How To Get Away With Murder S1E8 - "He Has A Wife" Recap

In a 6-months prior flashback, we see Lila spending time with Rebecca. She's met a new guy, one who isn't so set on a virginity pack. She's calling him "Mr. Darcy," so we know this is about Sam. She knows that her new beau has a wife but enjoys herself nonetheless.

Annalise questions Sam about whether he knew that Lila was pregnant. Annalise insists that Bonnie stay, hoping that a witness will make sure he doesn't lie again. Annalise recalls all the other times Sam has lied and wants the truth as to whether he knew about the pregnancy. He says he didn't know about it and doesn't even know if it is his baby. She also chides him for not having worn a condom.

The case this week is that of Gretchen Thomas, a successful real-estate agent and wife and mother, is accused of murdering her nanny. She regularly takes sleeping pills and while under, she sleep-walks. There is video of her cleaning the dead nanny's body while under the effect of the pills but not of the actual murder. Gretchen changes her mind about going on the stand, but Annalise tells her that they need to do it to establish that she was close with the nanny. Gretchen feels she should pay for the sin if the jury believes this to be best, believing that she committed the murder while under the influence of the pills.

Annalise tells Wes about Lila's pregnancy and asks him not to tell Rebecca, believing it will cause her to act out. Wes says he won't tell her but goes ahead and does so anyway. He tells Rebecca not to do anything, adding that he needs to keep an eye on Annalise until he determines her next step. In secret, Rebecca meets with Nate, who wants to take Sam down in revenge for losing his job due to this case. She tells Nate about the pregnancy and he tasks Rebecca with getting some of Sam's hair to match to the baby.

In a continuation of the flashback, Lila tells Rebecca that she lost her virginity to "Mr. Darcy" and their conversation is interrupted a sext from him (the one that led Annalise to have her falling out with Sam). Back to present day, Rebecca comes to Annalise's place where Sam is alone, claiming that she left her gloves there. She asks to use the bathroom and Sam asks her to leave, saying she is welcome when Annalise is there.

The Keating Five question Gretchen's family members to better form their case. While on the stand, Gretchen's son reveals that he was having an affair with Elka, the murdered nanny. Annalise berates her team for not finding this information out before she was blind sighted in court.

Connor is pushing to form a study group and everyone becomes eager to join up when he reveals he has a copy of the exam she gave last year. He excludes Michaela after they get into another round of bickering. Laurel gets a call from Frank and is nearly exposed, due to his having snuck a topless photo of himself onto her phone while she was in the shower. He propositions her and she comes out to meet him in his car, where they have sex.

Asher tells Bonnie that she didn't deserve to get chewed out by Annalise and invites her to come to his place before the bonfire. Bonnie leaves him to ask Sam about his alibi, which she now knows is a lie. They are interrupted by Annalise and Bonnie leaves Sam to talk to Annalise alone. He tells her about Rebecca stopping by looking for her gloves and asks if she's sure that she doesn't know about the pregnancy. He begs her to not give up on him and she says she's going to lose her case because he is a distraction. She gets emotional, feeling that she is facing karmic retribution for screwing someone else's husband. She was unable to conceive with Sam, while he was able to knock Lila up after only six or seven round of intercourse. He insists that he is the one that broke their marriage but will do whatever it takes to make it right again.

In the flashback, an emotional Lila tells Rebecca that "Darcy" wants to end their relationship and that bad things happen when you have sex. It's implied to the audience that she knows she's pregnant but she doesn't tell Rebecca. She admits she wants to go over to his house and show his wife all the sext photos he sent her. Rebecca advises her against doing so.

Rebecca calls Nate to tell him about the sexts and says that perhaps there's still evidence on his phone.

Connor meets with Gretchen's son, who insists that he loved Elka but admits that he got an STD from Elka. When Connor passes this information on to the rest of the Keating Five, Michaela uses her premed undergraduate studies to crack the case. She passes the information on to Bonnie and Annalise. Annalise calls Gretchen's husband on to the stand and reveals to the court that he gave his wife a glass of wine on the night of the murder. This, when combined with the sleeping pills, would make her even more difficult to wake. Annalise shows the court that Mr. Thomas was prescribed a set of antibiotics for that same STD. He was engaged in an affair with Elka, and determined that she was involved with his son when his son expressed having the same symptoms as he had. Mr. Thomas apologises to his wife but Annalise tells him it's too late. It is clear that he set his wife up to take the fall for the murder of Elka, and he is taken away. Gretchen is angry at Annalise for apparently destroying her family, but Annalise assures her that the source of hurt is her husband and says that one day she will Annalise.

Michaela wants the trophy for the work she did and Annalise says she thought she already had it. Annalise adds that it doesn't matter, and she doesn't care who has it. Before Michaela can argue the matter further, she is interrupted by her mother-in-law-to-be, Mrs. Walker. Mrs. Walker takes Michaela out to dinner and demands that Michaela sign the prenup and Michaela says that her reason for not signing it is because she plans to spend forever with Aidan. The argument grows heated, as Mrs. Walker doesn't want her and her husband's hard work to be leeched on. She looks down on Michaela and where she comes from, calls her names, and Michaela attempts but fails to slap Mrs. Walker.

Laurel and Frank go back to his place, preparing to have sex once again but they are interrupted by a woman named Sasha, claiming to be Frank's girlfriend. Frank's guilty expression says it all, while Sasha calls Laurel his "student of the month."

Bonnie tells Sam that she met Lila the night she was killed. She had come looking for Annalise but Bonnie ran her off instead. Looking back on it, Bonnie now believes that Lila had wanted to tell Annalise about the pregnancy, saying "He can't keep it secret anymore." Sam is forced to admit that he knew about the pregnancy and kisses Bonnie, imploring her to keep it secret for Annalise's sake. Bonnie instead goes to Annalise and tells her everything about Sam, his lies, the pregnancy, and her belief that Sam may have indeed killed Lila. She said that Sam kissed her to try to hush her up, and tells Annalise that Sam is not a good man. Annalise is shaken but firmly tells Bonnie that she is fired. Bonnie is devastated and Annalise tells her to leave and not come back.

Nate gives Rebecca a device to get the information off of Sam's phone. He gives her the opportunity to back out but she says that she will get it done. Wes spies Rebecca getting out of Nate's car and the two get into an argument. Wes thinks that Nate is in cahoots with Annalise and that she is setting them up. Connor interrupts their argument, it's time to study, and Rebecca leaves them.

Asher is dancing at his place when Michael comes in, claiming to want to hang out and go to the bonfire. While he goes into the kitchen to get Michaela a drink, she steals the trophy and leaves. Wes figures out that Rebecca has gone after Sam with the device. Laurel has arrived and Wes determines that they, plus Connor, need to go after her.

Sam gets home and says that she has just told the DA's office that they should get DNA from all the men in Lila's life, including her teachers.

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