Haven S5E10 - "Mortality" Recap

Haven is under quarantine due to the contagion that is going after troubled people. Rebecca and Stan are guarding the only exit/entrance for Haven. Audrey nearly fails to get out but Nathan is able to get her through the barricade. Together, they must find the source of the contagion. Audrey has also developed a cough, so things are picking up. All of the infected people had food poisoning so they decide to look at the delivery guy who had voluntarily checked into jail a few days ago.

Dwight brings Charlotte out to an open field for her to do a bit of target practice. The way to show her the trouble is to show her his. He stands next to her and has her fire her gun at a target in front of her. When he gets shot, he segways it into an introduction to the troubles. To further prove his point, he calls in another troubled person to rapidly rot a banana.

Duke is most focused on getting Charlotte out of Haven and decides to let Mara out of her chains in order to help get it done. She continues to try to prove his claims wrong but nothing's really supporting her theories. He tells her if she's going to help, she needs to believe.

Nathan and Audrey go to question Victor, and learns that his trouble is to see the manner of eventual death of the people he touches. Victor is not the source, he is simply another victim of the disease. He must have caught it during one of his deliveries so they need his list. He wants to end his life, not wanting to see so much death, but Audrey and Nathan talk him down. Nathan leaves momentarily, and Audrey begins to cough. When Victor tries to help her, he tells her that her and her twin sister go at the same time. This is likely in reference to Mara.

Duke and Mara are heading to the quarantine border. Mara is chained up in the back of the truck to be hidden from outsiders. Stan asks to check the car, and Duke employs all his slipperiness to say that he has some contraband to keep him from going in there. He bribes Stan with a bottle of illegal Jamaican rum and Stan is plenty happy to let Duke drive on through.

Charlotte is talking things out with Dwight and decides that she may be able to try to develop a vaccine for the contagion and possibly even the troubles themselves. But in order to do so, she will need some of the aether, as it is the source of the troubles.

Audrey is having an existential crisis before her cough worsens, leading Nathan to take her to the hospital to get some tests run. Nathan must work the case alone for now. It's determined that Audrey is troubled but they have yet to know what exactly it is.

Duke and Mara have gone to Haven PD to find the aether and Duke attempts to break into the safe. But before he can, he and Mara have to hide under a desk, as Dwight comes in to retrieve the aether to bring to Charlotte.

Nathan determines that Pete the doctor is the source of the contagion. Another activated trouble kills the person responsible and two others in the morgue. Nathan tries to get Pete to control his emotions to reel everything in but Pete is more focused on his calculations, further stressing him.

Mara and Duke head to the hospital to try to get the aether. A guard member, Kirk, is particularly angry about what is going on and ends up knocked out by Duke. This and Kirk's infection triggers Kirk's trouble, which is to suck all oxygen out of the building. Nathan hooks Pete up to an oxygen tank and tells him to get out. Nathan goes to Audrey, trying to get her out, but passes out before he can do so, though he is able to hook her up to some oxygen first. Everyone is being evacuated. Duke uses his free-diving skills to go into the oxygen-less area. Mara is looking for the aether but ends up in a brief fight with Dwight who takes the aether from her hand. Dwight passes out, while Duke saves a passed-out Mara.

When they reach the parking lot, Pete confronts Duke, begging Duke to kill him to stop the trouble. Duke doesn't want to kill anyone but Mara stabs Pete in the neck with a hidden screwdriver. She goads him into finishing Pete off and end his trouble or else Pete will die in vain. Everyone still alive is saved and Dwight still has the aether. Charlotte promises that she will be able to cure everyone. However, Audrey is still sick. Nathan and Audrey wonder how this is possible.

Meanwhile, Vince has used a guard contact in the government to try and get the CDC out of Haven. There's just one problem - the CDC denies having any personnel in Haven. Who is Charlotte Cross?

Haven airs on Fridays on Syfy at 7PM.


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