Haven S5E11 - "Reflections" Recap

Dwight tells Nathan that Pete's body was found in a dumpster near the hospital and relays this information to Audrey, who is still sick but working nonetheless. They know that Duke killed him because the time of death aligns with when the trouble ended. Duke is missing, as is Mara, though she's still chained up in Duke's custody. Duke is struggling because according to the journal, there are no other troubles he can release that won't have devastating consequences.

There's a new case to be death with, of a woman whose body fell apart. Vince tells Dwight what he learned about Charlotte not working for the CDC but Dwight doesn't want to believe it. He still thinks she can help all the troubled people using science to find a cure. Audrey begins coughing while questioning the owner of the bakery that the woman, Marcy, worked and died in. A concerned Nathan sends her to see Charlotte, who takes a blood sample and gives her a shot of vitamin B12. When Audrey asks why she hasn't exposed them, Charlotte says that she needs proof to convince anyone of what she has seen. She also shares the information that the victim, Marcy, didn't bear the same genetic marker as the other (troubled) people so it must be someone else's trouble.

Duke takes a nap and wakes to find that Mara has escaped from her cuffs. She calls him to say that she wants to help and that he should open the door. When he does, Mara is waiting there with groceries. Duke calls Nathan to ask for help by brining him some more aether but Nathan tells him that he won't because Mara cannot be trusted. Nathan refuses to change his mind even when Duke says that this is the only way to help him and all of Haven. Nathan goes to see Vince while Audrey heads to the hospital to look in on the next victim of the trouble, a boy named Terrence.

Vince tells Nathan about Charlotte's lie and goes to visit her. Vince calls her during the visit to create a diversion so Nathan can steal some hair from her hairbrush for a DNA analysis. Duke was unable to steal the aether because it was missing from Dwight's safe. Mara makes him believe that it was Nathan who had it moved and that now he must release a trouble since there is no other option. Dwight confronts Nathan about the aether but Nathan denies doing so and they begin to believe that Duke stole it.

Charlotte tells Audrey that she examined the protein markers in Audrey's blood and that she is going through rapid waves of deterioration at a cellular level. But since Audrey's feeling better she keeps working. She determines that the troubled person is Samantha, the daughter of the bakery owner (who is enormously prejudiced against troubled people).

Mara coaches Duke through releasing a trouble and the one to be released is the Egan family curse that makes the house into an oven. The house becomes heated and Mara tells Duke that he released this trouble because he feels isolated and alone like the little boy who felt abandoned. Duke doesn't want to leave and save himself, believing that he'll be dead and that this is better than him killing a bunch of innocent people. Mara kisses Duke and the trouble stops, since he now believes that Mara cares about him and the two have sex.

Audrey, Samantha's friend Grace, and Charlotte all go to see Samantha, who pleads for them to help her mother who has transformed into a little girl. The trouble is related to self-esteem and transforms people into how they feel on the inside. Audrey reassures Samantha's mother that she doesn't need to be scared and she changes back. Samantha's trouble had reversed Audrey's deteriorating condition but it begins again after Audrey talks to Samantha.

Dwight and Nathan review the surveillance footage and find that the person that stole the aether was someone from the guard, though they weren't able to see who exactly it was. Finally, we see Charlotte at Haven hospital remove a file from her briefcase that contains several pictures of Audrey's previous personalities, including Sarah Vernon and Lucy Ripley.

Haven airs on Fridays on Syfy at 7PM.


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