Atlantis S2E2 - "A New Dawn: Part Two" Recap

Pasiphae's army unleashes their attack on Atlantis while Hercules and Pythagoras carry an injured Jason through the cave while being followed by a cyclops. Hercules decides to fight the cyclops alone while Pythagoras continues to move Jason and Hercules is able to blind and injure the cyclops before catching up to his friends. They're able to escape from the cave by jumping into a body of water that leads them out.

Lord Sarpedon admits his betrayal to Ariadne, who orders him to be locked up. Jason, Pythagoras, and Hercules run into the deserters while on the way back to Atlantis. Jason shows that he has the Palladium, causing all of the deserters to kneel. Ariadne sends Lord Sarpedon back to Pasiphae to be a double agent but he fails to kill her, as Medea reveals magical abilities that stop him from completing his mission, and Pasiphae executes him herself.

Jason and the others return to Atlantis and bring the Palladium back to Ariadne. The battle resumes and the deserters return just in time to help the forces of Atlantis defeat Pasiphae's army, forcing them to retreat. There is a moment where one of Pasiphae's men is about to shoot Jason but Hercules sees her kill him first so Jason is spared. He keeps this secret to himself but appears alarmed at what and why this happened.

Ariadne tearfully tells Jason that she won't be able to be with him since he is not of noble blood and she needs to maintain the good opinion of the other nobles so they do not turn against her in the fight against Pasiphae. Meanwhile, Hercules goes to the Oracle to ask why Pasiphae saved Jason's life and she denies knowing anything. He says he will ask Jason if she doesn't tell him so the Oracle admits that Pasiphae is Jason's mother. Meanwhile, Ariadne orders her general to hunt down Pasiphae and her army, and to kill Pasiphae as soon as she is caught.

Atlantis S2E3 will air on Saturday, November 29, on BBC One at 20:15.


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