Grimm S04E05 Recap: Cry Luison

The trio have come with good/bad news. To re-Grimm Nick, she has to do what Adalind did, everything that Adalind did. She has to breathe in the potion, and make love to Nick. When she takes the potion she will be transformed into Adalind.

Adalind struggles against the voices in the water. She's suddenly out of the water. Her guide warned her against listening to the voices. They told her what she wanted to hear. Adalind hears a baby crying and she goes in search of it.

A woman, Ava, worries that she isn't safe. The man promises her as he gives her some pills to help her sleep. He tells her that she will feel better in the morning.

Juliette gets the dirty details. To break Adalind's spell is to do everything backwards. Nick doesn't want to put Juliette through this mess, but its the only way to reverse it. Without reversing it, there could be continued side effects. Both Nick and Juliette are apprehensive, but Trubel tells him they need to just get it done. Juliette points out that to be a grimm, this is the only way. Nick needs time to think it over, but Elizabeth warns him that if he changes his mind he doesn't have much time left, she isn't staying. Trubel heads off to bed as everyone else leaves. Nick thinks a normal life sounds good, and Juliette isn't sure they can go back.

Ava tries to get away when she sees a cat man. She's having trouble believing in him, but he's there to help. He tries to get her to drink, but she gets away. The man wakes, hearing her commotion. Ava makes it to her car in a panic, driving away. The cat continues to taunt her, haunting her. Ava hits a night jogger, and crashes her car. The cat is right outside of her car.

Trubel comes down for breakfast in a bit of a huff. She's been thinking about the reasons that Nick no longer wants to be a Grimm, but she doesn't think its a good idea to stick around. It only puts Nick and Juliette in danger. Bud comes, and he's heard about Nick having lost his Grimm. He offers his condolences, and asks about Trubel. Bud asks if Trubel is willing to help him, since Nick is no longer able to. It's not a police matter, but rather a bully matter. His kid is being bullied by another wesen, and he wants Trubel to take care of it. Nick leaves, and Bud confesses that Nick is in trouble. He spilled the beans, and the news that Nick was grimless spread like rapid-fire all the way to Shaw, who has a grudge against Nick.

Elizabeth approves of Renard's new home with enhanced security. She warns him that she can only save him that way once. Renard suspects that Trubel is a grimm. Elizabeth feels that her son is going to tell her where her grandchild is, and he tells her that the baby is with Nick's mother.

Nick and Hank go to another crime scene. Hank thinks sooner or later people are going to start asking questions about Trubel, and possibly Nick, but its not like he can really explain his current situation. Wu fills them in about the wacky story, and Ava's screaming about a talking wolf. Wu is so close to knowing the truth, the guys just need to let him in.

Adalind continues running, but she loses the sound of the baby. The poor girl just wants her baby back, but she's not going to find it there either. She reaches the end of the hall and finds a door. It opens and inside is her, with the head of her guide on a platter covered in rats.

Bud takes Trubel to Joe's shop. Trubel gets physical to hear the story, and Shaws location.

Gabriel sits by Ava's bedside. She had to be sedated when she found out that the man that she hit died. He tells Hank and Nick that his wife was recently diagnosed with a severe mental illness. He tried to stop her, but he didn't make it. He takes them back to the house, and recants what he heard and saw, which wasn't much. Ava has seen the wolf before, she says it looks like a man with a wolf head that talks. It terrifies her. She told him about it six months prior when they moved there. She traveled a lot around. When they moved there her illness came on rapidly. The house was inherited. The housekeeping staff quit when she got sick, and Gabriel himself is an MD. Nick isn't sure she's out of her mind, and Hank is pointed towards a wesen connection. Nick wishes he could see them, rather than suspect them.

Bud and his friend take Trubel to Shaw's house. They pair are ready to make a break for it, but Trubel is out of the car before they can stop her. Shaw isn't a Nick fan, and he's ready to teach Trubel and Bud a lesson for meddling. Trubel is way more than he bargained for. Shaw quickly realizes his mistake, and Trubel unsheathes her blade. Shaw crumbles in tears, and he promises to leave Nick alone. Trubel slashes him, and warns him that this is the end. She knows that there will be others.

Ava's psychiatrist tells Nick and Hank that they have tried a variety of medications. She gives the men some of Ava's drawings, and tells them that should they charge Ava with a crime, she will testify that Ava should be institutionalized rather than thrown into jail.

Josh comes home to find the house sacked. His father's remains are in his hand, and he's bringing him home. Some men hear him come in, and they come downstairs to find Josh. He throws his father's ashes at them, as they warg. He barely makes it out.

Nick and Hank show Monroe and Rosalee Ava's drawings. He tells them that it is a Luison, they're from South America most often. They get a call, Ava is awake. She's not being arrested. She tells them that she didn't even see the jogger. Ava goes into detail about the wolf, that he tried to make her drink, and how she tried to get away from him. She thinks that she's losing her mind. The wolf pretends to be kind, but she knows that he's trying to kill her. Her husband will not let that happen he says.

Nick and Hank have found nothing on her husband, but he has the most to gain. There is a hearing to see if Gabriel gets control of the estate. Renard asks if he plans to use Theresa, she saved him, and he's feeling a little protective towards her. Renard warns Nick that he's going to have to get off the fence soon, or give up the Wesen cases, and figure out what to do about Wu.

Josh calls Nick to let him know what happened. Nick advises Josh to get out of there, and call it in as a robbery, because no one will believe the Grimm angle. The wesen close in and Josh makes a run for it.

The guide warned Adalind not to go back. He warns her not to turn back. To go through the door to the otherside, he is the key he tells her, she just needs to hurry through to freedom. He turns into a literal key, and Adalind opens the door to a nursery. Adalind makes it across the room, but before she can make it through to the next door, Adalind hears a baby. She thinks that it is Diana, and she's so happy to have found her baby, but its not. Its a pig, and Adalind failed. She falls.

Nick tries to lay out a plan on how to find the Luison. The courthouse won't work, there are too many people. Hank thinks that he should go into the house while Gabriel is at court. Monroe heads in trying to smell the distinctive Luison scent. He opens the door, and gets a good whiff. He follows the scent up to the attic. Up there, there are several pairs of shoes and suits. Gabriel comes home. Monroe calls Nick, he was suppose to warn him when Gabriel was done. He was planning on it, but Gabriel isn't done. There's more than one of him. Gabriel comes upstairs with his suit, and Monroe barely escapes out the window.

Monroe looks at a mugshot of Gabriel. That was definitely the man that he saw. Twins is what they think, but there are no records of siblings. They have to make Ava think that its masks, if they want to save her previous psyche.

Gabriel prepares Ava for bed. She's worried about seeing the Luison again, but he gives her meds, and sends her to bed.

Monroe jumps out at Gabriel. He calls him a Luison, and Gabriel wargs. Monroe wargs too, and Nick knocks him out. There's not just two Gabriel's but three. The actual Gabriel wargs, and Ava awakens. He comes down and sees a mask on the counter. He claims to not understand what is happening. Nick and Monroe knows exactly what he did. He claims that they cannot do anything about it, but there's a lot. Gabriel and his brothers are arrested. They tried to drive Ava mad for her money. Josh calls again, he's on a bus trying to get away. He doesn't have the key, or the power, he just wants a normal life.

Adalind falls all the way down into the dungeon. She's broken inside. Victor asks if she's done and ready to be compliant. She is. He wants to get their child back

Monroe celebrates with a little pinot. He's still having a hard time making the Grimm decision. He doesn't want Juliette to have to continue to have to worry about him, them, and their friends. He does have to admit that packing up and leaving and starting a family is appealing. Monroe understands if he makes that decision. But Nick does miss being a Grimm and he's pissed that it was taken away. Juliette, Rosalee and Hank arrive to celebrate, but the celebration is cut short. There's a fire outside. Someone has sent Monroe and Rosalee another wesen sign against their marriage. Hank takes the newlyweds inside, and Juliette is pissed. She's ready for Nick to get his Grimm back.


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