Doctor Who S8E12 (Series 8 Finale) - "Death In Heaven" Recap

Clara is still trapped with the Cyberman in the 3W headquarters in St. Paul's Cathedral. She attempts to  trick the Cyberman into thinking she is The Doctor.

The Doctor is still in shock over the revelation that Missy is the Master. Citizens are snapping selfies with the Cybermen when UNIT, led by Kate Stewart, arrives on scene to apprehend the Cybermen. Unfortunately, St Paul's releases 91 Cybermen. These Cybermen fly off so that one will be over each city and major town in the UK. They will explode and release Cyber pollen over the graveyards and reincarnate the dead as Cybermen.

Danny is still in the Nethersphere. He learns that everyone in the "cloud" will be released back to their decomposing bodies through the use of rainclouds. They will be upgraded to Cybermen.

UNIT knocks Missy and the Doctor out but before he passes out, The Doctor passes on the message to guard the graveyards.

Clara is unable to convince the Cyberman that she is The Doctor but she is saved by Danny, who has been reincarnated as a a Cyberman.

The Doctor is on board a protected UNIT plane and learns from Kate that he has been nominated as President of Earth. He has control of the armies on the planet but is against this. He also believes there is no way to save Earth now.

Missy escapes and kills everyone in the room, including Osgood the scientist. The Doctor confronts Missy and learns that she arranged Clara and his being together. Missy has exploded the side of the aircraft, and the plane is on its way down having been attacked by Cybermen. Clara calls him on the Tardis phone, being at a graveyard with Danny, whom she has learned is a Cyberman. Danny wants her to delete his emotions, wanting the pain to stop. Clara pleads for his help.

Missy teleports out of the plummeting plane while the Doctor has to jump out of the plane and get to falling TARDIS. He gets inside and gets to Clara and Danny in the cemetery. The Doctor tells Clara not to turn Danny's emotions off, saying he will kill her after the fact. Danny insists he will not harm Clara. Danny convinces them to delete his emotions, saying he will be able to offer insight into Missy's plans from the core Cyber hive. After his change, he says that a second rainfall is coming that will convert living humans into Cybermen too.

Missy arrives at the cemetery and gives The Doctor control of the Cyber army as a gift. The Doctor instead gives it Danny, who leads the Cyber army into the sky where they explode and stop the second rainfall. Humanity is saved. Missy gives a set of coordinates that are apparently where Gallifrey is. Clara demands that The Doctor kill Missy so she doesn't repeat what she has done. The Doctor stops Clara, needing to save her soul. The Doctor prepares to kill Missy but a rouge Cyberman does it instead. The Doctor and Clara run over and find Kate lying on the ground, still alive. The Cyberman was a conversion of Kate's father and saved her from the fall out of the plane. The Doctor bids him goodbye with a salute, something he had always hoped to get The Doctor to do when he was still a human.

With Missy's control bracelet, Danny has the option to resurrect himself but he apologetically tells Clara that it can only be used once and has to keep his promises. He sends the child that he accidentally killed through instead. Clara is sad but agrees to help the child find their home. Clara meets with the Doctor and prepares to tell the truth about about Danny not being resurrected. But before she can, The Doctor says he understands that she is back with Danny now and won't want to be flying around anymore, and claims he has found Gallifrey using Missy's coordinates. In truth, Gallifrey was not there. They both maintain their lies to protect the other one when in actuality, they are both in a great deal of pain. The Doctor and Clara say their goodbyes. Clara thanks The Doctor for making her feel special.

In a mid-credits scene, The Doctor hears a knock on the door of the Tardis. He is shocked when Santa Claus comes in and asks what he wants this year.

Doctor Who will return to BBC One in December for a Christmas special, and in 2015 for series 9.


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