Atlantis S2E1 - "A New Dawn: Part One" Recap

Following the loss of her father, King Minos, Ariadne is now Queen of Atlantis. Pasiphae has formed an army and is fully embracing the role of power-hungry warlord. Pasiphae is after a statue known as the Palladium, which is said to hold holy protection for Atlantis.

Ariadne has Jason rescue a man named Sarpedon, an old friend of her father's. He bears news regarding Pasiphae and her plans. When Jason returns, he meets with Pythagoras and the gambling Hercules, who loses against a man named Critias.

As it turns out, Sarpedon is actually a spy for Pasiphae and has snuck a warrior in named Medea to steal the statue. She sneaks through the palace late at night while the city sleeps. Just as she gets hold of the statue, the walls begin to crumble. It's either booby-trapped, or an earthquake, or some deep mystical force. Regardless, it doesn't bode well for the city of Atlantis.

Medea is spotted by some guards and takes off running. She leaps off the side of a palace wall and is intercepted by a flying creature that takes her away. Pythagoras says that something must have happened to have angered Poseidon so. Ariadne summons Jason, Pythagoras, and Hercules to the palace and bestows a quest on them to retrieve the Palladium. Jason promises not to fail her. They must act fast, as Pasiphae is preparing to march on Atlantis.

Sarpedon asks Ariadne if she has feelings for Jason and she simply replies that her duty comes before her feelings, whatever they might be. Ariadne notes that the thief would have had an accomplice and orders that everyone in the palace be questioned.

Jason pays a visit to the Oracle before he and his friends will begin their quest. She tells him it is time, and gives him a drink, telling him to clear his mind. He begins to convulse and has visions of himself in battle, Pasiphae, a ship called "Argo," Ariadne with bloody hands. The Oracle tells him only he can stop all of this from coming to pass, and that he must embrace his destiny.

Medea delivers the Palladium to Pasiphae, who says that nothing can stop them from taking Atlantis now. Jason and the others begin their quest to retrieve it and Hercules tells Jason he's being foolish in letting his feelings cloud his judgement. Jason says that he thinks he has a much bigger purpose than this that he is now beginning to understand.

A man is apprehended as an accomplice to the intruder. He is chained up and Ariadne states he must be made to talk. The Atlantis Trio are attacked by men shooting arrows. They run through the woods and engage in combat with their attackers. They kill most of them but when they encounter one who is unarmed, Jason refuses to kill him while he is unarmed. Pythagoras says that they can't let him go either since he will jeopardise their plans. Jason says that if he wants him dead, he must kill him himself. The man begs for his life and Pythagoras is unable to follow through. The man says he just wants to go home and Jason tells him to leave. The man runs off uttering his thanks.

Sarpedon poisons the man before he can be questioned, apologising and saying he can't take the risk of being exposed. Pythagoras asks Hercules what he thinks about Jason's so-called destiny, and Hercules notes that he is the fastest man he has ever met and that he is special enough to not turn to stone when looking at Medusa. Hercules says he follows Jason because in doing so, he hopes he will become the man he pretends to be. Pythgoras says that he loves the both of them and are the only family he has.

The Atlantis trio come across Pasiphae's camp and decide to intrude under the cover of nightfall. They're able to get in and retrieve the Palladium but are spotted by Pasiphae while making their escape. She orders her men after them and the Atlantis Trio are forced to make their escape via a giant catapult which sends them into the ocean.

The next day, the Atlantis Trio are caught up to by Pasiphae's men and engage in battle once again. Jason is injured with an arrow by the soldier whose life he had previously spared. Hercules kills him and Pythagoras examines Jason's wound after removing the arrow. Jason tells his friends to leave him there and bring the Palladium back to Ariadne, preferring death over failing her, but they refuse to leave him behind. They help Jason along and decide to take refuge in a cave, hoping that Pasiphe and her men will pass them by.

On the way to the cave, the Atlantis trio have to cross a rickety bridge which Hercules cuts after they make it across in order to slow down their followers. Once in the cave, Pythagoras prepares to redress Jason's wound. Pasiphae performs magic to cause a rockslide that blocks the Atlantis Trio from making it out that entrance. She tells her men it is time to march on Atlantis. Ariadne receives news that Pasiphae's men will reach the city by nightfall.

The Atlantis Trio make their way through the cave in search of a way out. Sarpedon tries to get Ariadne to flee the city but she refuses to abandon her people, also holding on to faith that Jason will return. The Atlantis soldiers that fled the city are apprehended by Pasiphae's men and brought to her to be questioned. They say that they only fled because the Palladium was stolen. Pasiphae orders them to be released and word to be give out that safe passage will be granted to all Atlantians that wish to flee.

Meanwhile, the Atlantis Trio are unknowingly being pursued in the cave by a Cyclops.

Atlantis S2E2 "A New Dawn: Part Two" will air on Saturday, Nov 22, on BBC One at 20:15.


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