Grimm S04E04 Recap: Dyin' On A Prayer

The men in masks wait outside of the Spice Shop. They make their approach as Elizabeth figures out how Adalind managed to complete the spell. She didn't give Adalind nearly enough credit, not only did she obtain the blood of a Grimm (though it cost her her powers) she went through the ritual to get them back while carrying the heir of a royal, making the baby ΓΌber powerful. A brick crashes through the window, on it is a wolf trap, a warning. It's a warning against their mixed marriage. Monroe wants to call Nick, but he can't help, and Elizabeth suggests that they get back to work to re-Grimm Nick.

Nick cooks up some stir-fry while Juliette goes looking for Trubel. She isn't in her room, and all of her stuff is gone. She's cleaned out everything without a word, only leaving her chess piece behind. Juliette wonders if she did mention her leaving in her own way.

Rosalee goes to gather more spices, and Monroe promises her a honeymoon when the current crisis is complete.

An SUV crashes into a mailbox. A mother puts her son to bed as her drunken ex comes in. He wants to be with his family he claims. He wargs, but his wife isn't backing down. She fights back, and she and the boy manage to get out and into their car. They drive off as the father threatens to kill them all.

Sara Fisher's brother pays her a visit. Ben goes to see his sister, the mother, she and the boy are fine. The doctors are keeping her overnight for a concussion. The boy, David, sits and draws. He has a sprained wrist that he got when he fell. Ben's visit is cut short as visiting hours end, and he vows never again.

Nick rushes off to the trailer. Trubel's stuff is there. She was out checking to make sure that he wasn't followed. She confesses that she didn't tell him everything, which is why she left her black knight. Trubel tells him the Chavez kidnapped her and warged in her face. It wasn't about the FBI, it was about something else. Chavez did question him as well, she was interested in Trubel. Trubel confesses everything, about the secret group, about killing anyone she told. Trubel kept the secret because she feared for Nick and Juliette. Nick thinks that she should come home, her sudden disappearance could signal to them that she told him and then split. Trubel promises to tell Nick everything next.

Monroe tries to find a good explanation for the symbol on the brick. It also use to be used to mark borders or territories, but Rosalee is not buying that explanation. And even with his far out explanation, a lot of Blutbadden perished in the literal wolf trap. Elizabeth announces that they're done for tonight. The potion needs to ferment. She sends the lovebird off for rest, but she still has work to do.

Ben takes out an ancient scroll, and wearing a yamika scoops a little clay into his hand out of a ceremonial jar as he reads an incantation asking for protection for his family.

The drunken ex goes looking for Sara again, and finds himself in an expanding mud puddle. The Golem rises and consumes him. Sara isn't going to be having any trouble with her ex anymore.

Nick and Hank go to the crime scene. Wu was the one who found the body, he was serving the domestic abuse order. Keith's body is completely full of clay, its coming out of ever orifice, and its a whole lot of clay that isn't native to the area. Keith's brother blames Sara for his death, claiming that she hates her ex. He claims that Keith was trying to get his life back together. Hank sends him off to make a statement. He doesn't think that the wife was strong enough to do it unless she's wesen, which means bringing Trubel in on the case.

Ben doesn't want Sara returning home unless Keith is behind bars. Keith never stays behind bars for long. Ben wants Sara and David to come and live with him then. Sara tells him that something comes over his face when he gets angry. Ben tells her that she married a monster. Nick and Hank arrive, and Trubel takes David out while the pair break the news about Keith's death. David plays a little, and Trubel notices that the bad guy keeps winning, the good guy never does. He tells her that his stepdad has a monster that comes out when he gets mad. Trubel tells him about some scary monsters that she's encountered, and how she fought back and defeated them. She tells him that she scared them by believing that he could defeat them would help. Trubel reveals that there were no wargs in the room, but that Keith was wesen. There's no telling what type now, now its a matter of finding what killed him.

Ben goes to Sara's house, and takes a closer look at the clay that marks the spot where Keith was found. The clay looks very familiar.

Back at the trailer, Nick, Hank and Trubel do some research. Trubel wonders how many Grimms there are in the world. Nick hasn't found anything to point to a wesen with a clay MO, and Hank wonders if it even is wesen. Trubel is just getting use to wesen, she's not ready for other things. Ben calls Hank, he's ready to confess to Keith's murder.

Nick and Hank head to the synagogue where Ben is sitting in prayer. He brings the men back to his study. He's been a rabbi for years he explains, and he tells the pair that what he is about to tell them may be hard to understand or believe. Ben begins to talk about raising a Golem, and its history. He shows the men the scrolls,and the jar holding the remains of the Golem. Ben didn't really think so, it was brought in by his former boss. He was so angry that he turned to the scrolls, and unleashed the Golem through prayer. Nick and Hank cannot arrest him with the evidence that they have, belief or not. They agree to take the jar of clay.

The clay is a match, but building a case will be much harder. Captain Renard comes back to a round of applause. Coming back from the dead has been eye opening for him, and he's grateful to be back.

Ben takes Sara home, trying to explain to her what happened to Keith. She doesn't him. She doesn't think that he killed Keith, nor that a golem is responsible. Sara thinks that whatever happened to him that he deserved. They go inside, and find Keith's brother Nate sitting and waiting. He knows that either Sara or Ben are responsible. He wargs in front of David scaring him, as Sara calls the police to report that he's in her home attacking them. He promises to return and find out how they killed his brother.

Nick and Hank get the notification that there was another attack on Sara. Wu has troubled thoughts. He heads to the Captain's office. He's glad to have him back, and he needs to talk. He asks if Renard has read the report, and he has. He thanks Wu for getting him into the ambulance so quickly. Wu asks about Trubel, and Renard is aware of the girl. Wu tells him that the girl was suspected in a homicide, and he thinks that he's been protecting her. Wu doesn't like going over Nick, but he's troubled by Trubel. Renard promises to look into it.

Sara tells Nick and Hank that Nate was there. Ben is less concerned about his assault on him, and more on the promise that he would return and do worse. Nick and Hank plan to head to Nate's and Ben will go with them to the remote location. David asks Nick if Theresa can come visit, that she sees the monsters too.

In Austria, Adalind continues her journey. She thought that she would be to the top by now. Her asking awakens the walls, who claim to know where her baby is. Her guide wants them to continue on, but Adalind wants to know more about her baby. Adalind has a min breakdown, and the walls begin to weep, filling the stairway with water. She begs then to stop crying, but they won't.

Monroe and Rosalee come back to the Spice Shop to find Adalind there. Monroe is ready to go on the attack, but Rosalee puts it all together. Elizabeth has cracked the spell. They have almost everything that they need, there's one final thing, but its not up to them.

The stairwell is full of water, and Adalind struggles to swim her way out.

Nate finds himself stuck. The wheels of his truck spin but go nowhere, stuck in the clay. Nate goes out to investigate and finds the clay holding him back.

Nick, Hank, and Ben arrive to find Nate enveloped in clay. Hank asks Ben why he didn't call the Golem back. The golem isn't exactly an assassin , but a kick ass guardian angel. Anytime David feels threatened, the Golem will go into action. Ben plans to look into his scroll, and Hank will call off the police from the house for protection.

Trubel arrives to play with David.

Ben tells Hank and David the only way that he knows to get rid of the Golem. With the name of God written on a piece of paper he has to put the paper in its mouth. There isn't a way to call the Golem to them, so they're forced to scare the kid.

Nick calls Trubel and lets her know that they're coming back. Ben is ready to scare David, but he's worried about his sister. She doesn't believe in the Golem. Ben doesn't want to scare his nephew, but he has no choice. Nick and Hank send David out with Trubel and Nick to see Ben. Hank stays inside to talk to Sara about Nate. Ben apologizes for what is about to happen. Nick asks why he lied to all of them. Nick warns him that he's going to have to arrest the child. Ben protests loudly, and Sara wants to run out to protect her child. The Golem rises behind Nick, and Ben jumps to place the name of God in the monster's mouth. The Golem knocks Ben away and goes after Nick. Trubel launches an attack on the Golem. Ben holds back Sara to protect her, and David attacks his protector to save Trubel. David is victorious against his monster. Nick vows to never yell at another child.

Juliette gets the after story. The Golem was the result of prayer. If David hadn't turned on his protector they wouldn't be there. A knock at the door reveals Monroe, Rosalee and Elizabeth. They're ready to get his Grimm back. There's a key ingredient missing, one he's not going to like: Juliette.  


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