American Horror Story S04E07 Recap: Test of Strength

Bette eats ice cream as Dandy brings in Jimmy. He and Gloria say how the twins are free to leave whenever they want. Jimmy urges them to leave, that they can be more than just an object on display for Dandy's amusement. Bette isn't sure how the freakshow is any different. They would be among their own kind, family who wouldn't judge them or their differences for their amusement. Gloria insists that they paid good money for them, and Bette points out that Jimmy took credit for saving the kids during the clown murders, but Dandy was the one that did it while Jimmy was unconscious. The girls don't know the truth, and Jimmy is starting to piece things together. Twisty had an accomplice. Jimmy insists that they come with him. Dandy tells her that he would never allow Dot to get the surgery, and Jimmy asks Dandy about cutting girls in half. Dot realizes that Dandy read her diary, and she wants to leave. Dandy tells Bette that they're in love, and she agrees, he thinks that trumps everything. Jimmy wants the girls to be free to decide. Dandy pleads with Bette to stay and live forever with him. She apologizes, she chooses her sister, and tells him that they have to go. They leave with Jimmy, and Dandy is not pleased at all.

Back at the freak show Jimmy takes the stage during the rehersal sinigng a little Nirvana Come as You Are. Elsa watches in displeasure as he belts out the lyrics. Penny patches up her love Paul. Dell remains hopeful about Andy, but he hasn't been seen, the bartender thinking that he ran off with one of his other clients. And Dell slams his head on the bar. Elsa gives Jimmy some harsh criticism. She doens't like his song or delivery, but he's not changing anything. And he's not taking orders from her anymore. She lied about what happened to the twins, and Jimmy is giving them a chance to tell their story. Dot tells everyone that the story isn't quite the truth. Dot claims that Jimmy misunderstood. Elsa didn't sell them off, they asked to go. They wanted to experience the finer things in life, and she allowed them to go, with the understanding that they could come back at any time. Elsa eats up the story, and Bette looks slightly ashamed. Jimmy walks off in a huff.

Desiree takes Edna to the doctor that is suppose to take care of her, but they find that it is closed for business. They go in anyways to find out what happened. The doctor's daughter tells them that he is dead. She thinks that the women are responsible for what happened to her father, that both of his hands were smashed before he was shot in the head. Both women have no choice but to leave.

Richard plays with some of the carnival games, joking that he can't get it up. Dell is in a foul mood. Richard has seen him in town, he even saw his little incident with the bartender over one of those lovely boys. Dell goes to take a swing at Richard, but Maggie calls out to them and Dell puts down the hammer. First rule of blackmailing the strongman, is to have witnesses. Richard takes Dell inside. Dell is his ideal man, he lacks scruples, he can kill a man with his bare hands, and he'll do it because he has secrets. Dell doesn't like the fact that Richard is blackmailing, but he doesn't really have a choice . Richard gets to the point. Kill a freak and deliver the body, or he'll out him.

Jimmy lies in bed holding Maggie in his arms. He isn't happy about the twins' change of heart on their Elsa story. He wonders what has them all screwed up. Maggie wonders if its another sign, that it's time for them to go. He hasn't changed his mind about leaving, and Maggie pleads for them to leave. Jimmy can't leave yet. Dandy looks at the twins creepily, and he wonders if Maggie would recognize the other clown if they saw him. She isn't sure she could. Jimmy wants a few more days, and Maggie fears that they'll never leave.

Dell goes after his target. He chooses Amazon Eve to try to chloroform as she sleeps. Of all the freaks to go after she would be my last choice. Eve beats Dell off of her, and throws him out of her trailer. Taunting him more. He definitely messed with the wrong freak.

Eve gets iced. Jimmy wants to go to the cops about Dell, but Edna wants to handle it themselves. She thinks that they should sneak into his trailer and kill him. Edna has known him for a long time, and knows that he is capable of much evilness. Jimmy thinks that the plan is going too far. Eve points out that if it had been Maggie, he would have shot Dell. Edna knows her boy sees the world as being inherently good, but it isn't. The world is evil, and full of evils and they cannot stand for what Dell is doing. Jimmy promises to take care of things, and Edna tells him that either he handles it or they will.

Jimmy goes out to chat with Dell as he's taunting another person about their lack of strength. Jimmy has come out for a private conversation. Richard is watching the whole exchange. Dell will chat with Jimmy, and chooses a location in town for their heart to heart.

Elsa brings the twins into her tent. She wants to know what their little story is going to cost her. She knows that she cannot compete with Hollywood. The twins don't want to bet on the unknown, they would rather deal with the devil they know. Bette tells Elsa she wants Caviar, blonde hair, to be a comedian, 20% of the box office and the money Elsa got when she sold them. Elsa commends her choices and asks what Dot wants. Dot hits Elsa where it hurts and asks for 50%.

Dell throws back shots of gasoline, but Jimmy refuses to drink because of what happened to his mother. Dell tells her that becoming an alcoholic takes effort. Jimmy gets down to business. He tells him that there's a lynch mob in the making over what happened with Eve. Dell tries to get sympathy, claiming that he did nothing more than try to talk about an act when she attacked. It really doesn't matter what started it, the freaks have had enough trouble the past year, and Dell really wouldn't be missed when he's gone. Jimmy shares a drink with Dell, and removes his glove to pout another. Dell watches him cover up his hands. Dell knows that it must be uncomfortably hot. It is, but its worth the trouble to be able to be in the open with normal people. Jimmy tells him of a time they got stuck in the freezing cold for the winter, he hunted, and in the end it was the best time of his life because he was just another guy with gloves. Dell takes off Jimmy's gloves and tells him that if anyone gives him grief, he'll break his head. Jimmy teases, unless its a girl. The pair have a laugh, and then the liquor catches up to him. Jimmy goes out back and tosses his cookies. Dell tries to get up the courage to bash his head in with a brick. As Jimmy rights himself, he reveals that he knows that Dell is his father. Dell admits it, and embraces his son, dropping the brick, and taking his boy home.

The pair make it back to the Freak Show early the next morning, still drunk, and singing together at the top of their lungs. Elsa tells them that she will not let them wake up everyone. Desiree tells Jimmy that he shouldn't let Dell corrupt him, that he can still make something better of himself. Dell admits that Jimmy is his son. Elsa tells the pair to get some sleep. Dell gives him some Toledo knowledge, that he can't let a woman boss him around if he wants to keep his balls. Jimmy tells her that things need to change around there, that she has two strong bulls. Dell carries off his son to bed as Eve watches from her window. Jimmy tells his father goodnight, and Dell covers him with a blanket, tucking him in for the first time. Leaving Jimmy's trailer Stanley calls Dell a queer. He was referring to his cigarette this time, warning Dell that he's trying his patience.

Penny returns home quietly. Her father is sitting up waiting. He asks if she was there again with him, and she confesses that she was. She came home just to pack her things, and warns that he would have to kill her to keep her from running off. She thinks him to vain to not allow a piece of him to survive, but he points out that his job hinges on his reputation, and he would do many things to keep her from sullying it. She goes too far. She's going to run away with Paul and scream loud and proud who her father is, and that she chose to join the freaks because with them was better than her home life. Daddy may not be a murderer, but he is a man pushed too far. He's invited over Morris to give her a proper send off. Out comes Morris, a man covered in tattoos.

Bette gets a make over, she's all blonde. Dot thinks that she looks like their mother, she's even wearing the same shade of lipstick their mother wore. Bette thinks she looks like the actress, Eve Arden. Something has gotten into Bette's bubble head. She thinks that she's become smart with her beauty. She talks down to her sister, whom she considers to be the caterpillar, telling Elsa that they should have a new act where the ugly duckling becomes her, the beautiful swan. Elsa feigns joy to be included in her act, as she slips Dot a note. Bette continues to fuss over her appearance. As Bette sleeps, Dot reads her note from Elsa. Elsa noticed that Dot hardly said a word during the negotiation until she mentioned the money. She wants to know what Dot wants with the money, tells her to just tell her her heart's desire and she will make it happen.

Dot sends a note with Pepper to Elsa as a response. Dot does want something, she still desires freedom. She knows of a doctor that separated another set of twins, Dr. Oscar Sugar. She wants Elsa to help her find the doctor and convince him to preform the surgery. Her secret is safe so long as Dot gets what she wants. Elsa mulls over her options.

Morris gets to work. The skin is a beautiful canvas, and she is his masterpiece. Penny begins to wake, and her father can't wait for her to see what Morris has done. She cries that her face hurts. Beauty is painful he tells her. He shows her her new look in the mirror and it is horrifying, and worse, he's had her hair cut and tongue forked.

Stanley eats his meal, while Elsa stews. The twins are back and their a bigger pain in the ass than ever. She wants Stanley to locate the twin separating doctor, and send him far away to Chicago, so he is out of her way. Stanley moves onto Elsa's steak. Stanley thinks that instead of going to all the trouble with the doctor, that maybe quietly relieving the twins of their misery would be the answer. Elsa asks for clarification, and Stanley suggests a mercy killing. Elsa asks if he knew that they killed their mother, and then one tried to kill the other, but she forgets who was the culprit there. Ethel brings in a dessert, and leaves it for them to serve themselves. Ethel clears the table. Stanley digs into the dessert. Elsa has heard about men who would kill for their clients, and it looks like she's found one.

Dell pays MaPetite a visit with a gift in his hand. He opens the box for her, and its a pretty new gown. She can't wait to try it on. Dell looks horribly sad for what he's thinking of doing. She comes out in the pretty dress, asking him to zip her up. She gives him a hug, and he crushes her small body.

Paul wakes to a keening, he thinks its a haunting. It's Penny hiding in the shadows. She shows him her new face, and he cries over what's been caused because of him.

At the Museum they unveil the latest acquisition. They trust that it will bring thousands of visitors. She unveils Ma Petite in a jar, and it looks like this flash forward is true.


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