Haven S5E12 - "Chemistry" Recap

Duke's not in the mood to cuddle. He tells Mara he has a theory about where to find the aether and leaves to go hunt for it, leaving Mara to do as she pleases in the cabin. Meanwhile, Vince is still certain that Charlotte is hiding something and is alarmed to learn that she has been working with aether and vows to find a way to prove Charlotte is not how she seems. Nathan's more so concerned for Audrey and her deteriorating health. Her body temperature is low enough that she should be hypothermic. While Audrey is in for a check-up and Charlotte has stepped out to get some B12 shots, Vince comes in to try to steal some proof against Charlotte and finds her folder on all of Audrey's precious incarnations, a revelation that shocks Audrey. Vince had also already taken a DNA sample of Charlotte and sent it to Gloria for analysis. Audrey agrees to team up with Vince to try to uncover the truth and admits to Nathan the truth about her condition.

Duke gets a call from Mara and hears her being attacked so he hurries back to the cabin where he finds her gone and the place torn up. Duke finds some DNA on the scene from Kirk, the oxygen-sucking-out man. Nathan is also on the hunt for Kirk because he believes he was the one who stole the aether from the safe. The two run into one another at Kirk's house when on their own investigations and things are tense, to say the least. Nathan tries to talk Duke down from being so trusting of Mara but Duke refuses to listen, even when Nathan suggests that Mara is working with Kirk, and the two get into a physical confrontation that ends with him hitting Nathan over the head with a wrench.

Audrey and Vince break into Charlotte's car and find that though it is registered to the CDC for a Dr. Charlotte Cross, the DNA sample that Gloria is analysing does not match the DNA of the Charlotte Cross on file. They try to figure out who she is by searching the DMV database, believing this will be the database hardest to fool.

Duke manages to track down Kirk and demands to know where the aether is. In the confrontation, some of Kirk's blood gets on Duke and makes Duke hulk out and kill Kirk. Now Duke has yet another trouble in his already full system. Duke confronts one of Kirk's friends to try to find the aether so Duke's abilities activate, much to his confusion, and upon touching Kirk's friend, Kirk's trouble is transferred to him and the other two people in the trailer are killed as the oxygen is sucked out. Duke is horrified that he was able to transfer Kirk's trouble without any blood being exchanged.

Audrey and Vince discover an exact copy of Sarah's ring in Charlotte's glove compartment and this is enough proof needed to go find Charlotte and confront her, since Audrey and Nathan already have their own copies of it. Nathan and Duke meet at the Gull and then a delivery man arrives with a package for Duke. He opens it and finds the aether canister with Mara's toe in it. Duke realises that this is from Mara herself and was her way of telling him that she has the aether now. Nathan goes off to meet with Audrey while Mara calls Duke to gloat. She got Kirk to steal the aether and now Duke has tied up the loose end by killing him. Mara gets Duke to get emotional and cry but now his tears are aether. Looks like Duke is going to have to keep his emotions in check.

Audrey and Nathan arrive to confront Charlotte and Dwight is there with her, trying to suggest that they have a relationship (oh and they slept together earlier). She claims that the file is something she has to help with Audrey's sickness but then they pull out the ring and Charlotte has to admit the truth. Dwight tells Charlotte about Mara and asks Nathan to bring her the ring, promising to explain everything once he does so. He hands her the ring and is shocked to find that he can feel her. "Charlotte" then drops quite the bomb: she is Audrey/Mara's mother.

Haven airs on Fridays on Syfy at 7PM.


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