Haven S5E9 - "Morbidity" Recap

Dave's dreams are worsening. He is seeing dead people in the woods and that same "Croatoan" tree carving. Dwight has returned to Haven after visiting his dead sister to learn about Audrey's return. He meets Dr. Charlotte Cross of the CDC, who asks for police help in getting Dave back. Dave has called in Chris Brody to try to get Dr. Cross off his case, claiming Dave was stung by a jellyfish. Remember that Chris has that charm trouble. She gives Dave some medication but won't leave Haven, wanting to make sure that it works. She and Dwight makes plans to go on a lobster date.

Audrey and Nathan must deal with a trouble. They're not sure what the rhyme or reason is but it's a set of dancing bear suits that remove the head mask to alternate between seeming empty and appearing as a dead man with a mutilated head. Dwight and Charlotte nearly see them but Nathan deflects them just in time.

Mara is playing mind games with Duke. She employs a bit of full-frontal nudity and tells him that she doesn't know why or how Jennifer died. He blames her for the town's visit from the CDC. She tries to coax him onto her side, saying that his friends will turn against him and that they think that he and Mara are two birds of a feather.

Dwight and Charlotte have a romantic dinner at the Grey Gull. It's all going quite well, they bond over their shared experience serving in the military, when a diner collapses with a fever and strange blisters on his lips. The cover story being used on Charlotte is that it may be food poisoning. The disease is only attacking troubled people and more patients are being brought in to the hospital.

The bear trouble is from a girl named Eve. The man in the bear suit is her dead father. Eve met Lucy, one of Audrey's past versions of herself, who helped her contain her trouble. Audrey learns that Eve was sick (with the same disease running through Haven) and that was how her trouble was triggered.

The problem with the disease is that it causes people to pain and since they are troubled, their troubles get activated. One patient dies because his trouble causes bubbles and sets it off in his IV bag. This sends an air bubble to his brain and Charlotte is not happy to learn that they kept this patient secret, even more so that he's dead.

Mara predicts that the troubles will start being rounded up now that the CDC is in play and that Duke's friends will sell him out. He doesn't believe her.

Charlotte discovers a common genetic thread between all the patients, and Dwight believes she may have found the genetic basis for the troubles, though she chalks it up to coincidence.

Audrey tries to talk Even down from her troubled state but is unsuccessful. She calls Duke and asks to speak to Mara, needing her help. Mara is less than helpful and mostly uses the time to call Audrey names. When Audrey tells Duke that Nathan has started rounding up the sick troubled people, he appears alarmed at Mara's words coming true. She reminds him that what happens next is him getting served up on a silver platter.

Audrey then determines that the bears are supposed to show up for her so she decides to get Eve out of town, which will prevent her from exposing them.

Duke shows up to the morgue and becomes angry at Dwight for what he feels is an ineffective way of handling it. Their argument is cut off by a girl's electrical trouble being set off. With the help of some special gloves, Dwight and Duke put the girl into a cadaver drawer. Charlotte shows up and she's not happy. Banks' autopsy showed up and revealed an air bubble in her brain and believes he was murdered. Then she finds the girl in the drawer and places Haven under quarantine.

Duke has the girl with the electrical trouble take down the cell phone tower, preventing Charlotte from calling out. Dwight is following her through town and trying to talk her down. She is cornered by him, Duke, Nathan, and other folks. She goes to hide in the Haven Herald office. Duke wants to throw her in a hole with Mara but Dwight does not approve of this plan, opting to taze Duke instead. He calls Duke out for caring only about himself and Nathan for only caring about Audrey. Nathan warns Dwight that he needs a plan and Dwight claims he does.

Duke returns to Mara, saying that things are bad and no longer believing his friends have his back.

Haven airs on Fridays on Syfy at 7PM.


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