Stephen Amell) that her father, Ra's al Ghul (guest star Matt Nable) has given Oliver 48 hours to find Sara's killer or the League of Assassins will start killing the citizens of Starling City.

Laurel (Katie Cassidy) is stunned when her father (Paul Blackthorne) delivers a very special Christmas gift -- her mother, Dinah (guest star Alex Kingston).

Meanwhile, Ray (Brandon Routh) tries to make amends with Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) and Oliver sets a meeting with Ra's al Ghul.

Thor Freudenthal directed the episode written by Jake Coburn & Keto Shimizu (#309).

Original airdate 12/10/2014.


Red Band Society S1E9 - "How Did We Get Here?" Recap

In a flashhfoward, we see our lead characters in a series of rather strange positions. Dr. McAndrew has a black eye. Kara is straddling a senior citizen-patient, Jordi and Dash are sandwiching another young patient, and Leo is burning his prosthetic leg on the roof. Then, we flash back to 24 hours earlier to see how everyone got there.

Jordi gets some bad news. Though everything else is going well with his emancipation application, he doesn't have the $400 needed for the application fee. Leo and Emma have tests on their wellness to see whether they can go home. The Red Banders are interrupted by the new (loud) patient, popstar Delaney Shaw. She's been hospitalised for "exhaustion."

Leo's getting tested physically while Emma is being tested psychologically. Leo can't fake his but Emma can and does. She says just what the therapist needs to hear. As for Leo, he's giddy at the prospect that maybe he'll be able to get released early. Kara is trying to hook up with Hunter but can't because her heart monitor will go off if she takes it off or if her heart elevates too much. Nurse Jackson warns her not to get too involved. Emma is insecure about being released from the hospital since she thinks she and Leo will break up if they're not in the hospital anymore.

Kara finds a senior comatose patient to hook her heart monitor up to so she can get busy with Hunter but neither of them remembered to bring a condom. Doctor McAndrew is also having love-life woes, as he considers getting back together with Erin, who has been flirting with McAndrew, until he meets her new beau she met in Senegal, Sam. As for Dash, he's trying to hook up with Delaney and it seems as if he'll have a chance but they're interrupted by Jordi. Jordi wants a meeting with Delaney's manager and she'll only set up the meet if he gets her some painkillers. Jordi is hoping to jump-start his music career so he can afford his emancipation application.

Dr. McAndrew and Dr. Grace argue over his being the one to break up with her when she wanted to pursue her dreams and the fact that he feels blind sighted by her new man. Jordi swipes some pills from an older lady having her round of chemo. Kara approaches Emma asking for a condom and Emma slut-shames her. Kara points out that Emma is the one that is lying in her relationship by hiding her illness from Leo.

Dr. McAndrew runs into Nurse Brittany out at a bar and she gives him the signal to come over and rescue her from a bad date, after which they start to drink together. Delaney calls Dash in to help pierce her belly button, after which she prepares to have sex with him but Jordi interrupts yet again to deliver the painkillers. Delaney wants Jordi to perform a song for her. She is too impressed by his talent and since she sees him as a threat to her career, she offers to pay him for the pills instead. He accepts some money to help go towards his emancipation application fee.

Emma goes to meet Leo on the roof for a romantic dinner he set up, starting with a handwritten letter sealed with wax to invite her to it. He describes an alternate reality about how they would've met in the real world first, outside of the hospital. It's all very sweet and romantic until Leo's prosthetic leg accidentally catches on fire from one of the many lit candles he set up for ambiance.

Kara admits to Hunter that she isn't so sure about their having sex just yet. She wants to wait and doesn't want to lose interest in him. He says they don't know how much time they have and Kara says that neither does anyone. They decide to wait and then Hunter passes out with a fever before being taken to the ICU. Kara waits outside his room worrying about him and Nurse Jackson tells her that job is to protect her heart in every possible way.

Dr. McAndrew and Nurse Brittany end up going home together but when they wake up, McAndrew tells her it was just a one-night stand. Brittany rightfully punches him in the eye, thus leading to his black eye.

Leo goes to Emma and brings her a box of chocolates from the night before. They get into a fight as Emma admits that she's not better and claims she never will be. She says that no one, including him, understands her. She says that everyone believes she is better as long as she says and acts the right way but now he can leave and forget all about her. But as it turns out, despite all his progress, Leo isn't being released just yet. He needs to improve further physically before he can go.

Dr. Grace admits to Dr. McAndrew that she still has unresolved feelings for him but is just confused. But it would appear now he is feeling conflicted over his feelings for Nurse Brittany. When Leo goes to visit Emma and says that he's not getting out yet and wants to work things out, he finds out that Emma is getting released. He implores her not to go, as she had just admitted to him that she's still sick but she will not listen. Instead, she removes her red band and leaves it on her pillow, telling Leo nothing but, "It was nice to meet you."

Red Band Society airs on Wednesdays on FOX at 9PM.


"Angel & Faith" Season 10 #9 Review

Writer: Victor Gischler
Penciller: Will Conrad
Colourist: Michelle Madsen
Cover Artist: Scott Fischer

Disclaimer: Mild spoilers below.

This edition of Angel & Faith shows two of our favourite Whedonverse anti-heroes on separate but equally exciting missions. Angel is still facing off against the witch Amy Madison who is still determined to find a way to resurrect Warren with a dangerous magical spell. Right from the start, the artwork of their magical fight is terrifically exciting to see. You can see how the artists used their utmost creativity in telling the story, something entirely befitting of the fantasy/supernatural genre.

Meanwhile, Faith is still in Suriname, South Africa, on a rescue mission with a team of people including Riley's wife Sam, who is particularly invested in the mission since Riley is one of the people in need of rescuing. There's some solid dialogue for Faith and plenty of bite in her words, just what we love to hear from her. There's a slight Rambo-esque feel to this jungle action but with far more character substance. You'll have to read to find out how this team will handle facing off against the Native vampires of the region.

We recommend this episode for its strong action throughout both journey of the leads. This episode of Angel & Faith will be on sale through Dark Horse Comics on December 3, 2014. You can order your copy here.


The Flash S01E08 Synopsis: Flash Vs. Arrow (12/2)

FLASH VS. ARROW (Ep# 108) 

PART ONE OF THE EPIC CROSSOVER EVENT WITH THE FLASH AND ARROW -- Barry (Grant Gustin) is thrilled when Oliver (guest star Stephen Amell), Felicity (guest star Emily Bett Rickards) and Diggle (guest star David Ramsey) come to Central City to investigate a case involving a deadly boomerang.

Excited about teaming up with his friend, Barry asks Oliver if he'd like to help him stop Ray Bivolo (guest star Paul Anthony), the meta-human Barry is currently tracking. Bivolo causes people to lose control of their emotions and has been using that skill to rob banks.

Unfortunately, the superhero partnership doesn't go as smoothly as Barry expected. When Oliver tells Barry he still has a lot to learn, Barry sets out to prove him wrong by attempting to stop Bivolo alone. However, when Bivolo infects Barry and sets him on a rage rampage, everyone is in danger, and the only one who can stop him is the Arrow.

Meanwhile, Iris (Candice Patton) is furious when Eddie (Rick Cosnett) tries to get a task force to stop The Flash, Joe and Dr. Wells (Tom Cavanagh) agree the Arrow is a bad influence on Barry, and Caitlin and Cisco deal with a new team in S.T.A.R. Labs.

Glen Winter directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg and teleplay by Ben Sokolowski & Brooke Eikmeier (#108).

Original airdate 12/2/2014.


Selfie S1E8 - "Traumatic Party Stress Disorder" Recap

Eliza learns that it is Henry's fortieth birthday, a fact that he had been making every effort to keep quiet but Charmonique insists on singing "Happy Birthday" to him as a part of company policy. Eliza is determined to get him a gift so Henry asks that it be something personal, meaningful, and modest. Eliza enlists the help of Charmonique and Larry to figure out what to get him. She considers throwing him a party but Charmonique points out that Henry's not the type to be fond of parties. Eliza opts to get Henry tickets to Blues Traveler, a band he used to love in the 90's. She is disappointed that he doesn't seem more excited so she decides to throw him a party anyway at the recommendation of the man she is currently hooking up with.

Henry is out for dinner with his girlfriend Julia and invites her to come along to the Blues Traveler concert afterwards while Eliza has broken into Henry's house to throw a surprise party together. At the concert, Henry quickly begins to sing along and have fun dancing to all the songs while Julia quickly become uncomfortable with Henry's unrestrained joy. Eliza calls up Sam, Charmonique, and other co-workers and decides to throw an office-themed party because of Henry's love for work. Julia leaves Henry at the concert and he returns home only to be further upset to find everyone in his house for a party. He pulls Eliza aside and gets into an argument with her over not being able to have peace in his home. His coworkers overhear him and leave. Eliza chides him for not being grateful that people want to party with him, especially since people did not want to come to her birthday parties when she was younger.

Julia comes over to Henry's place to apologise for her behaviour, saying that he had pushed her out of her comfort zone and that she became cold and judgemental as a result. Henry admits he tends to be the same way as he looks at the merchandise he bought at the concert. The next day, Henry apologises to Eliza and expresses his gratitude for everything she did, admitting that he had fun at the concert. She then shows him a video of him from the concert of him having fun and he tries to get it to delete, not realising that he can't do that.

The remaining episodes of Selfie will air on Tuesdays on Hulu.


SALEM Season 2 has a new Teaser Trailer

In anticipation of the season two return of “Salem,” WGN America’s breakout hit original series, the network has released a haunting teaser trailer for the 13-episode season premiering in April.  The video features the ruthless Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery, “Human Target,” “Made in Jersey”), Salem’s most powerful enchantress, declaring the Witch War that is at the epicenter of the all-new season. 


LOS ANGELES, Nov. 25, 2014 – In anticipation of the season two return of “Salem,” WGN America’s breakout hit original series, the network has released a haunting teaser trailer for the 13-episode season premiering in April.  The video features the ruthless Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery, “Human Target,” “Made in Jersey”), Salem’s most powerful enchantress, declaring the Witch War that is at the epicenter of the all-new season.  In “Salem” season two, the Grand Rite triggered at the end of last season is now underway and death is in the air.  In order to bring her plan to completion, Mary must not only control Captain John Alden (Shane West, “Nikita,” “ER”) and the citizens of Salem, but also those lurking in the shadows who seek the power she wields.
“Salem,” called “perversely entertaining” by The New York Times, is a bold re-imagination of the infamous 17th century witch trials in colonial Massachusetts.  In the first season, Captain John Alden returned home after seven years at war only to discover that his true love, Mary, wed his old (and wealthy) nemesis George Sibley.  During his years on the battlefield, Mary has emerged as a true power broker in a Puritan town fully immersed in witch panic.
Throughout a fiery first season, filled with wicked deceit and shocking revelations, John and Mary found themselves navigating a supernatural world where paranoia, revenge, evil and hysteria reign. Ultimately, John risks his life for Mary, even after learning that she is the ruling witch of Salem who is at the center of all the mayhem plaguing the embattled village. 
“Salem” stars Janet Montgomery as Mary Sibley, Shane West as John Alden, Seth Gabel (“Fringe”) as Cotton Mather, Ashley Madekwe (“Revenge”) as Tituba, Tamzin Merchant (“Jane Eyre”) as Anne Hale, Elise Eberle (“The Astronaut Farmer”) as Mercy Lewis and Iddo Goldberg (“Mob City”) as Isaac Walton.
Created and written by Brannon Braga and Adam Simon, “Salem" is executive-produced by Braga, Simon, and Prospect Park’s Jeff Kwatinetz and Josh Barry.  Filmed on location in Shreveport, LA, the series is produced by Fox 21.
Follow “Salem” on Twitter and YouTube @SalemWGNA.  “Like” the series on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SalemWGNA.


Once Upon A Time S04E09 Synopsis: Fall (11/30)


Elizabeth Mitchell (“Lost”) Guest Stars as the Snow Queen

“Fall” – As the Spell of Shattered Sight approaches Storybrooke, Mary Margaret and David rally the residents to prepare for the curse while Belle and the fairies work together on an antidote. Gold, with Hook as his reluctant servant, sets about an exit strategy of his own. Regina and Robin Hood ready themselves for the worst while, with the help of a locator spell, Emma and Elsa search desperately for Anna. In Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff awaken to find that their kingdom is once again in danger, on “Once Upon a Time,” SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Once Upon a Time” stars Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/Mary Margaret, Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan, Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen/Regina, Josh Dallas as Prince Charming/David Nolan, Emilie de Ravin as Belle, Colin O’Donoghue as Hook, Jared S. Gilmore as Henry, Michael Socha as Will Scarlet and Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold.

            Guest stars include Lee Arenberg as Leroy/Grumpy, Keegan Connor Tracy as Mother Superior/Blue Fairy, Sean Maguire as Robin Hood, Georgina Haig as Elsa, Elizabeth Lail as Anna, Scott Michael Foster as Kristoff, Charles Mesure as Black Beard, Raphael Alejandro as Roland, Tyler Jacob Moore as Hans, Nils Hognestad as Franz, Marcus Rosner as Jurgen and Elizabeth Mitchell as the Snow Queen.

                  ”Fall” was written by Jane Espenson and directed by Mario Van Peebles.

“Once Upon a Time” is broadcast in 720 Progressive (720P), ABC’s selected HDTV format with a 5.1 channel surround sound. This program carries a TV-PG,V parental guideline.

For more information on “Once Upon a Time,” visit ABC.com/Once

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Twitter @OnceABC#OnceUponATime


WALKER STALKER CON Brings Major Celebrites From Zombie, Horror, And Sci-fi Films And TV Shows To SAN FRANCISCO In 2015

Black Friday is almost upon us, and as we turn our attention to the gift giving season, now is the perfect time to buy tickets for Walker Stalker Con. What's that you say? Only the best horror con with Walking Dead fans in mind. But it isn't just about The Walking Dead, they also have Robert Englund, Freddy Krueger himself, coming as a special guest. They're getting ready to take over San Francisco in early 2015, and there are already a ton of guests announced with more still to be announced.

San Francisco, CA – Walker Stalker Con, a zombie and horror themed fan-centric convention, will be held at the Fort Mason Center in San Francisco, CA on January 31st & February 1st, 2015. Walker Stalker Con will bring attendees to a state of the art facility with world class amenities and will provide fan access to celebrity guests.

Walker Stalker Con returned to it’s inaugural city of Atlanta in October of 2014 where it’s count reached nearly 35,000 attendees across it’s three day span. It also assembled more cast members of The Walking Dead than any other convention has as well as other horror genre actors.

With cast members from “The Walking Dead” returning to the upcoming San Francisco convention, along with stars from other zombie and horror films, Walker Stalker Con continues to position itself to be a particularly unique event.
Walker Stalker Con is not just a convention. It is a fan meet-up and an opportunity for each guest to come away feeling like they’ve had an amazing experience and became part of a greater community of zombie lovers! Walker Stalker Con is two days of events, panels, and experiences that zombie fans won’t find anywhere else!

Confirmed guests for the convention include (with more to be announced):
David Morrissey / Jon Bernthal / Robert Englund / Steven Yeun Scott Wilson / Emily Kinney / Sarah Wayne Callies
Manu Bennett / Michael Cudlitz / Josh McDermitt
Christian Serratos / Alanna Masterson / Lawrence Gilliard Jr
Brighton Sharbino / IronE Singleton / Jeff Kober
Chad Coleman / Sunkrish Bala / Melissa Hutchison
Sonequa Martin-Green / Jose Pablo Cantillo / Travis Love
Eugene Clark / Daniel Thomas May / Jay Bonansinga

The full event schedule can be found at http://walkerstalkercon.us8.list-manage.com/track/click?u=c419cc2ced13e931f32be4e38&id=73f5c25625&e=27df263f59

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