How To Get Away With Murder S1E7 - "He Deserved To Die" Recap

Rebecca tells Annalise and the rest of the team that she got high with Griffin, hooked up, and killed Lila before laughing and telling the team they're gullible. Because we didn't dislike her enough already. Annalise warns her to take it seriously. Unfortunately for Rebecca, a story is leaked to the press that she and Griffin had hooked up so Annalise calls for a hearing to get a gag order that will prevent anyone involved in the case from talking to the press. Griffin's lawyer files a motion to have Lila's body exhumed, believing that the marks on Lila's neck were from fingernails belonging to Rebecca.

Connor has an awkward run-in with someone he hooked up with after falling out with Oliver, while Rebecca nearly gets into a fight with Griffin who antagonises her into an argument. Annalise is stressed out by the way things are going with the case. She mentions to Sam that Rebecca's behaviour makes her grateful for all the miscarriages. Frank coaches the team on how to proceed next. They must find a way to discredit the forensic expert used by Griffin's lawyer to get the order for the exhumation of the body, and also find alternative theories as to the source of the marks on Lila's neck. Michaela asks for a few hours off on Wednesday, as she has gotten a call to go in for what she believes to be an interview at Sterling & White.

The prosecution lawyer on the case brings evidence in for Annalise to use that will discredit the forensic examiner. He is discredited, Annalise's team gets a different examiner to form the theory that the marks were bug bites, and Laurel gets a job offer from Khan to work in legal aid. Wes and Rebecca  spend some time together going over Rebecca's case. Wes almost kisses her but Rebecca leaves.

Michaela goes to Sterling & White and learns that they didn't actually call her in for an interview but because her fiancé Aiden's parents drew up a pre-nup for her. Laurel convinces Lila's mother to give a statement expressing her wish to not have Lila's body exhumed. Connor runs into Julian again (the bloke he hooked up with) and ends up hooking up with again even though Julian has a boyfriend. DA Parks goes behind Annalise's back to try to have the body exhumed anyway.

Rebecca snoops on Laurel and Michaela, discovering that Laura's considering leaving and that Michaela's fiancé wants her to sign a pre-nup. She offers to keep their secrets if they will stop gossiping about her and Wes. Annalise learns that Griffin is set to take a plea deal that will get him off and allow the DA to get a conviction (Rebecca) so she decides to have Rebecca violate the gag order and accuse Griffin of rape. The plea deal is taken off the table. However the judge grants the motion to have Lila's body exhumed. A new medical examiner will perform the second autopsy.

Wes is disappointed in Rebecca and her morally questionable actions (this whole plot makes no sense, but okay), and after a flat argument, the two hook up. Post-hookup, Wes reveals some snippets of information about himself, including the fact that he is Haitian and his mother killed herself when he was twelve.

Connor stops by Oliver's place to try to apologise, bringing flowers, but meets Oliver's new beau at the door instead, who politely advises him to not ever come back if he truly cares about Oliver. Frank talks to Laurel about her intentions to possibly go work at legal aid. He tells her to not throw away a great opportunity with Annalise just because of their kiss. He admits he thinks about her all the time but that he'll get over it. Laurel says she doesn't want him to get over it and the two hook up on Annalise's porch.

Rebecca is approached by Nate in the grocery store, who tells her he knows she didn't kill Lila. He offers her the opportunity to help him catch Lila's real killer (presumably, he's referring to Sam Keating). Sam is at home in bed with Annalise and it seems as if they're about to reconnect before Bonnie comes knocking at the door with news about Lila's autopsy. The marks on Lila's neck were nat bites, this is good news, but there's bad news: Lila was 6 weeks pregnant.

Flashforward (2 weeks): Rebecca is covered with blood and Wes helps clean her up in the bathroom. Wes then brings her to the motel room and she offers to take the fall for the murder but Wes refuses to let her. Rebecca becomes stressed after Wes leaves and in a panic, calls 911, but claims to be just a prank caller before hanging up.

How To Get Away With Murder airs on Thursdays on ABC at 10PM.


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