Gotham S01E09 Recap: Harvey Dent

Gordon brings Selina home with him, but Barbara isn't answering. Selina goes in search of food. She's left Jim a note. Barbara is still haunted by her kidnapping, and dislikes how needy she is. She's gone to find strength. Gordon plans to get Selina's charges dropped for her help, but she's not staying at Barbara's place. Gordon plans to have her stayed at Wayne Manor, but first he has a sketch artist coming.

Blackgate Penitentiary, a dangerous prisoner is about to be transported, and he has some tricks up his sleeve.

Gordon shows Bruce the sketch, its no one he recognizes. If that is our future Joker, then I'm sorely disappointed. Bruce asks if Gordon believes her and he does. Alfred thinks that Selina is no more than a common street criminal, but Gordon points out that she's about the same age as Bruce. Alfred is concerned that Selina's presence will be a danger to Bruce, but she's also the best bet they have to find the man who murdered his parents, so Bruce prepares to welcome her into his home for as long as she needs to stay. Gordon points out that witnesses back out all the time, that the road will no be easy for her, and that the witnesses that choose to stick it out are the ones that are usually care about the victims. Bruce finds Selina in the hallway and the pair make introductions.

In the prison transport vehicle, the prisoner is unlocked when he begins to slump, and found to have some sort of origami in his hand. The guard doesn't know what to make of it, as a car crashes into the vehicle. Armed men take out the guards as the prisoner Hargrove moves to collect his fallen origami. He doesn't look like he was expecting the breaking out.

Dent tells a kid that he screwed up big time. He offers him a chance to get out of the trouble that he's in. If he wins the coin toss he goes free so long as he promises to not get into anymore trouble. The kid wins the toss, and Gordon, Montoya and Allen meet up with Harvey Dent. Gordon asks him about the coin trick, and Dent admits that teens always choose heads. He used a two headed coin.

Back in Dent's office, he wants to know who really killed the Waynes. Gordon presents him with the sketch. It was from a direct eye witness. In court she's useless, but she can certainly be useful to them to find the man behind the killer. Dent has some ideas about who that man is, and he would bet his career that it is LoveCraft. Gordon knows that his witness didn't see the man behind it all. Dent is willing to bet that they can spook the culprit out of hiding with a story that the witness can pinpoint LoveCraft. Gordon isn't comfortable putting Selina in danger, but Dent promises no names and no leaks that will come back on Gordon or Selina.

Harvey thought he was going to have to work their current case alone with Gordon MIA, but at the same time he doesn't want to know where he was. Harvey and Gordon are on the escape case. Hargrove has some serious mental issues and likes to blow things up. He was kept from Gen Pop the entire time. Harvey thinks that Gordon is having girl trouble, and he is, but that's not what's got him distacted.

Bruce and Alfred do a little sparring as Selina watches. Alfred is teaching him to fight in case something bad happens Bruce tells her. She alludes that he's confined in safety, and she tells him that the people in Gotham don't fight with gloves. Selina has come out of her room because she's hungry. Alfred doesn't move to get her fed, and Selina goes off in search of food herself. Alfred warns Bruce off of Selina, he knows she's a shifty one, but Bruce remains intrigued.

Oswald searches around Liza's apartment, wondering what Liza is up to. He looks through her purse, and her bedroom, smelling all of her things. He steals her scarf and gets out of her apartment just before she returns home. When she goes inside, she knows that something is off. She takes a peak outside, but the penguin is gone.

Hargrove's brother knows nothing about his brother's escape. He knows that his brother didn't mean to kill all those people. Harvey points out the buildings that he blew up. He blew up munitions factories and offices. No one was hurt until the last bombing, and he felt so horrible that he turned himself in. He's always had mental issues, and his parents were never able to get him help. His brother is not a bad man, he's just sick and he needs help. At the moment Hargrove completes another bomb. The man who broke him out packages it under a basket full of goodies. The basket is delivered to a group of security guards and they dig in without even really looking at who the sender was. Stuffing their faces full of sweets, one notices the ticking.

Its morning at Wayne Mansion. Selina didn't sleep well in the old house. Bruce noticed that she didn't bring much and offers for Alfred to buy her clothes. Bruce plays twenty questions with Selina, and she answers most of them, but gets a little touchy when he asks about her family. She runs from the room.

Captain Essen isn't happy with the turn of events, not only did Hargrove escape, but now they have a group of dead security guards, and the press is eating it all up, calling him an urban terrorist. They're pulling security footage to see if they can find anything. Hargrove's bomb was used to steal HMX, which is far more explosive than anything he could have possessed before. Essen wants him found and now. Alfred calls Gordon about Selina. She's safe, but he doesn't think its going to work out. Gordon tells her to hold onto her for now, and he'll come when he can.

Butch tells Fish that everything is in place, and cautions him not to get cold feet. Oswald pays Fish a visit. He tells her he's just trying to be friendly. Oswald gets a good whiff from Fish, and its the same perfume that Liza wears. He got what he came for, and Butch finds him to be a creeper, but Fish thinks he's no threat.

Harvey pulls all of Hargrove's Blackgate files. Gordon admits that Barbara left, and he's not sure where she went or if she'll actually come back. Nygma sneaks up on Harvey, someone needs to put a bell on him. He asks them if they play video games, he likes games they present a good puzzle. Harvey gets down to the point. Nygma found a name plate from an abandoned metal factory. Harvey and Gordon head off to investigate.

At the metal factory they find Hargrove. He planted the nameplate as a clue in hopes that they would find him. Maroni's men are gone at the moment. They're the ones who broke him out of the transport and kidnapped him. He had no choice but to do as they said for his brother's protection. They're planning a big job against Falcone. Maroni's men return, and Hargrove barely has a chance to warn Gordon and Harvey before the firing begins. They manage to get Hargrove during the firefight, and take off with Gordon and Harvey chasing after them.

Selina watches the birds, and considers sneaking out. Bruce catches her, telling her that if she wants to leave he can call her a taxi. She isn't leaving yet. He apologizes if talking about her family upset her. She claims that she wasn't upset. Selina spots a picture of Bruce's mother, and thinks she looks nice. She was nice he tells her. Bruce knows that she saw his mother that night, that she saw him do nothing. There was nothing for him to do, not up against a gun. Selina tells him that her mother is famous, but that's just her cover. She's really a secret agent. Bruce is surprised by her admission. She asks if he's every kissed a girl, if he wants to. Before things can go further, Alfred arrives, its study time. Alfred offers Selina to join Bruce, but she'd rather not.

The mayor is very upset about the Hargrove case and looking for someone to blame. Gordon thinks tha the should be looking in the mirror, and the Mayor wishes for enlightenment. The mentally ill Hargrove was in Blackgate, which has no psychiatric services, and therefore they were forced to transport him to outside services, which allowed for his kidnapping. He wants Hargrove found today. Essen wonders what the hell is wrong with Gordon, riling up the Mayor. She tells him that she's had Hargrove's brother and his family put into protective custody, which is great, except Hargrove doesn't know that.

LoveCraft is called into Dent's office. Dent tells him that he finally has the last piece of the puzzle to bring a case against him. Dent tells him that he has an eyewitness that can tie him and others to the Waynes murders. He gives LoveCraft an option, warning that its going to get ugly. LoveCraft thinks he's a fool, and he has no clue what he's dealing with. Dent looses it for a moment, practically frothing at the mouth, and scaring LoveCraft before going back to being mild mannered.

Harvey finds one of the kidnappers. They need to trace the money to the source which isn't Maroni ro even Falcone. Fish steps out of her vehicle, she's meeting with the kidnapper, Gregor. He was one of Niko's men, who is now dead because of Falcone. She reminds him that to hurt Falcone they need to hit his wallet. Gregor will take Falcone's money, if its there like she claims it to be.

Bruce holds his breath underwater, fully clothed. He rushes to the surface to check his time. Selina finds him to be the weirdest kid she's ever met. He's doing it all for training sake. He thinks it teaches him self discipline and strengthens him, but she doesn't think it'll help on the streets of Gotham. Selina sees that Bruce isn't ruthless, and is afraid he wouldn't last five minutes on the streets.

Nygma listens to a gameshow as he works with some explosives. He gets all of the questions right, and finds the use for the type of explosive they obtained. Nygma reports that the sole purpose for that explosive is to penetrate iron, but not for a bank vault. That's old thinking. Harvey concludes the Gotham armory.

At the armory, Hargrove and the men prepare to blow the doors. The bomb is all set, and Hargrove ignites it. Gregor thinks at first that it didn't work, right up until the door falls off. Hargrove asks him to promise that no one else will get hurt, and Gregor make him the empty promise. The men unload the vault of loads of money when Gordon and Harvey arrive with back up. The men are surrounded, and Gordon tells Hargrove that his brother is safe in protective custody. Hargrove inches his way to Gordon and Harvey when Gordon hears a phone going off. He warns everyone away from the getaway vehicle as it explodes. Butch was trying to tie up loose ends, but he failed.

Selina throws a bagel at Bruce, betting him that he can't hit her. He wants to know why he should try. She tells him if he can hit her with a roll, he can kiss her. It's game on as the pair throw baked goods at eachother. Alfred goes in to see what the commotion is about, but he doesn't interrupt. For once, Bruce is acting like a child. Gordon calls Alfred apologizing for not getting out there sooner. Alfred tells him that it's actually fine. Selina has been a breath of fresh air.

Liza goes back to her apartment once more, and finds Penguin seated inside. He apologizes for the intrusion. She knows who he is, and warns him that Falcone would kill him if he found him in there. Perhaps, but Penguin tells her that he knows that she's working for Fish. She alludes that he has no proof, but the seeds of doubt he could plant would be enough either way. Liza puts on a brave face, but when Penguin picks up the phone to call Falcone, Liza stops him. Penguin tells her that he wants her to continue to work for Fish and keep her mouth shut.

Dent reports to Gordon how his meeting with LoveCraft went. He knows that he's involved by the fear in his eyes. LoveCraft spread his story around, so some of the big fish in town should be aware now too. Gordon presses the importance of them working together and remaining a team. Harvey has finished with Hargrove. He's headed to Arkham along with the other Blackgate prisioners with mental issues. Arkham is going to house the criminally insane. Gordon knows that they won't get appropriate treatment. Hargrove also told them that the bomb that blew up the truck wasn't his.

Fish asks Butch how things went. There were cops everywhere. He had to make the call. He reports to her that Gregor and everyone was dead. Butch asks if she's upset about the money. It was never about the money, but to hurt Falcone.

The mayor makes a press conference about the tragedy that the city has had to recently endure. They should have never had anything like that happen, and all because of an oversight. He's moved up plans to have inmates transferred from Blackgate to the recently renovated Arkham asylum. Hargrove arrives at Arkham with a few busloads of others.

Gordon reaches out to Barbara, leaving her a message. He got her letter, and he knows she needs time away from Gotham, from him, but he wants her to come. He needs her to come, he has nothing without her, and he loves her. Barbara is lying in a nice cozy bed, Montoya's. That dirty, little, lying witch.


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