Cloaks #03 Review

Adam must mentally re-trace his steps to determine how to find Evy, what it is she's up to, and who she will go after next. The first target in question is Danielle Fisher, who has a highly developed eidetic memory, which Adam is quite certain is a weapon Evy wants in her arsenal. Along the way to save her and other potential candidates, Adam reveals slivers of his childhood and back story.

Writer Caleb Monroe did an excellent job taking readers through Adam's cognitive process to decoding Evy's actions. We'd still like a bit more character development for Adam. He's somewhat lacking in stand-out personality traits, and flaws in particular, thereby making it feel as though he's flirting with 'Mary Sue' territory. Artist Mariano Navarro followed up to that awesome full-page parkour sequence in #01 with even more impressive artwork. His art nicely accompanied the narrative during Adam's mental mapping at the beginning but it's the action and fight sequences that were the most exciting of all.

With just one more edition left in this four-part series, the stage is set for another showdown between Adam and Evy. Catch up on our reviews of #01 and #02 and stay tuned for our review of #04.

Cloaks is available for purchase from Boom! Studios.


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