Cloaks #02 Review

Picking up right where #01 left off, we find Adam reunited with his not-actually-dead father-figure, Blackstone. Though he's rightfully cross at having been deceived all these years, he's not so quick to want to rehash old times just yet. Adam accepts the offer to join the CLOAKS organisation and begins his training to become a super-spy. But before he can even fully acclimate to this abrupt change in his life, CLOAKS is attacked by rouge agents and Adam meets his first assignment sooner than expected.

Cloaks #02 starts off a little slow but the pace picks up as it continues on, particularly in the second half. Artist Mariano Navarro effectively infused warmth into the flashback sequence through the alterations in the colour scheme. The only thing that threw us off was how bafflingly short Evy's skirt was later on in the story. If it's cold enough to be wearing a long-sleeved fur coat, it seems illogical to wear a dress/skirt that is so high that any sudden movement threatens to expose a cheek or two. Putting that aside, by the end we were quite enjoying Evy. Writer Caleb Monroe composed a character that was sharp, calculating, with just enough malice and bite to generate interest into what trouble she'll stir up next.

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