How To Get Away With Murder S1E9 - "Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me" Recap

Annalise and Sam get into a huge fight. She wants to throw him out but he won't leave. Annalise admits to having an affair of her own and Sam tries to leverage this  The argument escalates until Sam says some truly horrendous, unforgivable things and even puts a hand around her throat but doesn't kill her. After Annalise leaves, Michaela arrives with the trophy wanting to turn it in to Annalise to be exempt from the exam. Rebecca arrives shortly after and Sam becomes suspicious about their arriving so close to one another. Rebecca tells Michaela to call Wes before running up to the master bedroom and locking herself in while Sam runs up after her.

Michaela calls Wes who is on his way over with Connor and Laurel, and tells him to hurry over. When they arrive, Sam has crashed into the bedroom while Rebecca has locked herself into the bathroom and is downloading the content of Sam's laptop onto the jump drive. Wes gets Rebecca to come out and she returns the laptop. As they prepare to leave, Sam attacks them to try to get the hard drive back and in the ensuing chaos, Laurel grabs it. When Sam tries to lunge for her out in the hallway, Michaela pushes him and he accidentally falls over the railing onto the floor below.

The group contemplates what to do with Sam's body, believing him to be dead. Wes proposes that the leave and people will think it was just an accident but then Sam, who wasn't dead (really? No one bothered to check him for a pulse?) attacks Rebecca (why? He didn't think that the other FOUR people in the room would stop him?) and begins to choke her. Wes uses the trophy to hit Sam in the head and just like that he's dead (for real, this time).

At this point, things transition into much of what we've seen already. Wes cleans the blood off Rebecca, the group prepares to leave the house when Asher shows up, Bonnie goes to a bar looking for some tail to numb her pain but instead of being with a bar sleaze ball, she calls up Asher instead. Rebecca tries to say she'll take the blame but Wes tells her not to and then goes back to Sam's place and apologises to his corpse before taking the trophy and going to meet with the others in the woods.

Annalise goes to Nate's place to tell her about the fight she had with Sam and how she told the DNA to get DNA samples. Nate reassures her and the two end up having sex. The group prepares to dispose of the body and nearly run into Asher when he's called by Bonnie. Post hook-up, Annalise calls Sam to and leaves a voicemail to ask for them to give their relationship another chance. The group disposes of the body, Michaela loses her ring, and Wes destroys the jump drive when he returns to Rebecca, saying that it can no longer be used because it will tie them to the murder.

Michaela goes home and looks at her wedding dress, contemplating how to proceed. She later goes to meet with her mother-in-law-to-be and apologises, saying that her reaction was stress-induced. She has also brought along the prenuptial agreement which she has signed. A hysterical Connor goes to see Oliver, who lets him in to make sure he's okay. After taking a shower, Connor tells Oliver that his hysterics were from being high and claims to have a drug problem. Laurel goes to Frank's and says that she stole the trophy from Asher and needs it put back. We also learn that both Laurel and Frank are now single. Annalise calls Bonnie to tell her about her fight with Sam and asks her to come back as she is very worried about him. On her way out, Bonnie shuts down Asher's offer to come along or to have breakfast together.

Bonnie texts the Keating Five to summon them back to the office. When they arrive, Asher expresses his anger at the group for not inviting him to come along to the bonfire. Asher wants the trophy back but Frank says that the trophy was on the porch and is now up for grabs. Annalise tells the group that the police are here and will be asking them a lot of questions about Sam. She admits that Sam was having an affair with Lila and they had a terrible fight the night before. She tearfully adds that he's not answering his phone and that he might have fled. She asks them all to be as honest as possible and exchanges a knowing look with Wes. We then see in a flashback that when Wes came back to retrieve the murder weapon, he ran into Annalise who was sitting at the desk looking at Sam's dead body. When Wes apologised to Sam's corpse, Annalise replied, "Don't be."

How To Get Away With Murder will return on Thursday, January 29, on ABC at 10PM.


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