Gotham S01E10 Recap: Lovecraft

At Wayne Manor, a pair of assassins stalk the grounds. A gardener stumbles upon the female, and she takes him down. She has a henchman open him up, and smears his blood on her forehead. Inside Bruce tries to balance on one of the banisters. He's wobbly. Selina gives him some pointers on balance. She tells him if he really wants to learn balance he needs to go to a bridge in town, and she offers to take him there, but tells him that looking into the reason that his parents died may not be the best thing. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. She asks if he wants to kiss her, and he turns her down. He does, but he knows she's just toying with him. She claims she was just trying to be nice, but Bruce knows she's not nice, which doesn't make her a bad person.

The same assassin woman shows up at the door, dressed normally. She tells Alfred that her car crashed, and he brings her inside as she stumbles. Bruce asks if everything is alright, as the woman spots Selina. Alfred notices something is off, and tells the children to run. They take off, as Alfred fights off the woman's reinforcments. Bruce takes Selina through a secret passage and outside. Bruce is torn between doing as Alfred said and going back for him. Selina doesn't have such qualms. It turns into a fire fight, with Alfred taking a shot to the shoulder. The culprits and the children have gotten away.

There's no sign of the kids, and Gordon wants to know everything that Alfred can tell him as the medics patch him up. There are 50 police in the woods, and more on the streets. All Alfred knows is that Selina lead them to there. Harvey pulled Selina's mugshot off one of the dead assassins and he wants answers, as he recognizes her from the kidnapping case. Gordon hadn't revealed to Harvey yet that Selina was an eye witness to the Wayne's murders. Harvey Dent and the DA office suspects Lovecraft, and Dent thought that he could scare Lovecraft into making a move. Gordon thought she was safe, but she obviously wasn't. Harvey wants to know why he was kept out of the loop, because Gordon knew that he would try to stop him. The Wayne case is closed, but Gordon thinks differently. Alfred turns the attention back to the missing kids. Gordon figures that the kids would run to Gotham. Harvey plans to turn to his contacts, and Alfred joins Harvey.

Bruce wants to call Alfred, but there are no phones Selina pointed out. Bruce thinks that if the cops are there, they'll be safe, but Selina doesn't feel so safe with the cops. Bruce thinks they'll have to call the cops eventually since someone tried to kill her. She thinks they were after him. Bruce is still worried about Alfred. Selina promises to find him a phone once she finds them a safe place to lie low. Bruce appreciates her help, and again Selina tells him that she's just trying to be nice.

At the Falcone Mansion, Penguin is brought in bagged. Falcone wants to know how Maroni knew where his money was. Penguin alludes that he could have just called. Falcone asks again. Penguin tells him that it was not Maroni who did the vault robbery. Penguin would have known if if had been. Falcone wonders who it could have been instead. Liza comes in with tea, but Falcone excuses her. Penguin suspects who knew about the money. Penguin is sure that there is a mole, and he plans to weed him out, furthermore he knows that when the mole is found it will belong to Fish. Falcone gives Penguin the chance to prove himself.

Harrold drives Penguin home, he doesn't get the master plan. He doesn't understand why Penguin didn't expose Liza. It's all about timing, and Liza is a time bomb.

Gordon heads over to Dent's office. He's angered that his witness was exposed. Dent sees it as a win, that Lovecraft is one step closer to exposing himself. Gordon tells him that professional assassins were sent after Selina and Bruce. Dent missteps, he never mentioned Gordon's name aloud, but he may have leaked it to select sources for credibility. Dent is okay with a butt kicking and taking a little bit of heat so long as it keeps Lovecraft on the run. Dent gives Gordon one possible location where Lovecraft is.

Harvey questions one of Cat's associates. He's tight lipped, but Alfred loosens his lips with a few Benjamins. Fish is the likeliest source.

Falcone is having a little family lunch when he walks over and shoots one of the men in the head. He was in charge of the stolen money, so although Falcone liked him, he lost his worth. Fish looks more than a little scared, and everyone else looks sobered. Falcone alludes that the man may have looked the other way, and that anyone else involved will wish that they died quickly. Everyone will contribute 25% more until the reserves are rebuilt. There's a little squirming by some members, Falcone asks Fish if its fair, and she says that they're family, that they should help each other and trust each other. Falcone makes a big statement that the others should be more like Fish, and trust in him so he will trust in them. Lunch is served, and the body remains.

Bruce spots a phone, still desperate to get a hold of Alfred. He's really the only family that Bruce has left, and not just a butler. Selina tells Bruce goodbye, she knows the assassins were after her, and he's free to go home to his life. She was playing with him earlier, and he was right about her. She's not nice, but he was good company, which is why she said that he was a target so they could hang out longer. She's ready to disappear, but Bruce doesn't want her to. When Gordon finds the one who killed his parents he needs her to testify. She points out that that will never happen. Selina makes a getaway up the side of the building, and Bruce gives chase. Selina easily jumps across to another building. Bruce hesitates, before going all out to make the same jump. He makes it, but only barely, and Selina has to pull him forward off the ledge before he falls. He asks her not to run again and she agrees not to for the moment, but he has to follow her rules. He agrees. Selina takes him into a warehouse full of kids. It's like their very own underground mall. Ivy watches their arrival.

Fish tries to motivate Butch, who is a little more concerned after Falcone's little display. Butch isn't in the mood for Harvey's arrival. He's looking for information on Cat. Butch doesn't recognize her, and he claims everyone knows Fish. Harvey makes it clear that this is important, but Butch maintains that she's busy. Alfred steps in, and Butch laughs at the thought of Alfred threatening him. Alfred drops him and Fish appears. They're looking for Cat and she's being trailed by professional killers. Fish has heard about her on the streets, and Fish wants to know why she should help find Cat. Alfred tells her that she has Bruce. Fish isn't convinced since it would infringe on her self. Alfred appeals to her honorable side, and Fish agrees to make some calls, but he has to remember her kindness.

Selina dresses Bruce in some less noticeable duds, that make him look more like a bad ass street kid, at least in Selina's mind. Ivy greets Selina, she tells her a little about her life since her father's death. She was adopted upstate, but it didn't take. Ivy seems a little off kilter, when she finds out that the cute boy at Selina's side is Bruce Wayne. Selina steps lightly, and Ivy doesn't blame Bruce exactly for her father's death, it wasn't his fault. At the first opportunity Selina gets Bruce away, and doesn't look back. Ivy scares Selina, which is saying a lot, and I don't blame her in the least. That kid give me the creeps.

Gordon checks out Lovecraft's mistress's house. The place appears to be empty, but it isn't quite empty. Lovecraft is there. Gordon goes to arrest Lovecraft for attempted murder on Selina Kyle. He's been hiding as well. The assassins came after him as well, Lovecraft claims that he's not the big wheel, just a cog. Lovecraft has a few files he tells Gordon that he obtained shortly before the Wayne's murders. Gordon hears a noise outside, its the assassins. They've come for Lovecraft. Gordon feigns surrender, but he takes on the pair. The woman has Gordon pinned, she knocks him out, Lovecraft has a chance to get away. Gordon awakes on the floor to his phone ringing. Harvey tells Gordon that the kids were linked to a place called the Factory, they're headed that way. Gordon goes to check on Lovecraft. He didn't get far. Gordon finds him forever silenced with a bullet hole in his forehead, and it looks like Gordon's gun is the weapon. Gordon calls it in.

Selina and Bruce roam the streets. She heads to see Clive, a fencer. She delivers a pocketful of goods, hushing Bruce. Clive tries to low ball her, and Selina doesn't appreciate it. Bruce even tells him how expensive the items are that she has, but Clive continues with his low price. Selina sensing that things are going south goes to grab her items and go, but Clive is enjoying her company. He says that he has some friends who would be interested in meeting her. Clive has his thugs stash Selina and Bruce in a room, locking them in. The pair immediately get to work to escape out the top. The assassins arrive to deal with Clive. They're paying good money for Selina, and Clive hands over the key to the room. She warns him that she had better be in the room. Selina has climbed to the top, she just needs to get the window open. The assassin's henchman draws closer, but Selina has the window on its way open. He makes it to the door and see the open window. Cat knocks him out. They didn't go up, but out the door. The pair spots the Assassin with Clive, and make the decision to hide out instead.

Alfred and Harvey arrive, and Alfred is in the mood to take no hostages, he opens fire. Harvey seems to be the only one willing to wait for backup. Alfred forges ahead looking for Bruce. Gordon arrives to give him back up. Bruce tries to buy Selina time to get away, but finds himself on the end of the Assassin's gun. Selina is so close to getting away. The Assassin doesn't want to kill Bruce, and he tells her that Selina is gone. She gives him a bit of advice, don't mistake Bravery for good sense. She doesn't pull the trigger, and Alfred arrives. The two are happily reunited. Gordon places cuffs on one, and he's relieved to see Bruce is safe with Alfred.

The Mayor wants to know how to tell the media about Lovecraft's death. Lovecraft was a crook, and he was killed by the people he was probably working for. Gordon isn't taking the fall for his death. The mayor could spin suicide, but the fact that he was killed by Gordon's gun makes it sticky. He wants Dent's opinion. Dent is at his disposal. The Mayor thinks them arrogant clowns, for trying to take them all down. Two scapegoats would be too much, obviously its Gordon that will take the fall. Dent knows how to walk the edge, he knows where the edge is, Gordon doesn't know where the edge is. Gordon rises and tells the Mayor to kiss his ass.

At Mayor James's press conference he calls Lovecraft's suicide a terrible tragedy. Fighting the trumped up charges of a police officer was too much for him. And the Mayor promises that the officer will be dealt with.

Gordon packs up his desk. He's been reassigned to Arkham asylum, its either that or he has to quit the force all together, and he's not quitting. Nygma asks Gordon if the rumors are true, they are. He tells him that he will write a letter to the boss, but Gordon tells him not to get involved. Nygma hugs him, and Harvey tells him that he should take Nygma with him. Nygma would be missed. Harvey offers to buy him a drink sometime, the end of their partnership is the most tragic of things!

Bruce looks over his web of clues. His security still sucks Selina tells him. She came back to say goodbye, since she didn't want to be rude. She gives him back all the things that she stole from his home. He thanks her, but he tells her that she could keep the items, she needs them more than he does. She wants to keep things honest between them. She's only keeping one trinket, when Bruce draws close to see what it is, she kisses him. Alfred arrives and Selina makes a getaway. Alfred closes the window, and he takes the bag of things that Selina gave back. The house is all too quiet with Selina gone.

Gordon arrives at his new post at Arkham Asylum.


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