How To Get Away With Murder S1E6 - "Freakin' Whack-a-Mole" Recap

Annalise is distracted during her lesson, which Wes is not present for after his and Annalise's falling out over Sam's photo and the wallpaper. Bonnie comes with news that causes Annalise to dismiss the class, minus the Keating Five. A client of Annalise's, David Allen, in on death row for supposedly murdering his girlfriend. They have been granted a hearing at which they can present new evidence to appeal his sentence, and have only 72 hours to gather things.

During the investigation, the Keating Five discovers that Asher's father, Judge Millstone, was the judge on the original case. Annalise pays a visit to Wes, who blackmails her into getting Rebecca back by whatever means necessary. If she doesn't, he will go to the police with what he knows. Frank and Laurel are still dancing around one another, which hasn't gone unnoticed by Bonnie. Annalise asks Frank to track down Rebecca but not make contact with her. The Keating Five, including Wes, all head out to question people and keep at it with the research.

Connor and Michaela learn that there were suspicions about perjury but Judge Millstone appears to have buried it. Asher doesn't believe his father could have done this at first but then he goes through his office and looks through the records he has kept and finds a missing entry. Asher later confronts his father about the David Allen case, noting how it was right after this case that he was promoted to federal judge. It's clear that his father did cover up the perjury and his father yells at him for being ungrateful, while Asher is left with the harsh reality of what his father has done.

Annalise wants to talk to a drug addict that had been David's alibi but Bonnie delivers the bad news that he overdosed fifteen months ago. Asher goes to Annalise with the information he has on his father. The only thing he wants in return is for his father to be spared and the trophy, something Annalise is more than willing to give him. The team then spend the rest of the night up going through all the files trying to find more to help their case. When everyone has fallen asleep, Laurel follows Frank to the door to try to flirt answers out of him as to whether he's looking for Rebecca. He won't share the information and leaves. Bonnie then pulls Laurel aside and warns her to stop leading Frank on. She says that Frank will be hurt when he realises he doesn't have a shot with Laurel and she shouldn't let this ruin her standing on the team.

Asher trips onto the clue that breaks the case. They determine that the key eye-witness lived in a building owned by Senator Trucco, whom David's murdered girlfriend had filed a junction against in regards to a housing project that would have displaced several lower-income people that were mostly black.

The hearing is underway and Annalise destroys the credibility of the witness who gave the false testimony. She then has them subpoena Senator Trucco to testify in the case. She lays it all out on the line and outright questions Trucco as to whether or not he had David's girlfriend murdered. Annalise delivers a powerful, impassioned speech, also making it clear that race was in play with his plans. Annalise is nearly thrown out of court but it works. Both sides of the case are found to have arguments formed on circumstantial evidence, an investigation is ordered into Senator Trucco's actions, and David is permitted to go free with the guarantee that he can never be re-tried for this crime.

Annalise has had Frank sneak Lila's phone into Griffin's car, but after having the source of the photos cleared so they can't be traced. This in turn makes Griffin appear to be the primary suspect. Wes seems horrified by the morality of what has happened but Annalise reminds him that he had said, "whatever it takes." She then tells him to go pick up Rebecca, as Frank has the address. Laurel outright tells Frank that she isn't interested and he needs to stop pursuing her, wanting to keep things professional.

Rebecca is also shocked by what Annalise has done but she is touched by Wes believing in her in a way she has never had before. She agrees to come back and let Annalise defend her. Sam asks Annalise why she is doing this and she breaks down, saying that even after everything he has done to her she still needs him. Wes and Rebecca arrive at Annalise's place, meeting her and Sam at the door. Nate is spying on them and gets a call from someone who sends photos of Frank planting Lila's phone into Griffin's car.

Flashforward (5 weeks):
Asher dances and celebrates having the trophy in his room while preparing to go to the bonfire. But then he notices it's missing and heads to Annalise's place where the rest of the Keating Five plus Rebecca are hiding from him with Sam's dead body. They consider letting him in and bringing him into the trouble but he leaves before they can come to a consensus, as Michaela texts him to say he's at the library. They later spot Asher crossing the street in front of him when he is on the phone with a woman, who is agreeing to come over. Finally, we see Asher in bed complaining about the group going to party at the bonfire without him after making fun of him for wanting to go, to Bonnie. They've just had sex. She gets a call from a tearful Annalise who asks if she is with Sam. She tells Bonnie that something terrible has happened, as she looks at the spot in her home with the missing rug.

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