Haven S5E8 - "Exposure" Recap

Audrey tells Duke about the ghost-murder and the bloody note but won't give up more information unless he shares information about his mother. He relays the news to Audrey and decides the best course of action is to call the Darkside Seekers for help. Seth is now working alone he arrives solo to Haven to help. He uses his electromagnetic field tracker to determine that Nathan is in the police station with them. Audrey tells Seth to get to work on a device that will allow for two-way communication with Nathan. She also tells Duke to work on getting more information out of Mara. Meanwhile, Audrey carries on working on figuring out the shadow trouble.

Nathan decides to play detective regarding the ghost murder. The other ghost Morgan points him in the direction of a new bearded ghost that appears shifty. Nathan presumes it's Reggie, whom he earlier had a confrontation with. Nathan doesn't bother to realise that Morgan is the one who has motive. If he were to return to the living plane, he would be back in a cancer-ridden body.

Dave has to stay put in the hospital because they want to run a biopsy on a sample from his leg wound. Vince is concerned what the results will say so he sneaks into the lab to try to steal it but is caught doing so. But Dave has Garland Wuornos' badge, which he uses to get Vince out of trouble.

Duke won't give Mara the Crocker journal but she's willing to share what he wants to know if he tells her about his mother. He needs some Bourbon to aid him but eventually, he begins. His mother was largely absent, save for the times that she'd come to pick up welfare checks after Duke's father died. He raised himself, becoming a bit of a criminal along the way, and only saw her once after turning 18. She was on the street in Boston asking for drugs and didn't even recognise him.

Seth gets the translator device set up and tries to test it on on Audrey but she warns him to back off, causing him to put his hands up. This makes Audrey remember that Reggie was on his knees with his hands up when he disappeared but his shadow was standing. She looks through the photos from the farmer's market and finds that the poses in those photos match the shadows exactly. The photographer Amy, is the source of the trouble. Audrey and Seth go to Amy's and confirm it.

Nathan and Morgan have gone to guard headquarter to find Reggie. Reggie and Nathan get into a fight and Morgan shoots Reggie in the back. Amy has noticed a slash in Nathan's jacket and blood on the shirt of the man that was stabbed. So the injuries the ghosts have appear on the photos too. Audrey decides to crossover to save Nathan and has Amy take a photo of her, but it doesn't do anything. Something's missing and they need to figure it out fast.

Nathan and Morgan learn about Amy being the source of the trouble and we learn that this Amy is Morgan's former fiancée. Duke has finished sharing, so Mara says that she made a painting trouble in which the painter's subjects would disappear when the painting was complete. For the subjects to cross over, the pictures need to be printed. Duke relays the information to Audrey.

Amy prints the photo and Audrey is immediately transported to the ghost plane. When she arrives, Nathan has noticed that Morgan was holding a knife in a picture on Amy's mantle that was taken the day he disappeared. Just as he has determined that Morgan is the ghost killer, Morgan knocks him out and takes his gun. So when Audrey goes to help Nathan, Morgan stands over her wielding Nathan's gun.

Morgan communicates to Amy through Seth's ghost machine that she should take a picture of herself and come across to end the trouble. Seth doesn't think she should but Amy does anyway. Morgan's pain over the loss of Morgan was what triggered her trouble. When she sees Audrey and Nathan being held captive and learns of all he has done, she realises that the man she loved no longer exists. All four of them are returned to the corporeal world, as Amy lets him and her grief go. Morgan still has a gun on them but Seth comes in and knocks Morgan out.

Vince and Dave toast their success over cocktails at The Grey Gull but the festivities are short-lived when the CDC arrives. Dave runs off before the woman, Dr. Charlotte Cross, can question him. She asks Vince where he is and Vince claims he's upstate.

Haven airs on Fridays on Syfy at 7PM.


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